If I can act badly, and you can act badly, then EVERYONE can act badly…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Old format.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       After the chippy wake up call in Game 1, the Heat looked…like we expect them to last night.  Too many weapons, swarming defense, bigs that are more athletic than big, limited turnovers, transition basketball, and LeBron doing his thing.  You literally can’t double ANYONE on that team, because you have snipers like Miller and Allen on the perimeter.  Here is the thing.  Just because they won by 40 last night, don’t think that will happen in Chicago (unless they lose MORE players).  Deng might be back, Hinrich might be back, and I am clearing my schedule to possibly watch an INCREDIBLE playoff return by Derrick Rose.  DO it, man.  It would be off the charts.  I think the Bulls swing at least one of the Chicago games to keep this interesting.  It would make must see TV if Rose came back and they won BOTH games.  That is pushing it though.

2)      The refs can contain the chippy-ness in that series, but I am LOVING this push-shove/ hard foul type of basketball.  The Bulls are trying to do to the Heat what Detroit Bad Boys did to the Lakers back in the day.

3)      I thought I was drunk.  I wasn’t.  I thought I was tripping.  I wasn’t.  I was sitting on my couch watching a basketball and assuming what would happen when equilibrium from a crazy game 1 was stable again.  I thought San Antonio would roll last night.  They got beat down, with a moderate comeback temporarily teasing us.  What the hell, Pop?  The Warriors are guys who run up snowy mountains and the Spurs are calling them pieces of iron.  Klay Thompson is blowing my mind, and making this whole Stephen Curry thing a two man show.  Can they keep doing this from the outside without Lee in the middle?  I doubt it.  Am I entertained?  Yes, Maximus.

3a)  Mid hook Rocky IV reference for you youngsters are people who somehow only watched quality movies in the 80’s.

3b)  Remember, this film DID end the Cold War.

4)      I LOVE some of Pop’s on air answers.  Before the fourth quarter, he was asked if he would keep playing a small lineup since it was working.  Before he answered yes, he asked if the reporter could keep a secret.  Such dry humor.  Love that guy.

5)      When Van Halen wrote the song “Jump,” were they assuming that the song would be played on a jump ball in basketball for literally the rest of our lives?

6)      My colleague, Neel, just got a present.  I am jealous.  It is an actual used guitar string of John Bell of Widespread Panic, rolled up as a bracelet.  Very cool.

7)      Before I even was aware that the Ducks beat the Wings last night, I found out first thing this morning.  My next door cubicle buddy was NOT in a good mood.  Cheer up.  It is back to Joe Louis for Game 6.  ON Serve as they say in tennis.  Ponto is a jovial, VERY enthusiastic, sometimes feisty, great dude who truly loves his Michigan teams.  Much respect. Actually, it is easier to just SHOW you.  This would be Ponto, my next store neighbor at work:


8)      Coors Light has a “double vent” beer can after that whole Miller Lite pouring thing media fiasco?  Ugghhh.  Just give me a container with a freaking hole.  It works fine to me.

9)      My boy, Bryce Harper, slammed his 10th HR of the year.  You go, boy.

10)   The Bruins topped the Leafs last night.  I pay attention to that series because it is fun seeing how the 108 year old Jagr is doing.

11)   Every NBA series is at 1-1.  This IS “fantastic.”  Since I don’t actually want the season to end, let’s drag this out as LONG as possible.  I love ANY game 7 with any two teams.

12)   That Sears commercial with the fake dancing reality show still makes me chuckle…where the people run into the appliances.  “They have all completed the solo stage…”

13)   I feel the need to hearing Matchbox 20 and 3 Doors Down whenever I see a new Blackberry commercial.

14)   Charles Barkley won an Emmy.  Bill Simmons didn’t.  Deadspin has this covered.  http://deadspin.com/bill-simmons-is-sad-about-the-sports-emmys-so-we-made-496399049

15)   The Sharks are LOVING this rest time after their sweep.  They are just ROOTING for long series now so everyone else is worn out.  LOVE their chances in this thing.

16)   With Snowball’s next location not know, and Bynum irritating people in Philly, Pau Gasol put everyone in L.A. at ease…by getting surgery on his knees.  Older, injury prone players ALL up in Los Angeles.

17)   YES.  I CALLED it.  Down 2-0, I knew the Rangers would fight back due to stellar goaltending by Lundqvist.  They tied it up last night.  I still like the Rangers in this one.

18)   A Chicago female fan died from eating a ballpark hot dog.  I will take the high road, as this thing has alternative, gray area, funny thoughts ALL around it.  Thoughts and prayers to the family…and moving on quickly.  Here, just read the article:


19)   This is reason #180,765 that we are glad that the site Deadspin exists.


20)   My new thing is jogging so I can do a triathlon this summer in a fancy Colorado town.  I have run three days.  For some people, the rain makes them NOT run.  I ran farther yesterday in the pouring rain than I have in a while.  I don’t know if it is the water tattoo I have, my swimming background, or love of the beach even though I don’t live near one oddly enough.  I hate running, but LOVE running in the rain.  Maybe I should move to Seattle.

21)   That is it.  Off to a call.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN (.313, 10, 20, .395) question, bro.  Peace.

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