I want one.

Ok.  THIS is why I have a website.  I was going to take off today, but my list that I carry around just got longer, and longer…and longer.  Therefore, I blog.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest…and shorten my list for tomorrow.

On the clock.  Bonus version.  Old format.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)  Hubie Brown announced the OKC-Memphis game today.  It is like putting hot sauce on my breakfast burrito.  It makes an already good thing BETTER.

2)  No one says it will happen, but it would FLOOR me if Derrick Rose would come back for the Heat series.  I want it to happen SO bad.

3)  Only 3 teams that were lower seeded in first round made it to the NBA’s second round.  Tell your friends.  First time since 1995.

4)  My family makes me happy.  Lindsey makes me happy.  JR Smith shooting badly ALSO makes me happy.

5)  LOVE the comment by Kevin Durant at halftime, comparing the Rockets to the Grizzlies.  He said “Coach said we just played cheetahs, and now we are playing BEARS.”  Perfect parallel, and VERY accurate.  Zach is fat, but he will BEAT you up.

6)  The Cinco De Mayo main party in Denver occurred today two blocks from my house.  After the 4/20 shooting, two weeks ago concert venue shooting, me being within 1/4 mile of both, and the fact that things happen in three’s, I passed.

7)  Picks:  Heat in 5, Pacers in 6, Memphis in 7 (although I am rooting for OKC since I have them pre Russell injury in my office pool), and Spurs in 5.  Spurs over Heat in the Finals.  Boom goes the dynamite.

8)  I didn’t watch the Mayweather fight.  I wanted to, but chose the Jones fight as priority…SINCE I KNEW what would happen in the Mayweather fight.  Dibs to my lady, Lindsey, who literally SAT next to me while pausing Wreck it Ralph, while I kept refreshing three boxing sites to get scores.  I could PICTURE what what happening.  You almost DON’T need to watch Mayweather fights anymore.  He is methodical.  He is lethal.  He was a party animal, but he works HARD and is REALLY good.

9)  LeBron James won his fourth MVP and doesn’t know his ceiling.  I don’t care about that.  Who the HELL was the ONE vote against him?  Smoking crack during MVP voting is not good.  He had one of the best years in recent NBA memory.

10)  Stop your weekend.  Become a kid again.  Watch Wreck it Ralph.  If you are 35 or more years in age, it will be better.  Thanks to Lindsey, who got me to watch it.

11)   Someone in Denver actually had the money and free time to make a Subaru into a Ghostbusters automobile.  I saw it today on the street.  Incredible.

12)  Heat is one of the best movies of all time, but I heard they are doing a remake.  It is too soon.  It is like doing a remake of a Creed song.  As White Lion once said, “Wait.”

13)  I TRIED to watch the end of the NASCAR race today.  They had interviews and breakdowns of the Stewart-Gordon rubbing.  Rubbing is racing and I quickly turned to the Bourne Supermacy even though I own it.

14)  I am following my pastor, not the church who he got kicked out of.  The fact the Gil not only mentioned what he did wrong but also played TWO scenes from Rounders DURING the service means I am at the right church.  Lindsey “dragged” me to this church.  This just makes her MORE awesome.

15)  Lindsey does her work talking to her iPad, and it records what she is saying.  Someone email me if my Droid can do that.  That would eliminate the irritating yellow legal paper I carry around.

16)  Can someone ALSO figure out a way I could record my thoughts during my mile swims once a week?  My legal paper would get wet.

17)  Lindsey is going to Europe with the family in 10 days.  She is SO mad she will miss the third round of the NBA playoffs.

18)  I hear that Peyton Manning actually drives the Buick he lobbies for on TV.  I don’t think that Shaq does.

19)  Lindsey is making salmon with crab marinade for dinner tonight.  I might make her watch Broken City, the Wahlberg/ Crowe flick, but how can anything in that previous sentence sound bad?

20)  Thoughts and prayers to the family of the Utah soccer ref, who died today.  No soccer jokes on this one today.

21)  Lindsey told me that Rod Stewart looked old.  I am older than Lindsey.  I told her that Rod was a musical hero of mine, and he is SIXTY EIGHT years old.  I hope I look good at that age.  I believe he is also married to a 20 something model.

22)  Finally, I heard that my boy Bryce Harper got ejected from a game.  In reverence of this occurrence, I will eject myself from this blog.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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