I know it is that OTHER 80’s guy line, but “I’ll be back” also…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Evening rant since I work like 1000 hours a week (said yet again).  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me.  Thanks to Mr. Royal for covering yesterday.  It’s like Canada replacing Stamkos for their Olympic squad with St. Louis.  Kind of both really, really solid.  Canada’s team is just SICK.  Good luck, Putin, trying to relive the magic of the 60’s and 70’s.

2)      Aside from Maryland and Arizona getting a 5 star recruit from an SEC school, no real surprises on signing day.  When the biggest headlines are “Bama snags Auburn LB at last minute,”  there really aren’t many surprises.  Big guys did their thing.  I was most impressed with UVA, where Mike London doesn’t go for quantity, only quality.  Only 17 recruits, two best at their defensive position in country and in top 5, and still snagging the 25th overall best class.  Go Wahoos.

3)      Geez.  UVA baseball preseason #1, 25th highest football recruiting class, and the basketball team is killing it.  But.  I have watched the games.  I will believe an upcoming Syracuse upset when I see it.  I WILL say that game will probably be like 49-45 and pretty painful to watch.  It won’t have the glamour of the Duke-Cuse game at all.

4)      Thoughts and prayers to Ted Agu’s family.  Ted was a defensive end for Cal who died today during a training run.  Much too young for that to happen.

5)      Not saying you should cancel happy hour or delay that road trip to the mountains or beach, but if you are sitting around right now, you really should be watching the Blazers-Pacers game.  Seriously.  Especially you East coast people who never get to see Portland.

6)      Bronson Arroyo found a taker, and one that puts pitching above all else traditionally.  Nice pickup by the DBacks picking him up for the usual these days overpriced contract of 2/23.  Must be nice to be a decent aging pitcher in that inflated sport.

7)      Inflated as far as salaries.  I LOVE baseball.

8)      Mike Woodson says that the Knicks season is “kind of a disaster.”  In related news, the sky is blue and the grass is green.  Just trade Melo and END it.

9)      Surprised by some UFC fighter named Silva being in the same sentence as “SWAT Team?”  Don’t be.  This is the third thing this year with him and his ex-wife.  I guess sending contract killing texts and putting a gun in her mouth was just not enough.  Don’t put him in jail for long, police.  I need a UFC Rant Squad member.

10)   And Rant Squad needs are FAR more important than locking people up.  Come on.

11)   I am not sure why ESPN thought I would care that the Memphis Grizzlies were giving away fake tattoos.

12)   Did I just see ANOTHER Kevin Costner movie commercial?  That dude has been busy and obviously ignoring all of our jokes about him (I got your back, Kevin-LOVE the baseball movies and No Way Out).  Also, Liam Neesom is playing the same old character on a PLANE?  How much money are we going to allow him to make without changing ONE thing as far as his character?  Can we put him in a southern movie so he at least has to mask his accent? Just saying.  Would that be a “anti-McConaughey?( making a southern guy hide HIS accent)”

13)   I am embarrassed.  It is in a different voice, but there has been a Mattress King commercial on the radio for months that quotes The Wiz from Seinfeld.  Nobody beats them.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjQKFoUdk4g

14)   Damian Lillard will compete THREE events at the NBA ASG.  For those of you who don’t understand the difference in skills needed to win the 3-pt shootout, the dunk competition, and the skills competition, tune in.  The dude COULD win all three.  The Skills is a team competition, so if the other dude is the thing that blows it for him, I will be ANGRY.

15)   COULD.  He will not win all three, but he will compete.  I think he could take the skills because he is good.  I think he could win the dunk contest because the audience always loves little guys (cue thousand try Nate Robinson).  The 3-pt shootout has too much competition.  Not going to happen.

16)   The Broncos signed Del Rio to a two year extension.  Makes sense.  They are basically saying “we will decide whether to phase YOU out once Peyton is done.”

17)   I say this all the time, but I truly get confused seeing women’s college scores on TV.  You are like “when the hell did UCONN become top 5????”

18)   What’s funny is that I thought of that hook when I read the headline “Nets beat Spurs,” but it doesn’t really make sense because WNBA teams are called totally different things.  DON’T get the parallel.  This is MY blog.  And a rant that gets a little out of control sometimes.  Tangents are king here.  Moving on.

19)   A-Rod has dropped the lawsuit against MLB and Selig.  So basically, the person whispering in his ear that he is wrong, a loser, and no one believes or likes him started YELLING those same things.  Good job, person.

20)   Wade Phillips says he thinks the Texans should take Johnny Manziel.  Thanks for the insight, Wade.  Listen, we ALL get his ability.  We are more worried he is going to end up like Joe Namath withOUT the Super Bowls but WITH the fur coats and drunken habits.

20a)  I just paused to tweet that.  Thought I made a funny.

21)   The A’s signed Coco Crisp for 2/23 today.  I don’t know WHEN it will happen, but I personally will be sad when MLB loses a guy named “Coco.”

21a)  Dammit.  Of course, that rings in my head a Seinfeld reference, spelled differently.


22)   Fisher says Winston will play two years.  WINSTON says he will play two years.  There are guys like Tim Duncan who stay all 4 years.  Raise your hand if you believe that their relationship is that solid.  I said raise them.  Oh.  No one?  Thought so.  Wait.  Two???  Wait a minute.  I told you, Jameis and Jimbo, that you couldn’t be in that survey.  You are silly.

23)   Oregon is a decent basketball team, but I watched enough of that Arizona-Oregon game last night to completely write off Arizona winning 6 straight games in March without Brandon Ashley.

24)   Wow.  Cincy’s win against UCONN was no gimme, but they win again.  Not buying in for anything better than a Sweet 16 team, but I am surprised.

25)   Wichita State, Syracuse, Florida, Michigan State.  This week’s Final Four.  If you are curious about two teams that will wreck your bracket, see “St. Louis” and “Creighton.”

26)   Kansas will put it together though I think.

27)   Did anyone notice that two weeks after I talked shit about Ohio State AND Wisconsin and their lack of total package, that they are now in “other receiving votes” in the AP Poll?  Look it up.  I don’t lie on purpose.

28)   Kiner.  You not only were a stud baseball player, but then younger people just knew your VOICE and not your playing background.  Pretty incredible, and happy trails.

29)   Crack on Bama all you want.  Bama giving that kid who can never play football again a scholarship is BEYOND classy.  Nice gesture, and another sign that Mr. Saban does things VERY right.

30)   I bet you Christian Ponder is glad he snagged up his woman when he did.  He will be a fantastic trivia question with a hot sport wife about 10 years from now.  Ponder THAT.

31)   OOOOHHH.  I like it.  Just like “ringwalled” and “bullocked,” what about “Ponder THAT?”  Noted.  Note that also, Mr. Royal.

32)   At least Steelers guys are honest outside of Big Ben raping chicks.  Ryan Clark just came clean and said NFL players need pot for pain.  That sounds like it should be the union slogan.  “PFP-pot for pain.”

33)   Magic Johnson promises to pitch LA for free agents next year.  He promises also not to carry a sheet of paper listing the present roster.

34)   The Cavs fired their GM this week.  They need to do SOMETHING.  Kind of tough figuring out how they are 16-33 in the Leastern Conference.

35)   In case you (like me) feel like making fun of the location or the sports, Deadspin was nice enough to release a “hater’s” guide to the Olympics.  http://deadspin.com/the-haters-guide-to-the-sochi-games-1517404335


36)   The Philly mayor says that his city would host the best Super Bowl.  I think…ummm….I had a joke but I am from there, so I will just move on.  It IS a cool city to say the least visually.

37)   “Welcome, Olympic athletes, to Sochi.  I believe our water is closest in color to what you call Orange Gatorade, yes?”


38)   While New Orleans fans are debating how hometown Anthony Davis didn’t make the All Star team, and while they are adjusting to the name Pelicans, they can start fielding names to their new sponsored arena….the Smoothie King Center.

39)   Lindsey is smart getting me to book vacations.  I procrastinate and procrastinate.  Then, after a few pops, she persuades me to book a flight to a city that happens to have an event.  After that, it is easy.  I sure as hell am not going to New Orleans on a flight without a hotel or fairgrounds tickets to Jazzfest.  That would just suck.

40)   Thank you if I read it right.  CBS has gotten the rights to the Thursday Night NFL Football Game?  That eliminates ONE thing I have to remember on Thursdays…the channel number of the NFL Network.  AND allows us to go out for the game to normal places if we want to.

41)   My favorite odd headline of the week.  “Spygate videographer’s Super Bowl ring hits auction.”

42)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed or at least are more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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