If it was the 80’s still, I would be the Thrillerbuster…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Work break/ sanity check.  Let’s turn and burn.

1)       The AL MVP finalists were announced.  Cabrera, Trout, and “others.”  That is actually well said, Mr. Headline.  It is ONLY Cabrera and Trout, and the others will just use a top 3 or 4 vote as salary leverage in coming years.  “Remember when I placed 4th in MVP voting?  Give me more money.”  Anyway, sorry, Mike.  You had a season for the ages, and you will get screwed nevertheless.  You lost out on a Gold Glove already, and the Triple Crown along with a playoff berth will elevate Cabrera to the top.

2)      Darrell Royal died the other day.  Best known for his coaching days at Texas, he NEVER had a losing season (23 seasons) there or at his other two schools.  NEVER.  You can also thank him for being one of the coaches who first used the “wishbone” offense.  Basically, an old school original version of today’s Georgia Tech’s offense that won a LOT more.

3)      The NHL sides talked for 5.5 hours this week.  In one day.  Wow, you guys shouldn’t scare the fans.  We might actually think you care about this lockout occurring.

4)      The Texas Rangers are waiting on Josh Hamilton’s response to their contract offers.  That is like me back in the day “waiting” for my ex-fiancee to wear her engagement ring more and also to stop prettying up to go “hang out with her girlfriends.”  Not going to happen.

5)      A HS football player was kicked out of a PLAYOFF game for doing Cam Newton’s TD celebration.  Come on.  Wait until they at least get to the next level to enforce this nonsense.  Let the kids play.  Fear not, though, as the dude’s team won by a lot still.

6)      The Nuggets Kenneth Faried is an AMAZING talent.  If we chart the “potential” between him and JeVale McGee, then it would LOOK like the mountains they play by.

7)      Foxsports.  Tim Tebow’s extensive weight gaining workouts could have hurt his chances to be the starting QB.  Ummm.  Simmer down.  We already covered this.  The owner likes him.  Rex doesn’t.  That is it.

8)      MLB might change its rules of allowing 15 extra players on playoff rosters after Sept. 1st and before the end of the regular season.  PLEASE do this.  In every sport, I think you should go into the postseason with what got you there.  Fifteen players is too much padding allowed going into the games that matter.

9)      Padres catcher Yasmani Grandal got 50 games for drug use.  Not the most glamorous game, the drugs evidently aren’t really helping him in his stats, and at least we know they are still testing people.  I swear they go big name, small name, big name, small name…just to keep us on our toes.

10)   Just what Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins needs right now during all of this cycling/ doping crap…another needle in his arm to possibly find something illegal accidentally.  He was hit by a car on a casual bike ride the other day and taken to the hospital.  Good luck with that, my friend.

11)   Nuggets Kosta Koufos is not the best looking guy walking this earth.

12)   Ty Lawson missing a bunch of free throws down the stretch is inexcusable.  Maybe he is trying to become the shooting guard version of Bruce Bowen-great 3 pt shooter, bad free throw shooter.  Got to make those, kid, to get your team to the next, scary level.

13)   Hilarious.  Blake Griffin goes back in time in a commercial.  He find himself as a youngster hanging on the rim.  Then, in closing he tells the kid to practice his free throws…a LOT…as he bricks one.

14)   It is early, but if you are wondering if the Clippers have the goods this year to make a run, check out how they DESTROYED the Spurs last night.

15)   I am not sure how I hate Internet Explorer so much, and love Google Chrome…but I do.

16)   The players “got Shanahan’s back” after his negative “next season” comments.  Of course they are.  Now, someone get that trained fly to go into their LOCKER ROOM to hear if the same things are being said.

17)   I still laugh at the Dave Chappelle skit where he goes into the Internet…if it was a place, rather than just a cyber location.  http://www.mojvideo.com/video-chappelle-s-show-the-internet/be4208b925fbae1f2fdc

18)   Even during a WEEK night, I watch some of Top Gun if it is on regular TV. Sad.

19)   Walt Weiss is the new Rockies manager.  Hello?  Walt Weiss.  New Manager.  Nothing?  Oh well, even if no one outside of Denver or half the people inside Denver care, I at least reported it.  Mission accomplished.  Odd fact.  He is coming straight from the high school coaching ranks.

20)   Bobby Petrino’s dad says that he is interested in the Kentucky football gig.  The paint isn’t dry yet, Bobby, and don’t get carried away about your chances in CHOOSING a school you would like to coach at.  That being said, 75-26 in a career is a mark that WILL have him coaching somewhere at some point.

21)   How did I miss THIS?  Marcus Vick asked on Twitter that the Eagles trade his older brother because they are screwing him over in his opinion.  GREAT to talk to you, Marcus.  THANKS for your thoughts.  Now, shut up, and go drive drunk to a strip club with guns on you.  THAT is what I want you talking about.   I bet you that when Michael told him to be quiet, he said, “Sit, Marcus.  SIT.  Roll over.”

22)   Continuing our idiots with microphones, Roddy White has proclaimed his team has the pedigree to go 16-0.  Easy, tiger.  Simmer down.  Take 13-3 or so, get home field advantage throughout, and then blow it like you did a couple years ago.

23)   One more.  Two more, actually.  Cromartie has decided “the Jets will make the playoffs.”  They are 3-5.  Rex Ryan, two days after saying “the Jets aren’t even sniffing the playoffs,”  suddenly did a 360 (Seinfeld joke…go with it) and said he agrees.  You guys are like football version of the Jackson family.  Dysfunctional personas at their best.  Maybe Rex will beat it someday after taking a look at the man in the mirror…

24)   Bears CB Charles Tillman will play since the due date for his wife is now Monday.  And the Windy City just got windier with THAT sigh of relief.

25)   That is it.  Back to work.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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