I still like the theme song, am mad it is not on TV anywhere, and still make one reference to the show about every two weeks.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day rant.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  I was pretty sure this morning that Winston wouldn’t be charged once I read the old search warrant with accuser saying “after shots at potbellys, my memory was broken from that point forward.”

2)      The UVA-Wisconsin game went…about like I feared.  Two slow teams, with one team having more scoring options than the other.

3)      BI.  POL.  AR.  U. N. C.  Basketball.  Lose against Belmont, beat #3 Louisville.  Lose against UAB, beat #1 Michigan State.  Should we just chalk them up for a loss Saturday against UNC Greensboro?

4)      Lindsey and I went to her friend’s birthday dinner party last night at a Mexican place.  When in doubt, my default choice is the Chimichanga.  Maybe my love for saying the word makes up some of my liking of the taste, but it works for me.

5)      Lindsey and I use the lesser known cab company because it is faster.  We found out last night they obviously don’t overstaff during snow.  LONG walk in 5 degree weather.

6)      Tomorrow the World Cup groups are released.  Excited in general for the event, and hoping we dodge the Group of Death.  It doesn’t look good though.

7)      So the Spurs and Wolves go south of the border for ONE freaking basketball game and the electricity gets jacked up, affecting the actual game?  Wow.  That is odd.  Dibs to the two teams for both flying to Mexico City a couple days early to give the fans some time.

8)      The Knicks are funny.  And Melo.  Melo was on track to be one of the greatest players not to win a ring.  Now he is just funny.

9)      Raise your hand if you thought before the season started that Houston, Washington, and Atlanta would be vying for the #1 NFL draft pick.  Yeah.  Thought so.

10)   Do you think these team execs go out and get wasted and flip a coin with Clowney on one side and Bridgewater on the other.

11)   Well, not Atlanta.

12)   I came to the brilliant conclusion last night that Maryland is not better than Ohio State at basketball this year.

13)   What IF Jay Williams could have continued his career?

14)   Blah blah blah….Kobe is close to returning…blah blah blah…

15)   The Blazers get on a little hot streak and their official team Twitter account teases the Eastern Conference.  You all settle down out there.  LONG way to go.

16)   They are right of course.

17)   Tiger says the 2014 Major venues set up nicely for him.  So, he essentially copied and pasted each of the last five years of his December interviews.

18)   LeBron will be doing a movie with Kevin Hart.  I guess you get some free time when you play a couple Eastern teams in a row.

19)   Brazil is having problems with building sports stuff.  They are just making it exciting.  Too much money and planning involved to not get it done.

20)   The Bucks C Larry Sanders got in a little trouble with a late night fight.  Who, you say?  Oh.  The guy who you DON’T know because he is at bars late night instead of practicing basketball.

21)   Nice Christmas list THIS kid has.  This is real.


22)   This is ALSO real.  First picture is a damn in Italy.  Second picture is a more close up picture…with dots on the damn slightly noticeable.  Third picture is showing what the dots are.  There are freaking goats CLIMBING the damn.




23)   Derrick Rose won’t rule out a playoff return.  So, HE is copying and pasting what HE said last year.  I know it is a different knee, but still.  Go train and be quiet for a while.

24)   Peyton Manning says that he is the same QB in the cold weather.  No you are not, bro.  You have to wear a little more clothes, and you are 3-7 in sub 32 degrees.  Facts are facts.

25)   Baylor QB Bryce Petty will return for his senior year.  Mariota too.  I feel bad for any team actually needing a QB this year.  It is either Bridgewater or Idiot Manziel.

26)   Delivery of a Christmas tree without a base.  No time to get base.  Tree must have lots of water.  Time to bust out my MacGyver skills. It isn’t turning a bamboo shoot into a bomb, but…


27)   Lions Suh says he has grown up and doesn’t want the bad guy rep anymore.  Well, Mr. Suh, that would require you going three weeks consecutively without doing something dumb.  And to this point, I believe you are presently starting NOW.

28)   Gary Pinkel says he is staying at Missouri.  Sure he is.  Tap his phone if they lose to Auburn.

29)   That is it.  Gotta go.  Hope you enjoyed or at least are more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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