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Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Evening rant, but speed version.  Things to do.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)     The Red Sox picked up P Jake Peavy.  I like this move for their stretch run, and giving up prospects is not always bad.  The good thing is that he will be a good guy in the dugout, has won a Cy Young, and will be a good guys for the younger prospects to be around.  The bad thing is this.  Will the change of scenery bring back glory days or just a competent pitcher?  Here is the thing.  From 2004-2009, Peavy had one year of a 4 plus ERA tucked in between FIVE years of sub 3.00 ERA years (one less than 2).  2009 was a long time ago though.  We will see.

2)    A shout out to my colleague, Erik.  He has the same year, make, model, and color of Jeep that I have.  We BOTH took them into a mechanic on the same day, and both Jeeps had a water pump problem.  Weird.  Twin Jeeps?  Maybe.

3)    VERY cool of Rutgers to retire their first football jersey ever.  MORE cool it went to paralyzed athlete Eric LeGrand.

4)    And YOU shut up, Lolo Jones.

5)    That was funny because she accidentally challenged Eric to a race on Twitter a while back.  Bad move, as most of Lolo’s are.

6)    YES.  Rant Squad scouts have been deployed!  We have a contender.  Ex-UK bball player and present Houston Rocket Terrence Jones was arrested for STOMPING on a homeless man at 2am in Portland.  TWO more, Terrence.  Two more arrests/ incidents/ speeches.  Make me proud.  I got a feeling about you, and I need talent since Aaron Hernandez and Titus Young are now in jail.

7)    Alex Rodriguez would like to still be a role model.  I don’t “ponder” things much, but I pondered A-Rod today.  I can’t think of ONE group of people (player, agents, managers, fans, media, etc.) that doesn’t want him to just go away.

8)    It has been announced that the Pro Bowl will now be a draft as opposed to AFC-NFC.  Ummm…uhhhhh….hmmmm…..that is NOT the problem with that game.  Actually, I think not having it conference pride related will make it WORSE…if that is possible.  Let’s just bust out the flags and Velcro and call it a day.

9)    Tiger Woods played a practice round at Oak Hill, where the PGA will be played.  He complained about the course and called them spotty.  Tiger is JEALOUS because they are spotty.  His fans wish his MAJORS were spotty rather than non-existent.

10)                      Is anyone else REALLY happy that Brian Wilson is back in the MLB?  Seriously, I feel like the league ALWAYS needs a player or reliever like him.  He is fun to say the least, and I personally am rooting for him to get his old magic back, even if it is with the Dodgers.

11)                      Dammit.  This indentation thing again…come on, Word.

12)                      The Pistons get Brandon Jennings.  Ok.  Intriguing starting lineup with 1st rounder Pope the unknown talent on the bench.  We have two studs inside with Drummond and Monroe.  We have an out of position 3 in Josh Smith.  We have Brandon Knight out of of the mix now, and he was pretty solid.  Brandon Jennings is an oversized 2 and Chauncy Billups is Boyz II Men (End of the Road).  You are not putting Wade and James together and knowing the chemistry and roles will work themselves out because they are HOF’ers.  You need ROLES on this team, and I don’t like the lineup…if you want to WIN.

13)                      D’Antoni is puzzled by Snowball leaving still.  And WE are puzzled how you got an 8 seed last season with that lineup.

14)                      Lindsey and I are taking my colleague Ponto’s advice and getting on Google Calendars.  Why?  For event planning.  Really why for me personally?  Because I have a feeling that telling her when basketball and football games are a priority will seriously streamline any planning issues.  I KNOW when Sooner football games are.  That is EASY.

15)                      My brother told me that Mike Trout has gotten on base 8 straight times.  Amazing.  On the other side of the coin, we have Marlins Justin Ruggiano.  He has just broke the Marlins record for being futile by being HITLESS in 33 AB’s.  That could be even more now as I didn’t look it up.  I got that from my trusty random Marlin Twitter guy mid game last night.  Clark Spencer or something like that.

16)                      This is the BEST.  My new favorite mechanic, Vitali, is an old school Russian guy who is honest as heck.  The BEST part of my experience was that my radio station was blaring out Christian rock while I drove away on the last station being played.  Those of you who know me KNOW where I am going next.  I will put the link at the end.  It is PERFECT.

17)                      Jeers to Denver Sports Radio.  This is the speed version, but one guy on air when I drive home THINKS he knows Seinfeld.  He KIND of does.  Without getting into the whole details, let’s just say he mixed up the roommate switch, the velvet couch, and the boyfriend Neil.  SHAME on you, guy on the radio who I listen to because…you are on.

18)                      Sorry to hear about Percy Harvin and his hip surgery.  They have enough talent to be in the playoff hunt when possibly getting him back in December, but always a shame when we lose the excitement of having a talent like his on the field.

19)                      The Phillies might not trade Cliff Lee.  Yay.  Someone on that executive staff is as optimistic as I am.  Either that, or they are throwing in the towel on their wasted salaries.  Chase Utley is one of my favorite players, and this would be the perfect time to unload him, so I am glad they are not.  On a realistic basis, they can get more for Cliff Lee in the offseason.

20)                      Just saying.  There is one other pitcher in baseball who gets less run support than Stephen Strasburg.  Think about this.  Max Scherzer is 15-1 with a 3.01 ERA.  Stephen Strasburg is 5-9 with a 3.04 ERA.

21)                      That is it.  Back to my night.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

21a)  Ahhhh.  the link.  Here you go.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3BDY3tfs8M

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