If I have Pacific, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina, I am one happy camper…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  SUPER speed version.  Lot’s to cover with limited time on each.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Indiana stays at #1 even though they lost.  I think they picked up points for dismantling Ohio State Sunday, but should have lost points for how wide open the player was on the inbounds pass against Illinois on Thursday.  Point is this.  When that many teams lose in the top ten in one week, I guess you need to throw out the traditional rotation and just pick the team that IS the best right now.  Indiana is that, and Duke and Miami are due to rotation.  Looks good to me for now.  Amazing how everyone has been slamming the ACC this year, but suddenly two of the top three teams are from that conference.  AND UVA got votes again.  Four again.

2)      James Southerland will join the Cuse lineup again.  This seriously makes this team a Final Four contender simply with his addition.

3)      Creighton falls out of the top 25 after another loss.  What is WRONG with you guys?  You are making me look bad.

4)      I was flipping on the Grammy’s last night.  There was a Johnny Depp sighting.  Dude ALWAYS looks smooth.

5)      Fun wins song of the year.  I remember Lindsey playing them for me BEFORE they got popular.  Good call, girl.

6)      Rafael Nadal loses the clay court tuneup final.  That is fine for a guy who really has just decided to play one tournament each year these days.  Injury, rust, or whatever, he just wants the French Open.

7)      I called it.  I noted that Brandt Snedeker was making a lot of appearances in the top 5 each tournament.  Dude backed up my talk by winning this weekend.

8)      Tosh cracked me up by saying “I hope we find cures for all diseases, because I am sick and tired of walking all of these 5k’s.”

9)      LeBron had his 5th straight 30 point game.  That is amazing, and I still can’t believe that Wilt Chamberlain averaged over FIFTY points for an entire season.

10)   I made the call, and I was wrong.  Cooley fouls out in the Louisville-Notre Dame game Saturday night.  Lindsey and I were going to watch a movie, and she did NOT rush me while watching that game.  I told her “we should be good.  Start the movie.”  In a usual Saturday where I cherish my college bball, I am guilty of totally missing all 5 overtime periods in that game.  Damn.

11)   I still REALLY enjoy watching Oceans 11 when it is on TV.

12)   The movie we watched was Seven Psychopaths.  I HIGHLY recommend that flick.  Solid.  Christopher Walken is SO the man.  Before I started busting on it, Lindsey had to tell me that the accent of Colin Farrell was actually his HOME accent.

13)   The Saints will “limit” Rob Ryan’s media contact.  I am to the point that this should be a blanket statement across that entire family.

14)   Mike Piazza allegedly took karate lessons in case he fought Roger Clemens back in the day.  Thanks for the useless information, Fox Sports, over a decade after something happens.

15)   Usain Bolt got 3rd over the weekend.  No, this is not monumental, since it was in the 400.  He must have already been in cruise control like he was at the end of the 200 when he got the WR and STILL looked like it was easy.

16)   I opened an article over the weekend that was titled “Leaf bites Hab.”  I was happy to read a hockey article, but I admit that I was hoping that Ryan Leaf bit someone somewhere.

17)   Lindsey and I watched Here Goes the Boom also.  I was not expecting much, but if you like Kevin James, the movie is pretty fun.  It is very “watchable.”

18)   I am looking forward to the March movie coming out with Colin Farrell and Terrence Howard.

19)   This is touching and awesome.  A Marine who comes home surprises his brother at practice.



20)   Seth McFarlane is doing the Oscars??  Count ME in on watching them.

21)   The Celtics outlasted the Nuggets last night in a thrilling 3OT game evidently (I spaced and missed THAT too).  Even with the loss, the Nuggets are looking great and worthy of title consideration.  I still see a trade coming.  They have a LOT of trade bait where they could bring in a ringer.  Dibs to Paul Pierce to logging a triple double, and making sure we don’t think he is quite hitting the twilight of his career yet.  Jason Terry.  Solid.  Could this team really be more dangerous without Rondo?  I don’t think so, and we need a larger control group, but it sure gives you a glimpse at what a team with a PG who can shoot can do to you.

22)   In my flipping to the Grammy’s, I will say that the phonebooth song by Maroon 5 is catchy, and I truly hate that this girl is on fire song by Ms. Keys.

23)   Kelly Clarkson definitely does not use any of her fortune to invest in some fitness classes.

24)   The moment I first heard that Bruno Mars song, I said it was all Police sounding.  Not that I was reaching on that, but I was BEYOND happy to see Sting join him on stage to jam out that song and another couple songs.  Boom goes the dynamite.

25)   The Nets are looking at Atlanta’s Josh Smith.  I think that this move would be SOLID, depending on what they would have to give up.  Deron, Joe, and Josh?  That is a good allocation of talent on the floor, and the parts look like they would work.  I say you make that move if feasible.

26)   Dibs to one of my writing heroes, Peter King, for mentioning my favorite game Monopoly in his Monday Morning QB article.  If you organize a game, Peter, give me a call.  You can HAVE your Baltic hotels.  I HAVE to get the green ones.  HAVE to.  And, I play with the dog, so we are good on that too.  My parents probably would have played Monopoly more with me as a kid, but I think I had a temper tantrum every time I DIDN’T get the green properties, and therefore became unbearable to play with.

27)   That is it.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.

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