I say it is random and not scripted.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Speed version.  Day rant.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       The LA Clippers walked away from talks on the big Doc Rivers/ Celtics trade.  This is idiotic.  This is beyond idiotic if you ask me.  This is also a sign the Clippers prefer to be losers rather than make that one smart deal that could put them over the top.  They would have gotten a coach who has been there/ done that and is used to managing stars, a commanding locker room presence and adequate big man to help Blake Griffin in Kevin Garnett, and a coach Chris Paul apparently wanted.  All for a top draft pick and DeAndre Jordan.  Have fun as another 4 or 5 seed next year.

2)      If my boy Bryce Harper is resuming workouts, then I need to keep on blogging.  No worries about length today with two airplane rants coming tomorrow and Friday.

3)      In all of our MLB interleague experimentation over the last 15 years or so, how did the old school L.A. Dodgers just visit the New York Yankees for the first time in 32 years?  I would have thought some scheduling Einstein would have snuck a series in between these legendary teams before this year.

4)      I hear that David Beckham was offered an NFL job.  The rumor said kicker, but are we sure it wasn’t owner?  I don’t think the guy has anything left to prove with his feet at this point after coming over to the MLS and kicking ass.

5)      I know it is a top story, but I think this whole Pats Aaron Hernandez thing will blow over.  I am not feeling he is the type of dude to be killing people.  Was he negligent with the rental car?  Possibly.  Was it a friend?  We will see.  Tim Tebow is presently trying to figure out how to grow a few inches with the lack of tight end competition on the Pats (thanks to my brother on the Tebow section of that hook).

6)      Holy SMOKES, Jozy Altidore.  I might have to go back to looking under couch cushions for Brazil money.  Nice win, last night, US soccer.

7)      Hockey.  Hossa will be back tonight.  The game is in Boston.  The guys in FRONT of Tuukka Rask are doing most of the dirty work and limiting shots.  I still think Chicago reunites Toews and Kane and alters other lines enough to win tonight.  I am not totally drinking the Boston Kool-Aid with still having visions of Chicago demolishing everyone before this series.

8)      Stay away from talking about rape victims, Serena Williams.  You are DESTROYING people these days.  Leave the microphones to Sharapova’s losing shrieks.

9)      I find myself suddenly saying “dope” a lot recently.  “Wow, that house is DOPE.”  I find myself recycling lines involuntarily a lot these days here and there.

10)   I learned an interesting fact from my government prospect today.  There is only ONE company allowed to sell Helium in this country, so therefore that vendor is NEVER worried about a bid process.  Interesting fact and odd product that is the only one.  Something about World War II.  I will let you Google it.  He didn’t know the name of the company since his location doesn’t exactly have a Helium shortage.  He was just sharing.

11)   DON’T Google this before answering the question that came up among four guys watching basketball last night.  The vote was 2-2.  Are the AT&T commercials scripted and the kids are that genuine and impressive, or do they just cycle through questions for hours with all kinds of kids just hoping some kids say something cute.  I was in the latter group, but interesting debate.  I am sure you can just Google it, but I would rather not know and debate it.

12)   Finally, the game.  As always, my random thoughts as you can read ESPN for the summary:

-Not as many notes today.  I didn’t bust out the note pad during the game this time.

-I guess Danny Green DIDN’T want to take over for Cedric Maxwell as the most random NBA Finals MVP.

-Watching Ginobli last night was PAINFUL.  Turnover machine, and he just kept DOING it.

-Gotta give it to LeBron.  He got the Eye of the Tiger in the fourth.  He took over.  Hate saying that, but it happened.

-The Heat are the first team since 1964 (thereabouts) to be the road team, be down double digits at the start of the fourth quarter, be in an elimination game, and win.

-Chris Bosh finally played like a Big Three guy…with blocks and rebounds, not points.

-The Spurs had two chances for free throws to up the possession of the deficit…and missed both times.  Weak.

-It must be nice when the afterthought guy in the corner no one is paying attention to presently is also the greatest three point shooter of all time.

-I have said all along Spurs in 6.  If this was ANY other team, I would say it is the Heat guaranteed after last night’s win.  It IS the Spurs.  I am not as confident as I was before Game 6, but I still think after sleeping on it last night, that they will.  I still have the Spurs.  In SEVEN now.  They are simply the better put together team in my opinion who just happened to run into the best player on the planet PLAYING like that in the fourth quarter.  Pop can adjust, but we can’t guarantee nor stop LeBron in that zone.  It will be exciting to see how it plays out tomorrow.  Enjoy.

-I am PARTICULARLY mad because I will be in St. Louis tomorrow night.  My plan was to go see the greatest baseball park in the land I have never visited for a game.  How am I supposed to do that with Game 7 on?  Guess I am hotel room bound and will hope for a return trip someday during baseball season.

13)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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