Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Evening rant.  UVA plays Notre Dame in an hour on TV, so this needs to be done.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Greetings and salutations, all.  Thanks for joining me.  Many thanks to my co-blogger, Mr. Royal, who not only offers a totally different style in a similar type of humor, but fills days when I really WANT/ NEED a day off, and is a fantastic read that I love making time for.  But today, it is me, so let’s eyeball the list, gather up all of my irritation and sarcasm…and rant.  My rants do NOT last the same amount of time as Marshawn Lynch’s media day interviews.

2)      Which, by the way, I have NO problem with.  Dude was out there for 6 minutes and 20 seconds.  Might have been shorter than others, but I firmly believe the quiet guy made the effort and fulfilled his obligation.

3)      I am watching the halftime show of Iowa-Michigan State, hanging on my couch, with my sick girlfriend in the bedroom on the couch.  I am listening to Seth Greenberg and confused whether he is so genius that he has too many things going on up in his head, or in the early stages of senility.  He just says CRAZY stuff sometimes.  Kind of like the basketball version of A Beautiful Mind.  And that is a UVA guy complementing a VA Tech guy.

4)      Big night for “who are you” teams.  Iowa, one of the deepest and best passing teams in the country is getting a depleted Michigan State team after a loss.  UVA gets Notre Dame away.  Baylor is playing West Virginia presently and losing.  Who ARE these guys, and can we get SOME type of consistency?  If you bring in last night’s contestants, OU and OSU, you have two more of these teams.  OU took down OSU.  I truly can’t figure out Oklahoma State.  Not totally dissing the OU revival, but OSU looks like a Final Four team one night and looks like first round breakdown team the next game.  Marcus, your teammates are hurting YOUR draft stock too.  All of a sudden Dante Exum is looking pretty damn good.  Taller, faster, less known, and you have to have ONE foreign guy in the lottery.  Can’t shoot though.  Kind of like the taller version of Jamaal Tinsley.  That was deep.

5)      In case you are wondering about Colorado’s clean air act crap, know that Eleanor, my stalling, smoking, loud, barely alive ’96 Jeep Cherokee just passed emissions for a brand new registration.  I was in line BEGGING her to just be good and not stall while the other guy was driving her, and she DID!!!  And she didn’t stall on the way home in rush hour, although I DID take the 45 minute side route through random desolate neighborhoods in the Eastern Aurora area.

6)      By the way, if you don’t love Tom Izzo interviews, then you aren’t living.  At halftime, they asked him how he think his kids did.  He said “well, I had weird guys playing that half, so not so bad.  In the second half, I hope to get the regular guys in there.”

6a)  College version of Pop.

7)      Jamaal Charles was stunned to get hit by a teammate, and the audience was stunned to actually see a legitimate hit in the Pro Bowl.

8)      Is there any connection to the two non Super Bowl Pete Carroll Stories released this week???   Within a day, it was released that he not only supported Goodell looking into the NFL ok’ing medicinal pot AND then it was released that players throughout the NFL would most want to play for him if given a choice.  Odd.

9)      I know.  The timelines don’t match up.  Just a joke hook.  And.  I get it.  They must have read that ESPN Mag where it showed practices having DJ’s by the water and stuff-looked pretty darn fun if you asked me.

10)   And yes.  My ESPN Mag finally came.  ESPN Mag.  Please disregard the last two nasty “contact us” messages I wrote.  I really, really just wanted my Mag and you are big enough where it shouldn’t take THAT long.

11)   If you are not excited about Duke visiting the Carrier Dome for the first time ever in conference play…then we are just very different people I guess.

12)   Yes.  I am aware there are now Cheez It Grooves.  Why do they continue to improve perfection?  Yes, I will try them, and yes, I will think they are over the top and go back to the base type (reduced fat of course because they are crunchier).

13)   Russell Wilson will be donning Rangers gear in a new Topps card coming out.  Bro, if you win this thing against Peyton, you can pretty much do whatever the hell you want.

14)   But, of course, he won’t.

15)   And Johnny Football, that is because it is a SUPER BOWL, and not a Heisman when you are not supposed to be making any money.  You just advanced to the “whatever the hell I want” before you won anything on the next level.  Easy, tiger.

16)   Mr. Royal.  I read your post.  Just like you mentioned that we feel like Ginobili has won the sixth man award every single year, do you also feel like either some type of Crawford has won the ones he hasn’t?  I do.  I feel like those bro’s were sixth man’s or something in NBA or COLLEGE.

17)   I am not afraid to keep on trucking on this rant because I get the feeling that I won’t be posting tomorrow or Friday due to work events.  We might have a drought.  Or some silly ten hook quick hitter.

18)   In case you care, Jason Collins is staying in shape.  Maybe Greg Oden will end up going down for the count as we are used to and the Heat will pick him up.  There is CERTAINLY a shortage of big people who are true centers in the NBA.

19)   With that last hook, I mean with SKILLS.

20)   I see that Motley Crue is coming to town in August…on a Saturday.  I personally am WAY in.  If you haven’t checked out Sixx AM, please do do by the way.  Side project by Nikki.

21)   A.P. says that new OC Norv Turner is going to be PERFECT in his Vikings role.  I have noticed ONE thing about this whole hiring season thus far.  A LOT of head coaches are recognizing that they were MEANT to be coordinators…and therefore stepped back to those positions.

22)   Yes, I am also talking to you Gary Kubiak.  I don’t mean that in a derogatory way.  If I wanted to be derogatory, I would talk to Josh McDaniel.

23)   I am happy for the pitchers’ safety, but more curious about what these newly approved “protective caps” the pitchers will be wearing soon.  Sponsors are LINING up.

24)   I did work before this blog.  I have work to do after this blog.  I can’t read EVERY sports story, although I give it an A for effort.  That being said, I chose not to read about Northwestern kids being the first school requesting labor union representation, although considering they are pretty bright lads, I assume they are doing something positive, or cleverly smart.

25)   Word is that LeBron already has a laundry list for new NBA commish Adam Silver.  I actually wrote that and realized I have no comments or joke for that.  That is why this is a rant.  I COULD delete it, but that would be no fun.  Plus, my intern is out drinking with people.

26)   It sucks that Lindsey is sick and in the other room, but her sickness would probably be happy that I will be watching the UVA-ND game in the living room after this blog.

27)   I am mildly impressed by Iowa with 10 minutes left in the game.  What I am NOT impressed is that they should be ahead by 10 and they are ahead by 1…at home.  Coffee is for closers.

28)   There WOULD be a picture of Alec Baldwin right now, but Logan doesn’t want week rant pictures so he can read this thing at work.  I have to oblige.  No pics.  “Do you see this watch.”

29)   Kevin Durant is entering special territory with his scoring streak.  It is cool, and he is a great player, but I really, really, really CAN’T get by this fact.  MJ pretty much every season and us knowing he COULD score more, and the fact that Wilt the Stilt averaged over FIFTY points for an entire season.  Mildly impressed, but not floored.

30)   I noticed Mr. Royal has the same Finals prediction as me with the team winning reversed.  THAT would be fun bantering about if that pans out.  Liked his breakdown before that though.

31)   But, damn.  He is probably right that the damn Heat will win it again.  Crap.

32)   Just read Deadspin every day, but here is ONE for you I chose.  A geared up goalie doing a backflip.  http://deadspin.com/dancin-khl-goalie-does-back-flip-in-full-gear-1510202969

33)   AFTER dancing-go back and click it, dammit.

34)   The US is sending 230 athletes to Sochi.  I hope they blend with the 100% heterosexual group of people in that city that is claimed by…sorry.  I almost got political.  I don’t roll like that in this blog.  Save the real world stuff for the people who are OUTSIDE my sports world.  But, still an idiotic statement.

35)   It is sad how it went down, kind of sad reading the article, but it does bring up a good point.  Is Royce White, travel problems and all, the worst 1st round NBA pick EVER.  Is Darko sending thank you notes to him right NOW?  Or Michael Olowokandi?

36)   Congrats to Mr. Remy for being able to return to the Red Sox booth this next season.  Sad story about your kid, and I am sure those fans are glad you are back.

37)   Broncos Rodgers-Cromartie says he might retire if you guys win.  Save it.  It is cooler if you just win and do it.  You are not exactly Neon, Elway, Rice, or whoever.  You are a solid secondary guy.  Wait, play hard, and just do it.

38)   Props to the San Fran Giants for giving money ($96k) to Stow, their beaten fan.  I find it odd they just didn’t round it to 100k, but nice nevertheless.

39)   Thanks to my reader and colleague, Ben, for correcting me on “Ross scoring 51.”  I mistakenly wrote the wrong first name.  My intern was out drinking THAT night too.  I really need to talk to that kid.

40)   I have no intern nor editor and work 65 hours a week for you newbies.  It is a running joke.

41)   There is a joke out there for the auctioning off of the Mike Piazza-Roger Clemens broken bat, but I have had a day to subconsciously think about, but I either come up with something that is grey area or it just doesn’t make the grade.  I guess this is a Mad Lib hook.  Auctioning off the bat from the Piazza/ Clemens incident is like ADVERB VERB your NOUN into your NOUN.

42)   La La tells us that Melo will DEFINITELY stay with the Knicks.  La La.  Let your man continue to score lots of points and not provide value and you not talk to the media about him and therefore also provide no value.  If you don’t think EVER that Jim Boeheim at Syracuse is not one of the best coaches EVER, know he let THAT idiot take the lead and won a championship.  That is GREAT coaching.

43)   I love Imagine Dragons thanks to Lindsey keeping me hip.  I don’t personally know who the other guy (Kendrick Lamar) is because I am NOT hip.  That being said, this is just nasty.  Dirty.  Phat if 25 years ago.  Check it out, and thanks for passing it along, Matt.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TK1k-OT1uM

44)   In case you care, and since our football team sucks and our basketball team is just coming around (don’t believe we have a hockey team), UVA is preseason ranked #1 in baseball.  I will TAKE it.

45)   Welcome, Pitt basketball, to the pleasure of being able to play Duke once or twice a year.  Fun, right?

46)   Chris Johnson need surgery, but says it is no big deal.  Tennessee fans were lighting UP Google because they thought it would say “Chris Johnson will accept lesser DEAL for Titans.”  No dice.

47)   So, The Falcons underperform, and what do they do?  They extend EVERYONE from coach and above.  Don’t you at least have to blame SOMEONE?  I guess that is why I am sitting on my couch right now.

48)   But this Iowa-Michigan State is going to OT, so I am ok with my present situation.  I would be a bad football coach but decent GM in my tunnel vision mind.

49)   John Wall says he will use the USA basketball pool snub as motivation.  In a related story, he has also started attending church for help around him.  Poor guy.  Didn’t Kyle Korver even make the cut????

50)   Jay Bilas is the young college bball version of Hubie Brown.  Not the most likeable guy (I can relate), but he knows his shit without a doubt.

51)   Hey, CSU fans.  Chase Behanon is a HELL of a pickup, and if there is a dude who knows about fresh starts and clean slates, it is your coach.

52)   Hey Texans fans, save you money.  Don’t spend it on wildcards like Manziel billboards.

53)   Police have opened a case about the OTL story on the football-swimmer-suicide rape.  They should, and like Deadspin, I have NO idea how someone like OTL knows shit before the rest of the law enforcement community or the regular media knows it.

54)   Florida and San Diego State are now in the top five in the new bball AP poll.  Fisher is doing his thing, and Donovan impresses me more each freaking year.

55)   The X Games are done.  You might have Googled “sports” and thought this was the rant for you.  You would be wrong.  I am like Shultz from Hogan’s Heroes when it comes to Extreme Sports.  I know nothing.  I know about that snowmobiling cat and Shaun White because of the phone booth.

56)   Yes, I am above 40 and LOVE that show (Hogan’s Heroes).  You should too.  Well, I guess THERE is my theme tonight.

57)   This OT game is really cramping my style on switching to the UVA game.  Hurry up.  Someone win.

58)   By no means am I giving relationship advice on purpose, but I will say this.  When I have an entire day experience with Lindsey, there is NO thought in my mind about what my day would be like “with the boys.”  We have just as much fun, and my girl is just plain FUN.

59)   The Following episode I watched was good.  The first one WAY accentuated the lack of interest of Kevin Bacon/ Ryan Hardy wanting to continue the search, but they are the experts, so I will ride with it.

60)   Peyton Manning says win or lose, this is not his last year.  I guess, along with the city of Denver, at least my mom is happy.

61)   Kobe won’t recruit Melo for the Lakers.  I meant to say this earlier after the earlier hook.  The Black Mamba can NOT have the Black Hole on his team.  Not enough basketballs to go around.

62)   That is it.  This game is about done, and I have a UVA game to watch and girlfriend to check on.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

63)   …although because of work, it might be really, really short.  Peace.

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