I wish I knew I was this funny when I was wrecking dramas…The Edge was good, and I did OK at Jack Ryan and The Cooler, right?

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

NOT on the clock.  I am just enjoying my afternoon of college basketball and feel the need to blog. I am going to not transfer any items from my list, and just going to go one by one until I am all ranted out for the day.  Plus, my day off for blogging is tomorrow.  Going to clean the slate first.

Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Before I get going, I would like to say thanks to Florida basketball.  In planning my watching day of bball, but to still do normal things such as the bank, gym, and grocery store, I had to sacrifice at least one game.  I appreciate Florida absolutely destroying Missouri so I didn’t miss a quality game.

2)      The NHL season is finally kicking off.  Not only did the Flyers already lose at home today, but I noticed they turn it around for an away game tomorrow in Buffalo.  Back to back right off the bat?  There are going to be a LOT of injuries this year with this crammed schedule.

3)      NFL predictions.  Give me the Falcons 31-23, and the Pats 27-10.  I have a win win situation in both games, as I don’t really care about any of the teams.  But, I will continue my closet rooting of Tom Brady dominance since the Steelers aren’t in play, it would be a great story if Ray Lewis can continue his farewell playoff tour, and it would also be cool to have the Harbaugh brothers in the Super Bowl.  I think we will have a decent Super Bowl regardless of who wins each game.  Well, I will hedge on that.  If it ends up being the Pats and Falcons, I think the Pats will wreck them.

4)      If you didn’t know this, I will share.  The reason we have felt like we have been seeing Gangster Squad commercials for FOREVER, one of the reasons is that they had to reshoot a key scene in the movie.  The Aurora Batman shooting happened, so therefore they had to reshoot the scene as it was a key scene in the movie.

5)      One of the funniest visuals I had from last weekend (like I said, I am clearing the entire list including transfers from day to day) was Lindsey’s roommate beginning to plan her birthday party, including people invited, schedule, and locations.  The visual before Lorie started this project was her in a photo with the following items: tiara, Cheetos, vodka-strawberry Fanta, a sharpie, and a blank sheet of paper.  Pretty funny.

IMG_20130116_212752_608 (4)


6)      Aussie Open.  Among the men remaining, we have random players and then the usual suspects-Federer, Djokovic, and Murray.  Note that the Fillerbuster’s pick still remains.  You will know who Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is by the end of this thing.  Mark my words.  On the women’s side, it feels like Sharapova and Williams are on a collision course.  Even without injury, I like the way Sharapova is playing, and that has nothing to do with the fact that she shrieks on the court and is hot as shit.  By the way, Serena, you already injured yourself once.  Watch doing this too much.  You will lose a tooth.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABCNyhV-Wsk&feature=youtu.be

7)      I am not sure how it happened outside of Lindsey CD’s, but dare I say that I think I am officially a Flo Rida fan.  I LOVE his rapping style.  Smooth, yet energetic.

8)      I was in heaven today (still am actually with Gonzaga and Butler yet to play and Ohio State and Michigan State on while I am writing this).  I had two of my Final Four teams playing on ESPN and ESPN 2.  Unfortunately, both lost.  Louisville lost to the Cuse on their HOME floor.  High quality game.  Both those teams will be in the mix at the end…too much talent on both squads not to.  Anyway, I couldn’t BELIEVE Louisville had two turnovers without even a shot down the stretch.  Syracuse might have pulled it off anyway, but Louisville pretty much handed it to them at the end.  Scary the Cuse did it without their Southerland sniper.  With Creighton, it wasn’t the end of the world, but they pretty much took a 3 spot ranking plunge in the tourney losing to one of their “own kind.”  Doug McDermott did HIS thing, but I am not worried as Wichita State is not only a quality squad, but their crib is one of the TOUGHEST to play in the land.  Small arena where it feels like the crowd is on TOP of you.  Louisville and Creighton will be fine in the long run.

9)      Tonight’s game introduces people to Gonzaga, as most of their games are so late at night and not on TV.  I will be watching the game to figure out if I think they are truly Final Four material.  They play at Butler, where Hickory played the final game in the movie Hoosiers.  You know…when Hackman does the whole tape measure thing.  You don’t?  Stop reading this rant and go watch that movie and the scene from Butler’s crib.  Hold on.  I have free time and am in a good mood.  http://movieclips.com/pCm8-hoosiers-movie-measuring-the-massive-gym/

10)   I think if I had one question to ask Tim Tebow, I would ask if he listened to Skillet when he works out.  I remember going out to get my first Skillet CD and not finding it for a WHILE.  I had to figure out they were a Christian rock band.  So THAT is what he is singing about.  I thought it was a chick, and he just wasn’t talking about anything sexual.  I will stop this hook before I tangent off into grey area.

11)   Hey.  I just saw an ESPN hockey commercial.  I bet you they have like 15 of these things ready to unleash on us.

12)   I bought 48 eggs at the store today, celebrating my new addition to hard boiled eggs.  I did the math.  I go grocery shopping every two weeks, therefore at 3 a day minimally, I would need 42 at least.  I eat a lot.  When I grocery shop for my own self, I look like I slipped one past the goalie at least 6 times at least with the amount in my cart.  I look like I have like THREE families.

13)   I have talked about Imagine Dragons lots before.  Here is another tune for you.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajjj4pLnjz8

14)   Lindsey and I would like to go to the X Games.  We are not going though.  It is not gas money or finding a cheap hotel.  It is “Aspen.”  I think money just starts seeping out of your pocket just getting within city limits.  All good, and we can see them another year.  I have done both the summer (the VERY first one) and winter, and it is fun, but I won’t lose any sleep over it.  I will miss THIS though.  The Popcorn Wagon.  Open pretty much as late as you need.

15)   Manti Te’o.  So, not much new today.  A neighbor came out and said they believe Te’o and that he thought it was real, and Te’o came out denying everything BUT “tailoring his stories” after he found out.  See?  I am not sold yet.  He I admitting to doing a LITTLE wrong, so I think this slope gets slippier (I don’t care if that is not a word, Mr. Paige.  I live on the edge.).  I REALLY like the nickname “Lyin’ Hawaiian.”

16)   Pau Gasol does not look forward to coming off the bench.  Word is that he will start wearing his championship rings DURING games to remind people.

17)   Bruce Arians, the new Cardinals coach has promised a “disciplined” football team.  Discipline is great, Bruce.  I think people prefer to know your QB plan.  Larry Fitzgerald just texted me the same thing.

18)   Deep thoughts.  Since Lindsey is going out with the girls tonight, do I have no plans, or is writing a long blog actually my plans?

19)   They will look into modifying the Rooney Rule after no minorities were hired over the last week.  I concur, and I am wondering how the hell a 10 game winner WITH a headcase QB AND WR is sitting at home staring at his phone.  Lovie, just because everyone seems to want offensive minded head coaches these days, know that I would personally hire you in a heartbeat.  If you could make Jay Cutler win games, then the sky is the limit with you.

20)   I watched the very exciting Bulls-Celtics game last night.  GREAT game.  Hubie Brown was announcing, Rondo proved he can score if needed, and Jared Sullinger continues to make teams that passed on him very, very sad.  Undersized?  Sure.  Player?  Hell yes.  15 boards last night.

21)   Lance says everything was one big lie.  Correct.  By the way, that dude has FIVE kids?  Talk about sneaking one past the goalie.

22)   Out of the 81 MLB players who signed with their team yesterday, FOUR Giants signed one year gigs.  Talk about renting players.  I guess their long term finances are not in a spreadsheet yet.

23)   Do you think Alec Baldwin gets sad at home alone when he thinks about all the time he wasted doing dramatic roles as opposed to comedy?  Rick Ankiel wakes up one day and can’t throw a strike for the rest of his life, and Alec Baldwin wakes up one day and realizes he is funny as hell.

24)   A judge goes on Facebook and says that Johnny Football is guilty of this traffic ticket.  Forget Johnny Football.  Forget the ticket.  Anyone else thinking it is odd that a certified judge is changing his status on FB?

25)   If it was realistic, and if it didn’t happen already, I think one of my top bucket list things EVER would have been to be sitting on the couch with Muhammad Ali on his birthday this week watching the Rumble in the Jungle against George Foreman.  That would have been tops.

26)   Djokovic has come out and said he hopes Armstrong suffers.  There are rings to throw your hat in, and there are ones you shouldn’t.  This would be the latter, Joke-o vic.  Go hit a forehand.

27)   Boxing legend Kelly Pavlik will retire, citing future health concerns from a violent sport.  Smart guy, as we all like WATCHING boxing rather than wish it was us in there getting hit.  He has nothing else to prove.  40-2 with 34 knockouts.  He is only 31 years old, so he is pulling a lower tier Barry Sanders.  The Ghost held the middleweight title from 2007-2010.  Best wishes, bro.  You were an excellent boxer.

28)   Bengals tackle Andre Smith was busted with a GUN at the airport.  So THAT is what perennial non title contending team personnel do during the playoffs.

29)   On the flip side, Niners WR Michael Crabtree is being investigated for sexual assault.  I am sure he missed some team meetings for a PLAYOFF game when he voluntarily went to the police to answer questions.  Hey, Michael.  Hear me out.  We don’t CARE if you are innocent or guilty.  You SHOULD be watching game film and nowhere NEAR a shady hotel or wherever when shit is going down.  Your “drive” is inspiring.

30)   Yay to the Florence Freedom, my team of the week. This independent baseball team is going to have Manti Te’o Girlfriend Bobblehead Night.  And, as you probably are projecting already, they will give out an empty box.  Hardy har har, you crazy Florence people.

31)   Alicia Keys will sing the Super Bowl national anthem.  I voted for Carl Lewis, but I guess that didn’t make the cut.

32)   If you didn’t get that joke, find it on the internet.  Hold on.  I have time tonight.  Here you go so you can get that joke.  Don’t worry.  This is the shortened version.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kU9XwcOIfI

33)   This Ohio State-Michigan State game is a really close game.  Enjoying the action between hooks.

34)   The Jets hire a GM.  Perhaps who you care who it is.  I don’t.  I just hope he KEEPS all of these necessary pieces for dysfunctionality.

35)   Lindsey Vonn won something (I know.  There is no joke.  But I promised that I would hit EVERY item on my fancy legal pad.  You should be happy.  It makes this thing one joke shorter.).

36)   The Michigan State game is now over, and Ohio State just attempted the worst last second shot with time on the clock that I might have ever seen.  Shannon Scott is now a household name for being an idiot.  If it was a championship game, he could go out for beers with Chris Webber.  Michigan State defends their crib.

37)   Whether it is with your family or with friends, if you are having game night, I HIGHLY recommend Apples to Apples.  It is easy to organize and straight forward, and the better you know someone, the better you will do.  Actually, it will get to the point where sometimes people put down cards to throw OFF their friend or family member.  Once you play it, remember this.  If you only have 4 people, have everyone throw in two cards as opposed to one.  It makes it MUCH more fun.  You will understand it once you play.

38)   I went to the grocery store and picked up some flowers for Lindsey while I was there.  My mother taught me well.  LISTEN, guys.  Flowers after a fight are great and all.  I am not saying that is a bad idea.  But random flowers (even from King Soopers) when you all are happy gets an even better reaction.  Go pick up your girl some flowers, gentlemen.

39)   I won’t be TOO sad when Hubie Brown retires, because Jay Bilas is the smartest man in basketball right now.

40)   Bulls PF Carlos Boozer has a LOT of tattoos.  I won’t go as far as to say that it gives Duke street cred, but it is a start.

41)   There were a record number of NFL early entries this year.  The CFL is very excited about this when they fail.

42)   What the HELL does Rock Chalk Jayhawk mean anyway?  Hey, I have time.  I will look it up.  Be right back…

43)   I am back.  Here you go.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rock_Chalk,_Jayhawk

44)   Joakim Noah says that Kevin Garnett throws cheap shots.  Don’t piss THAT guy off, or at least wait until Derrick Rose comes back and you guys are good, and PLEASE do a press release to let us know how to properly say your first name.  You too, Dirk.

45)   Do the Washington Wizards have an altitude secret (my mind just flashed to the Seinfeld where Elaine asks if the NBC exec has a “ketchup secret”)?  Hey, Nuggets, THAT was a bad loss.

46)   I need to go read my Athlon basketball preview after this rant.  Oregon just took out UCLA at UCLA’s crib.  They were not on my radar at ALL.  I assume they will fall off, but Arizona AND UCLA?  Impressive.

47)   Kevin Durant scored 52 points last night.  What is more impressive is that he went 21-21 from the free throw line.  That skinny guy can not only shoot free throws, but it shows he is taking it to the HOLE a lot.

48)   Ex-MLB manager Earl Weaver died this week on a cruise.  Happy trails, Earl.  I didn’t know you, but I hear you were one of a kind.  Plus, there aren’t a lot of people out there that can say they won 1400 plus games on the big stage AND lost less than that.

49)   UNC beat Maryland today pretty easily.  So, basically both teams played like they LOOK on paper.  And my ex-boss, Vince, is in a good mood today.  Actually, probably not.  He most likely is still in pain from the Broncos loss last week.  Sorry, Vince.  Time heals all, and at least your football team got to play in the playoffs.

50)   I would be getting sad that my basketball day is almost over, but then I pinch myself about how I have 6 GREAT hours of football watching tomorrow.  I know.  I don’t have a lot going on in my life.

51)   I have decided to keep saying “Boom goes the dynamite.”  I like trying to restart old trends and clichés, although glam rock might not be coming back.  Damn.  Me and Lita Ford did our best.

52)   I have an idea for a patent.  It is called the Tripod.  Most of my friends are laughing at me about it, since it sound dumb, but as we learned in the movie Cocktail, friends of that umbrella in a cocktail guy were probably thinking he was wasting HIS time too.  I can’t tell you what it is yet, but I like talking about it vaguely.

53)   I need to watch Cocktail again.  I am at my year quota of not seeing it.  I don’t actively bartend anymore, but it would give my girl a break from seeing Elizabeth Shue in Karate Kid.  A DIFFERENT Shue movie.  Yay.

54)   I have decided that the reason I never played in the NBA is because I would HATE playing basketball with my jersey tucked in.  I couldn’t roll like that.  I need bagginess and freedom on my stroke.

55)  Big decisions.  I want to watch a movie, but Lindsey wants to see Taken 2 also.  Should I watch it and assume it will be good enough to see twice?

56)   Well?  The list is cleared.  Clean slate for my next rant.  No transfers.  I need to tell Lindsey’s roommate that her bday planning finally got in the Rant.  PERFECT timing.  The Gonzaga-Butler game is about to start.  I hope you enjoyed, and I appreciate your readership.  Wow.  I didn’t get spellchecked on that?  Cool.  Anyway, will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

57)   Just a tagline.  I am off tomorrow.  Talk to you Monday.  By the way, Vince and I will be investigating a new type of format for this blog.  More on this upcoming.  I think I might just go and change my site background right now.  I have time.  Talk to you later.

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