I would like to AXE you a question.

  1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  I will get the theme reason out of the way, for a change, immediately.  I last wrote on Thursday night.  I worked Friday, wedding rehearsal dinner Friday night, wedding setup, wedding, reception, sleep, and finally got onto the couch as of 11am this morning.  Cheap seats, because everything except today’s NFL football is headline watching.  I admit that.  But, I still know stuff.  Let’s turn and burn.
  2. (theme changed after I added personal stuff because…it was funnier and more intriguing.
  3. Damn, I LOVE that movie.  I need to watch that again.  I have hit my 6 month quota since watching it last.
  4. Today, I will sign off of sports before posting my personal pics.  I will give the cue to check out to those here just for sports.
  5. I didn’t see the fight.  I was at my brother-in-law’s wedding.  And I guess I was the guy not drinking staring and smiling and cursing at his phone while refreshing every minute for about 90 minutes.  115-113.  114-114.  Ok.  After reading the live blog, these scores make sense.  I got the feel of the fight from the blog, and these added up.  118-110?  The other way?  Listen, my money was ON Canelo, so I liked that score.  But, how can one score be SO out of whack?  You have a fight where you are trying to lure non boxing fans into the main arena, and then you toy with their minds by posting THAT?  I won’t detail the fight.  I did not see it.  But, I almost had turned off my phone figuring GGG won it.  Glad I checked one more time before telling others.
  6. I feel like the Imagine Dragons songs are in 60% of all commercials at this point in life.
  7. I try to imagine life being a Phillies fan without them bringing up Rhys Hoskins.  Hope is good.
  8. The Indians were on such a long winning streak that it feels weird not to hear about them winning anymore.  At least Lindor has decided he wants them to STAY in the news with his extra base hit streak.
  9. I like the fact that I decided to have a full in house football/couch day and that the Broncos decided to have a thunderstorm so they can bridge that gap between 5 and 630.  They should have one game do this every week.
  10. I bet on the Texans enough to bet a couple of bucks on them with points, but I had NO idea how much the Bengals wouldn’t disappoint us in looking SO bad.  People, they haven’t scored a touchdown after TWO opening home games.
  11. (item 10 lines down on my blog list “Bengals fire OC.”)
  12. I like the Mortal Kombat reference on Twitter about the final JJ Watt hit in that game.  FINISH HIM.
  13. JJ ended up raising millions in the THIRTIES.  Wow.  I need to volunteer or do something for people.
  14. Sometimes I feel like complaining about my hurt knee that won’t let me play pickup basketball, and then I read about a guy like Jerrell Freeman who played 55 snaps last week with a TORN PEC.
  15. As we get closer to the time of the event, I think about how stupid Olympic hockey will be WITHOUT NHL players next year.  Why would a sport NEEDING more fans take OUT the stars they know??
  16. I wrote about Thursday getting free Chipotle and how that was ok but not free pizza level.  Friday, I stumbled into free pizza, so therefore Friday was an EXCELLENT work day.
  17. From the cheap seats as I said.  The Red Sox are using Apple Watches in stealing signs?  Wow.  I feel like Rip Van Winkle waking up.
  18. Ben Crane got penalized a BUNCH of strokes for having a sticker on his clubs.  Come to think of it, WHY aren’t there ads ON the clubs?  They SHOULD have them.
  19. I feel like one day every year, Colorado just decides to be “fall.”  Saturday was that day.  You woke up, looked out, and assumed it was like 60.  It wasn’t.  LOVE Colorado weather.  Little bit of everything with none of the natural disasters except for hail and an occasional fire.
  20. Sometimes you just have that feeling for a rush, but hindsight is 20/20.  I should NOT have made 10 minutes to toss a couple bucks around on the night games.  I did just fine during the day, did just fine today for NFL, and last night was a minor step back.
  21. Last night was my second wedding since I quit drinking, and my what a show it is when you are the most cognizant person at the party.  It is nice because you can tell the same people a good story twice, knowing they probably forgot the first run.
  22. I have been a strong supporter of Kaep having ANY NFL QB job.  Jay-Z dedicated a song to him the other night in one of his first shows in three years.  I just feel like I am on the right side of things if Jay-Z is bitching about the same thing as me.
  23. Ummmm.  So the Yankees fans stole a gesture from the Mets?  Wow.  Miss a few days of reading everything in sports online, and suddenly you are lost.  I feel like Kramer at First and First.
  24. I am pretty sure I have told people the wrong answer every year for like 5 years on who will win between Clemson and Louisville.  Check back with me next year, and just go the other way.  See?  Now we have a system.
  25. Sometimes the polls are just DUMB.  So, Clemson beats Louisville at Louisville, Oklahoma beats the living hell out of Tulane, and Oklahoma gets punished?  Come on.  Stop tweaking the polls this early.  Not like the Sooners won on a last second FG.
  26. Geez.  Yes.  One of my losses this weekend was trusting that a decent Nebraska team would rally after a bad Oregon loss against a directional school.  Come on.
  27. One of my wins was taking 62.5 points and Delaware St. against West Virginia.  I mean, HOW do you not take a 62-0 lead against a second tier good team in ANY universe?  Why didn’t I bet more?  Ugghhh.
  28. So, we get a second chance pool in our losers pool for less money once you get eliminated.  I forgot to put THAT pick in a week after getting KC wrong, got New England, and now am out…AGAIN.  Well, THAT was fun.
  29. I am sitting here watching the second half of the Broncos game, and am elated being a Broncos fan…well, today for three hours (4.5 with the delay).
  30. That temporary fandom doesn’t help me hate the fans “incomplete” chant any less.
  31. I get the cross country flight and all, but how did UCLA lose to Memphis.  I think UCLA just is excited every year to confuse the entire population by being inconsistent.  Vegas knew it.  They were only 2.5 favorites, but come ON, Josh Rosen.
  32. I watched the Steelers game today (God Bless my free Sunday Ticket this year) and they looked ok.  Not great, but not bad.  I see Martavis Bryant remembered he was a WR in the most dangerous offense in the NFL.  Those poor Chicago Bears next week, as they will just be hitting stride next week.
  33. Interesting fact of the day.  Tom Brady never threw three TD’s in a first quarter until today.  Tell your friends.  Make sure your friends aren’t friends with Drew Brees.
  34. SOMEWHERE Les Miles is smiling.  Remember when LSU would NEVER get beaten by 30 pts to any second tier SEC team?  I guess THOSE days are done.
  35. Tough to tell against the Bears, but know the Bucs might be a real playoff contender.  They ran the Bears with only one passing TD from Jameis.
  36. So, the UNDER on the Panthers-Bills game would have been a good bet, right?
  37. I am sure Browns fans will find silver lining with something about their loss today.  They have the Indians.
  38. I wonder how much time football fans just sit around and say “THIS is when the Cardinals will explode on offense.”
  39. I was so confused about how the Titans were only one point favorites, and if I only staggered my bets a little more.  It just looked a little easy to me.  Anyone else having to do double takes on L.A. teams and who they are and where they came from?
  40. It is scary to realize that the Raiders are JUST now hitting stride.  I might take the over on them the next two weeks just for shits and giggles.  They seem to cover that on their own.
  41. I like the Falcons tonight, but admit to teasing it as I didn’t like the 3 pts, and teased the pts and under, which I got PLUS 3 and under 60.
  42. I seriously would like to meet the Budweiser marketing team.  They come out with some of the catchiest commercials.  Ice cold Bud Light HERE!
  43. Well, that’s all I had on my list.  I missed lots of stuff, but only so many hours in a day and I have work to prep for and a Falcons-Packers game to sit on the couch during.
  44. That’s it for the sports.  Check out, sports people.  Thanks for coming aboard.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
  46. For a team activity this week, we went axe throwing.  I HIGHLY recommend you doing this with a group.  You might not pick up competitive axe throwing as a hobby, but fun WILL be had.  Boss man on the right, and The Natural axe thrower colleague, Brett, on the left.
  47. And new sales person Elyse was a natural also, and Devin just spent most of his time skipping throwing one axe and just tossing two of them.  
  48. I don’t have any pics of me because there wasn’t a mirror and selfies with an axe sounds slightly dangerous.
  49. I played piano for the wedding, and I am officially BACK as a piano player (refuse to use the term “pianist”).  I played ok.  Good enough that it was enjoyable I guess.  But, know I will keep practicing and wouldn’t rule out playing for future events or joining a band part time.  I played everything from Debussy to Billy Joel.
  50. The wedding party (obviously they were staring at the photographer being paid for his work).  
  51. To clarify, I want THIS size of dog.  
  52. Lindsey and I made 110 of these.  This was late in the reception and evidently people didn’t understand our effort level or like graham crackers.  
  53. When you go to the Dixons, you experience the world of pure bred Golden Doodles.  Looking?  I have a source.  
  54. This person is the source.  Linds’ mom, Deb.  
  55. Before exiting stage left for my Steelers game today, I watched everyone use a disposable camera to take hungover pics.  Very entertaining (except when you wanted to work out BEFORE the Steelers game).  
  56. Sometimes I think blurry, grainy photos have more character.  
  57. THIS guy stole the show though.  FIVE years old, smart as heck, and he really just wanted to ride in the Gator the ENTIRE wedding…even when the bride and groom rolled up.  
  58. And of course, all of the girls wanted to dance only with him.  
  59. Lindsey tried her hand at bartending.  
  60. I mean HOW do you even touch this Jenga game after seeing the height of the one BEFORE??  No one did.  
  61. Sometimes, yes, I think I should be a professional photographer.  
  62. Sometimes it is nice to simply have friends play all of the music and use phones the rest of the night rather than get a DJ and have line dancing.  
  63. And the guys behind the bar and playing music didn’t drink at all.  
  64. Peace, all.  Talk to you midweek.
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