I live on the EDGE, man.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day time version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Flacco’s agent is going to the media about how the Ravens made a huge mistake by not signing the QB last year before the Super Bowl win.  Chris Canty is talking crazy stuff about how Flacco is better than Eli Manning.  Can we have a freaking moratorium (dibs, Jim Rome) on Flacco headlines until at least August?  The dude probably ONLY won the damn thing BECAUSE he wasn’t signed, Eli has two rings with lesser skilled teams so be quiet on that, I think I just plain old dislike Joe Flacco, Delaware graduate or not.

2)      UNC got the top seed in the NCAA baseball tourney.  My ‘Hoos are 6th, and Bowling Green snuck in it with a 24-29 record.  Someone tap on my shoulder when we get to the College World Series.

3)      Since I have to wait until the second week of June to see Hangover, will someone please just TELL me HOW they got a giraffe?

4)      You can be devil’s advocate all you want.  Nadal is 53-1 at the French Open over the years, and Djokovic still has a blank on his prolific resume in this category.  Clay is MUCH different, people.  There is a reason only five men have won all four Slams.  One did it all in one year.  Agassi is the only player to win 4 of them on THREE different surfaces.  AND, there is an asterisk.  Federer would have about FOUR French Open’s had that guy Nadal not been playing.  Poor, Roger.  Tweet about THAT.

5)      I eat the same things through all of my life with minor modifications.  These days, I am literally addicted to turkey sandwiches with mayo and mustard on an egg bagel heated up.  That is a crazy change from putting them on Italian bread.  It is like a whole new sandwich.  I am nuts in my eating habits.  Nuts.

6)      I was wrong.  I thought the Wings would get the win last night.  Got a bad feeling for Wings fans in Game 7.  I think the Wings had their chance.  I would take the Hawks now, and know that before the series, I said that the Wings would give them ALL they could handle.  They have up to this point, and I think the fat lady is warming up.

6a)  That is kind of a dumb comment.  Sorry.  The fat lady would be warming up for BOTH teams being that it is game 7.  My bad.

7)      Did Duke lacrosse wake up or WHAT in the latter part of the title game?  I haven’t seen Syracuse look like a deer in headlights in a WHILE.  Duke owned the later parts of that game.  Congrats, and I still hate you, Duke.  Congrats to you also, Logan, if lacrosse is one of the sports you follow.  Damn Dukies.

8)      The Bobcats hired Lakers assistant Steve Clifford as their new head coach.  I thought they gambled taking an up and comer LAST time.  I thought MJ would have wanted a bigger name coming in this time to quiet the rabid basketball fan base.

9)      That was sarcastic about the fan base.

10)   San Antonio beat the Griz to advance to the NBA Finals.  Parker was all that and a bag of chips (LOVE that line).  They now get rest, and are rooting for the Pacers to make this series interesting and LONG tonight.  I don’t care who wins on the Eastern side.  I like the Spurs to take it after watching them play the last few games.

11)   Tonight, the Pacers try and make people understand that it was ONE bad game before everyone started writing them off.  I am still on their side and give them a chance.  They need a solution to LeBron’s newly found playoff posting up (didn’t need it before against anyone), but I think they can win tonight.

12)   That bit about Patty Mills last night was funny, and informative for the lesser knowledgeable fan.

13)   Rangers Yu Darvish struck out 14 guys yesterday and LOST.  Don’t feel bad for him though.  It was ON HIM.  There were no bad calls, no errors, no anything else.  HE gave up the dinger.

14)   Brittney Griner dunked twice in her game last night.  Elena Delle Donne-1, Griner-0.  I rarely talk about women’s basketball in this rant, but I think Donne is a PLAYER, and might end up being the better player overall in the long run.  Her story of why you didn’t recognize her name is stirring.  She left powerhouse UCONN to be with her challenged sister.  She landed at Delaware, but had to single handedly win every game they had.  Not exactly making her a household name.

15)   Joe Theismann says that LeBron would be a great NFL QB.  That is great.  I am sure we can make LOTS of cross sport references.  Joe, way to keep us on our toes.  I think you purposely say something shallow and totally random after saying about 5 things semi smart.  You GOT us once again.

16)   That is it.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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