If I’m not back in five minutes… just wait longer.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Speed version.  I am saving my LONG rant for tomorrow before the big game tomorrow night.

Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       I would like to start out with my “favorite” basketball announcer, Bill Walton.  I always compare him to CSI: Miami, saying they are so bad that they are actually funny.  I always talk about how during every game, he says something like “that was the dumbest timeout by a coach under 40 years old who played ball in a non Big 6 conference west of the Mississippi EVER.”  Anyway, last night after I signed off, he was back at it.  Here are a couple I will share.  These are REAL, people.  “That could be the worst possession in the history of Huskies basketball.”  Giants walking amongst men.”  “Thirty years ago, Dennis was easily the best guard in the WORLD.”  I haven’t looked, but I can’t be alone on this subject.  Someone HAS to have a site of his best/ worst lines of all time.

2)      I was perusing ESPN and saw a section with a poll of the greatest athletes to ever play football.  My question is this.  How the HELL is Bo Jackson NOT on that 10 person list ANYWHERE?

3)      Here is my favorite robot comment of the week.  Welcome, Mr. Robot.  I like your style.

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4)      Dwayne Wade apparently is begging LeBron to do the dunk contest and 3 point contest at the All Star break.  I second that on the dunk thing, but would rather see the pure shooters do the other one.

5)      Weird that I am watching the Heat get creamed by the Pacers right now.  The Pacers, Knicks, and Bulls WITH Rose are the only thing in between the Miami Thrice in the Finals.

6)      USC QB Matt Barkley says that despite his down year, he is as good or better than he has ever been.  I like your spin, Matt, but I have a feeling that your elevator speech is not going to stop your drop in the draft.  After all, I have now coined anyone staying in college a year TOO long a “Barkley.”  I have already clarified with Sir Charles that this is not referring to not winning an NBA title.

7)      THIS sounds like it was fun.  An ex-NASCAR racer led police on a two state car chase yesterday.  Fun that he was a professional driver.  Fun that he had a fast car.  Fun that he failed NASCAR because of drugs.  And finally, FUN that he was being chased BECAUSE he had drugs in his car.  That is fancy stuff.

8)      LeBron says he doesn’t get credit for being well underpaid and taking less salary.  Ummm.  LeBron, let’s have a chat.  We don’t give you credit because you got a ring by teaming UP with good players instead of BEATING them.   You JUST started making progress from not being the villain, now stay away from mics and go back to doing cool things like dunking on Reggie Evans.

9)      NBA union chief Billy Hunter was put on a leave of absence.  So, they go on strike, they come BACK from strike, everyone is happy, and NOW you are about to fire him?  Confused.

10)   There is a guy in the Highlands near Denver who rides to and from work on a bicycle about ten feet high with HUGE old school wheels.  It looks like something that should be in the ‘30’s ( I have no idea what kind of bikes they rode them-just ballparking).  Anyway, I just saw someone ride by my apartment who was ten feet high off the ground with NORMAL bicycle wheels.  I am not following what the concept is.  At least the big wheel guy has a REASON to be that high.  That is like a ghetto copycat bike.

11)   I was surprised last night watching the Arizona game to find out Arizona was 0-5 in their last five trips to the Huskies crib.  The Huskies are not that good.  Anyway, Washington gave them another run they shouldn’t be giving them, but Arizona pulled it out.

12)   A Rod says he has no plans of retiring, and then a couple hours later there evidently is proof that the PED guy made personal trips to A Rod’s residence.  Maybe NOW he will retire.  We are all tired of you, and New York fans are tired of you not producing in the playoffs.  They were doing MUCH better before you showed up.

13)   In a game no one cares about except people like me looking for sleeper teams in the tourney, St. Louis beat Butler last night.  Read my rants from before the season, St. Louis was on my short list of dangerous teams, with or without the late Rick Majerus.

14)   Just in case you younger people were curious to how our generation got so messed up in the music scene, here is a classic one.  Grim Reaper.  PLEASE watch.  It is the eighties at its best.   Actually, this band was formed in 1979, so you see the transition from 70’s into new wave and glam.  It has everything.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMOeBTHbTUs

15)   Perhaps tomorrow I will do a long Te’o hook.  For now, what is being released to us is funny enough.  I am sure you heard about the hoaxer possibly being gay, and of course the alleged molestations.  But doing his voice on Dr. Phil?  I caught a little bit at the gym TV.  I am not buying it.  By the way, why was he hiding behind something when he did the voice?  What are we hiding NOW?  Just do it on camera, bro.

16)   I was watching the Providence-UCONN game last night.  Providence lost, but is fun to watch.  I bet YOU didn’t know that they oddly had the #10 recruiting class this past year.  I thought my magazine had a typo.  Watch them sometime, and prepare for them to wreck your bracket next year.

17)   So, Dan Marino had an affair back in the day AND a kid with that affair?  Poor Dan.  It is bad enough to tease him for never getting that ring, but cheating on his woman too?  I bet you he is putting on a pair of Isotoners and going to watch Ace Ventura.  Two GOOD things he did.

(damn, I really need to watch that movie again.  LOVE Ace Ventura and constantly quote it still to this day)

18)   Ex-MLB’er Mark Grace was sentenced to jail for another drunken driving incident, but I am saving my hook on this until tomorrow.  I will “enlighten” you with one of the most abrasive interviews ever.

19)   LeBron, talking again evidently, says he is sad for missing the Super Bowl because they will be in the air.  Southwest freaking has WiFi, and Frontier has TV.  How the HELL does their personal jet not have something?

20)   Dale Earnhardt commented on the Danica-Stenhouse relationship.  I didn’t open the article.  I just wanted you to know he said something.   That is your NASCAR update.

21)   I have about 15 more things to talk about, but I am going to leave them in the holster for tomorrow.   Before I close out, I leave you with this UNBELIEVABLE trick shot by Scott Wood.  Before you watch, just know that Scott Wood is already NC State’s sharpshooter, so this just makes other team members sad that he can do stuff like this too.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46EHFs0Gz-s

22)   That is it.  Going to Lindsey’s to watch a movie while she is on call all weekend.  Long rant coming tomorrow AND WATCH THE FREAKING MICHIGAN-INDIANA basketball game tomorrow night!!!!!  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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