I will be here if you need me. Don’t need me.

Just a quick cast before I head up to the mountains…

  1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Let’s turn and burn.
  2. No pics, no wordiness, just…hooks.
  3. Another night blogging with Lindsey watching this absolutely crazy American Horror Story show, and me having a very, very hard time not paying attention.  Even the theme song intro is scary.  SO well done of show…and so disturbing.
  4. Auburn was my sleeper pick at the beginning of the season.  They failed me for the playoff.  But, THEY hold ALL power in the college football playoff race right now.  They get UGA this weekend.  They also get Bama on the 25th.  Both at home.  Both game changers if they should win either one.  And they have the talent to do it.  AND, if they happen to pull off BOTH, and a couple of other teams lose, they are pick #1 for a two loss team.  Remember that ride back in the day, Georgia football?  They snuck in at two losses way back when.
  5. The Bucks getting Eric Bledsoe makes sense for both teams.  The Suns just need more change and reworking-same for the last 10 years or so,   Same old song and dance.  The Bucks?  They need star power and more potential.  Will Bledsoe steal a little love from my boy, Malcolm Brogdon?  Yes.  But the team ball handling skills are now off the hook.  And The Freak has some more star company.
  6. I wonder if Wisconsin will move DOWN in the rankings the more they win.  Sure, their schedule is weak as all hell.  But, if I really had to break down all numbers, I could throw at you that Bama hasn’t beaten anyone either.
  7. I don’t mean that.  Bama is Bama and really, really good, and Wisconsin is unproven.  Just saying the numbers are more similar than some people think.  Depending on where you look, Bama is in the 40’s or 50’s for present SOS, and Wisconsin is in the early 60’s in present SOS.
  8. And pretty sure no one is getting paid for autographs this year.  No big personalities or star power-lol.
  9. Doc died today.  Plane crash.  Halladay will be known as one of the better pitchers of our generation.  But, he never got a title.  Still, eight ASG’s, two Cy Youngs, a perfect game, and a no-hitter in the postseason will always put him on the map.  Happy trails, Doc.  Heard you were a great person and teammate too.  Ex-Phillies guy briefly, so you will always be on my missed list.
  10. The youngest Ball kid was arrested for shoplifting in China?  That is STELLAR.  It would have been better if he was busted for stealing his own expensive family sneakers, but Louis Vuitton will do just fine.  Let me guess.  LaVar Ball wasn’t available for comment since it was something bad??
  11. Lots of things not perfect in life just like everyone else.  But, my labors have finally yielded fruits.  Cargo shorts are now allowed to be worn at all times at work.  I felt like a new person today wearing them.  I won’t wear them everyday like before they got outlawed, but it is nice to know my out is now legal.  Why am I the poster child besides the movement I started?  Because I got to work early and parked in the closest spot in our old office, and in blizzard conditions, I still had on flip flops and cargo shorts.
  12. The Lions beat the Packers at Lambeau (finally).  They should feel good about themselves of course, but if there was one year they were going to do it, THIS year was set up for them perfectly.  No bad weather, no Rodgers, more talented, healthy squad.  Check, check, check, check.
  13. (lol-reading allowed those last four words makes me think of Rounders and KGB-one of the best movies EVER)
  14. Congrats on your 200th TD, Matthew Stafford.  I noticed you oddly on the waiver wire of my fantasy league.  Given that Jameis Winston has lost his mind, his shoulder, and respect suddenly, come to my team and let’s run off 5 straight and make the playoffs.  It is not going to happen as I have RB problems too, but you have to have goals.
  15. I dropped you,  Winston.  That is enough, as Jennifer Lopez would say.
  16. I never actually watched that movie.  My assumption is that it was horrible.
  17. Winston went his entire college career derailing himself, spent the last two years rebuilding it, and in a 24 hour period, made it disintegrate temporarily again.  Magic I tell you.   Maybe next year the Bucs can be the league darkhorse for the third straight year.  Yeah.
  18. Mike Evans is suspended for a game for fighting, so him and Jameis can talk smack together on the sideline about how they never developed into a lethal combo this year.
  19. Blackballed?  Nah.  Yeah, RIGHT.  HOW does Kaep NOT get a phone call yet with Houston and Denver (and always Cleveland of course) in the situations they are in presently??  And why, for the love of God, does the media spell it “Kap?”
  20. Is the Saints defense actually good now, or should we write off this past week as the Bucs just stink?
  21. I can’t figure out who the Raiders are.  Well, this week I did.  Now, they will confuse us again.
  22. The Rams are possibly really good??  Sounds weird.
  23. Baked Lays and Ruffles are like the best potato chips outside of all Pringles chips.
  24. An American woman won the NYC Marathon for the first time since 1977.  About time.  Maybe these are the kids who started watching Forrest Gump and had dreams.
  25. I know.  She is 36.  The math doesn’t work out.  Get your own blog.  I was reaching and love the movie Forrest Gump.
  26. Steve Kerr spoke out on gun violence this week, and maybe he was just yelling about guns at that ref.
  27. This is one messed up show.  People dying violently right and left with the killers just laughing.
  28. She was watching Women Who Kill last night, and I still don’t understand the concept of people who PAINT on eyebrows.  I don’t get it.  Do they not grow on them?  Confused.  Anyway, I guess I am less confused about the eyebrows than about the woman in the documentary who got released from jail, went drinking with cousin, killed cousin, and got thrown back in jail…all in the same day.  Actually, it was in SIX hours.
  29. Joe Girardi apparently lacked a connection with his players.  Weird.  I guess I am definitely on the outside looking in.  If he had ANYTHING, I thought it was that and what he lacked was good strategy.  What do I know.
  30. If you are one of those people thinking the world might end pretty soon, your odds are stacked better knowing that Andre Drummond is shooting 75% from the line presently after averaging 38% his whole career.  Something is weird and I hope the aliens are nice.
  31. AJ Green might not have been suspended for his attack on chatter box Jalen Ramsey, but WOW did he show that he is as tired of BEING a Bengal as we are of WATCHING them.
  32. Rugby is so cool, and this is an epic clip that we football fans should enjoy.  Bad.  Ass.  https://deadspin.com/the-tonga-vs-samoa-face-off-at-the-rugby-league-world-1820157444
  33. More rugby coolness, but a different sort of cool.  https://deadspin.com/scottish-captain-two-others-kicked-off-team-in-middle-1820153899
  34. I keep talking about Miles Bridges and how great he is going to be.  It should depress NBA haters that he is also a very, very good kid who had to talk his mom AND coach into staying in school for one more year.  MSU is going to win this whole thing, and first time in a couple years I remember being so positive about a prediction before the season began.
  35. So, Josh Gordon’s evasiveness MIGHT have been due to walking crooked after drinking, right?
  36. Did anyone else think that the Lamar Odom article was a copy and paste or anniversary article from years ago?  I did.  Good new material, Odom.  I am sure it was simply dehydration after a long workout.  Yeah.
  37. The Broncos have discovered all of these problems and now get the PATS?  Lol.  Wow.  No real plan at QB, defense got smoked by the Eagles, and now they get the master plan of the Hoodie and the Golden Boy.
  38. Remember.  Your weekly reads.  MMQB on si.com, and Ten Things by Zach Lowe on ESPN.  You will be a better person because of both.
  39. I feel like the Harden 56 point game was a direct response to LeBron’s 57…except all three pointers.
  40. I feel like the 40 point game by Porzingis is more of a sign to come.
  41. I feel like the Melo ejection was just awesome.  He is averaging the same stats pretty much as in NYC.  But, he has two All Stars by his side, so that means he has adjusted nothing and is just doing his own thing status quo.
  42. I feel like the town of Denver was just starting to have hope in the Avs until…they traded him away for some young talent and draft picks.
  43. The shooting in Texas is horrible of course, but glad to know a guy with a gun happened to be passing by at that time.  In Denver, glad to know multiple people are walking around shopping with guns on them.  Geez, people.
  44. Knowing that he was key to his team’s loss and aspirations, the PUNTER at Kentucky got arrested just hours after a loss to Ole Miss.  Perfect.
  45. In the car now heading to mountains, so quickly now. Remember I am participating in Movember.  Check out my pic and site and donate if you want.  https://mobro.co/13689336?mc=1
  46. Hey, Trump.  I heard you blocked Jon Bon Jovi from buying the Bills years ago.  First of all, thanks for saving my Jersey brethren from buying that team.  But, you still shouldn’t have done that.  You Give Presidency a Bad Name.  In four years, you should Lay It Down.  I could go on and on, but I am in a rush.
  47. Sometimes I forget to mention the biggest things as I immediately Tweet it and then move on in the blog list.  Kind of backwards.
  48. Traffic sucks these days in Denver.  Why did you all have to realize how great of place this is, rest of country?
  49. The launch party for my wife went great.  I can show the painting I did another day.
  50. I hear that Bob Knight bashed John Wooden.  I keep thinking your idiotness after brilliance can’t get more, but you continue to push the limits.  Congrats.
  51. Very excited for Notre Dame-Miami this weekend also.  Let’s get Notre Dame out of this confusing mix, Miami, and then you can go and lose in the ACC Championship game.  Cool?
  52. Remember a month or two ago when people said my prediction that OU would make the CFP was a pipe dream?  Not any more, folks.  In line now.  Just need ONE more thing to happen pretty much.
  53. OK.  I always have more to say, and was too busy at work to check ESPN, so I guess that is it for today.  Onward and upward.
  54. Heading to Aspen this weekend just to get away.  It is my favorite town pretty much anywhere.  I probably won’t be blogging until I return on Sunday.
  55. That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
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