If it LOOKS like a duck…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Let’s turn and burn.

(I am sticking to the new 20 minutes rule tonight.  I am traveling and am exhausted…and it is later on the east coast.  Expect a mini one tonight and a mini blind airplane one tomorrow)


1)  Anthony Davis can sleep easier tonight with his semi-bum ankle.  The Hornets are picking up Ryan Anderson from the Magic, making the Hornets frontcourt take shape and making Dwight Howard plan his next request to be traded.  Ryan Anderson is not a household name, but gives a solid book end to a young Davis for years to come.  I hope they do sprints so they can be fast enough to get the hell out of the way when Austin Rivers is dribbling for ten minutes and then drives to the hoop.

2)  Welcome back to the high life, Jake Peavy.  After being a stallion for the Padres a couple years ago and then fading away, Peavy just got added to the All Star Game.  7-5, and a sub 3 ERA.  Dude is like the poor man’s Greg Maddux, and I hope his comeback continues.

3)  Coach K has come out and said the 2012 version of the Olympic team could be better than the 2008 team.  We will welcome the debate, but I am not sold on the fact that we are taking one true center (Tyson Chandler) to London.

4)  Kirk Heinrich is back with the Bulls.  Odd, but back where he belongs.  He now at least KNOWS he is a back up, and he will thrive against sub par second units of other teams.  It is odd because they actually got rid of him to try and get Wade and LeBron two years ago. All’s well that ends well I guess.

5)  Hello, Dan Gilbert.  WHY are you entering yourself in this whole Dwight Howard fiasco and helping him get to the Nets?  Seriously, please answer my question.  Confused.

6)  Matt Cain will be the starter for the 2012 All Star Game.  Sure, Cain has been the best pitcher for the last two years, but this ASG is for THIS year.  R.A. (there you go, Woody) Dickey should start as the best in the bigs this year.  12 wins?  Sure, he is a fireball throwing knuckleballer, and that is tough to catch (Tim Wakefield had his own personal catcher), but I would rather have him START the game where the starting catcher could catch some of his practice pitches for a while rather than have the in game catcher get 3 minutes to learn.

7)  The Yankees take 3 out of 4 from the Red Sox.  I don’t know.  Maybe it is too early in the season.  Maybe it is because I am depressed about my Phils.  Maybe it is because there are a bunch of new faces in the rivalry suddenly.  Maybe we care more about stories like Mike Trout and Bryce Harper.  Point is.  I don’t care yet.

7a)  This whole Padilla/ Teixeira thing might start the rivalry up again.  Padilla is saying Mark might be better at women’s sports. Lol.

8)  Hey, Adrian Peterson, if the “truth will surface” per your latest tweet, why are you going out and hiring one of the most expensive lawyers money can buy?  Just saying.  Looks shady.  I am SURE you are innocent.  Even if you are innocent, it still is a hit on you. And hiring the high end lawyer?  Insert that duck cliche.  If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, maybe something else right here or different wording, then it is probably a duck.

9)  Kevin Love is “losing patience” with the Timberwolves woeful ways.  Dude, take it EASY.  Rubio is coming back healthy, they JUST signed Brandon Roy, you just signed a new long term contract, and I don’t think you have been suffering long enough to come out in the media about it.

10)  I think that WHEREVER Marcus Camby goes, with the lack of big guys in the NBA today, it will shift the power slightly for that quality team (he is only looking at good/ decent teams).

11)  Texans Arian Foster has announced he is going vegan in his eating habits.  I will remember this during my fantasy draft.  Thanks.

12)  I have just sent Rant Squad scouts out tonight to Philadelphia.  Eagles RB Dion Lewis just got busted for being drunk and pulling a fire alarm at his complex.  I like it. You might call it pedestrian, but I say it is a creative, kid like instance of maybe bigger arrests to come.  That is why I have the scouts, right?

13)  Did anyone else see/ hear the footage of the huge thunderclap at the Twins/ Rangers game?  Google it.  Watch everyone literally jump on the field.  Crazy shit.

14)  The Tour de France is still going on and most of us don’t care.  I DID hear they ALREADY asked the LEADER about doping.  Wow, can you let the guy win first and THEN bombard him?

15)  Miami S Ray Ray Armstrong is still having problems and may be kicked off the team.  He is also listed as the 2nd best corner in the country presently.  DUDE.  Get your shit straight, lock up, and stop saying it is all about your new coach.  Either do that or let me know when your next off the field occurrence will happen so I can reallocate my scouts.  I don’t have anyone on the Rant Squad radar named Ray Ray.

16)  I am watching the MLB home run derby as I write this.  My first few round notes:

-why is Matt Kemp IN it when he missed the first part of the season with an injury?  Hamilton is sitting out because he wants to rest.  You?  Captain AND batting.  I don’t like it, and I am assuming I could call up Magic Johnson and he would relate.

-Trumbo’s line drive through center field OVER the wall was extraordinary.  You could have hung your wet clothes on that ball’s line.

-Prince Fielder was overswinging in his first AB.  It is the later rounds, and it looks like he has settled down.

-Robinson getting CHEERED for outs was hilarious.  It was also hilarious when he put up a solid ZERO.

17)  10:41.  That is it.  Talk to you when leaving Frankfort, KY from Louisville Airport tomorrow.  Thanks as always for reading, and if you ask me if I am blogging tomorrow, I will tell you that is a clown question, bro.  Peace.

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