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In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Not on the clock.  Early evening Friday rant.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       And where will the next location for resident idiot J.R. Smith be?  We don’t know.  We just know that the Knicks snagging Tim Hardaway, Jr. in the draft pretty much gets rid of the need for THAT wildcard gunner.  Why don’t you play in Toronto where no one cares, J.R.?

2)      Ray Allen, James Jones, and Rashard Lewis all picked up their player options with the Heat.  Might as well ride that ride until the amusement park closes, right?  That puts the team VERY much in luxury tax territory, and might have them thinking amnesty for Mike Miller.  Shame.  Rashard Lewis turned out to be useless, James Jones was underused, and Mike Miller played pretty well.  And who do they have to cut?

3)      Denver people might not know who Erick Green is.  They should know the Nuggets did very well in the draft with limited picks.  They got Green in a trade for their first round pick.  Bottom line on the kid is this.  He can shoot and he can score.  He played on a bad Virginia Tech team in the quality ACC.  Everyone and their mother knew he was the only person on the team that could really score, and yet he still did do just that.

4)      Things are so much quieter and boring in the world now that Aaron Hernandez and Titus Young are locked up.

5)      We are slowly coming to the time when every single person on every plane will have WIFI.  I don’t want this.  One, it is my unable to be reached quiet time.  Two, it is my blogging time.  I don’t want to have to WORK on the plane.

6)      The Nets got Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett for not too much given up.  Suddenly, there are now 3.5 teams that will scare the crap out of the Heat next year.  The Bulls, Pacers, and Nets are the leaders, with the .5 going to the Knicks.  I think it is kind of cool that Pierce and Garnett get one more shot at another title together, and then can ride off in the sunset.  Check out THIS starting five.  Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Brook Lopez.  That is pretty solid.

7)      What to do, what to do with Rajon Rondo?  With the rest of the party gone, and him already being somewhat of a problem child, do you really think he has the patience to go through a REBUILDING process?  I would say that about 10% of him probably could, seeing that he could be THE man, but then the other part would kick in and remind him that assists come from other players who can put it in the basket.

8)      Rory McIlroy is feeling “a bit lost.”  Our deepest sympathies, bro.

9)      Turn on the radio.  Is Sister Sledge “We are Family” on?  No?  How about Boyz II Men, Kris Kross, or Sir Mix a Lot?  No?  Then this is WEIRD.  #1 MLB team in a couple power rankings around the way?  The Pittsburgh Pirates.

10)   A-Rod says he doesn’t know WHEN he might be back and he might not WANT to play.  Alex, why don’t you and Snowball  go have a one on one popularity contest to see who is the SECOND least popular athlete in the nation?

11)   Yup.  I have written about it since they announced it.  Actually, I was writing about it before paperwork was signed.  The opening gate record went down to Mayweather-Alvarez.  This fight is going to be simply DOPE.

12)   There is that “dope” word again.  Maybe I’M  back in 1992 listening to Sir Mix a Lot or Boyz II Men.

13)   David Stern talking smack to the people who boo him I still find KIND of funny.  We will miss the guy.

14)   The Red Sox fan who got stabbed by the Yankee fan a while back recently got $4.3 million.  The fan would probably prefer NOT to have severe scars and impaired vision and speech for the rest of his life, but he can buy some nice toys with that cash.  Nice Red Sox toys.

15)   Someone tell me how the “dynamic ticket pricing” goes at the University of Michigan.  It SOUNDS like a good idea, but let’s hope all of the loopholes and complaints have been thought out.  http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/9430582/michigan-sets-dynamic-ticket-prices-based-supply

16)   Sad to hear that ex Phils catcher Darren Daulton has 2 tumors in his head.  Thoughts and prayers, man.  Daulton was the catcher who ALMOST took the Phils to the promised land, and then got on the Marlins train in 1997 to win one with them.

17)   Thanks, Matt.  ANY excuse to post this picture. Ummm…I mean here is a link to a great interview with MMA fighter Ronda Rousey and if you can’t remember what she looks like, then I suppose I can help out.  I don’t give a shit if air brushing was involved.

18)   The hardest I have laughed in the last 48 hours was when Bill Simmons said about someone in the draft “Is he a poor man’s Greg Stiemsma, a rich man’s Greg Stiemsma, or…Greg Stiemsma?”  That is FUNNY.

19)   It is like Jason Kidd still looked like just an aging player even, and as SOON as he became a coach, he aged 5 years and looked “coach-like.”

20)   Congrats to CU’s Andre Roberson going in the draft, getting guaranteed money by going in the first round, AND going to the OKC Thunder where he won’t be rushed to develop.  Kid has the NBA body, can ball, and might end up being one of the biggest surprises of the draft.

21)   As I watch the Cleveland Cavaliers, I believe that every move they make is hoping that LeBron is coming back and they are just setting the table.  He does still have a house back there.  If he went back there, it would be like a married guy saying he wanted a separation and then going to town on some chicks for a couple years and then coming back and saying “hi.”

22)    Here is your interesting fact of the day that I know you were just DYING to know.  Murray State draftee Isiaih Canaan led the nation in points scored in the last 4 seconds of the shot clock.  Tell your friends. 1.2.

23)   Jamaal Franklin went FORTY ONE?

24)   Crabbe went in the SECOND ROUND?

25)   Withey went in the SECOND ROUND?  These mock drafts were worthless, but I can’t wait to read them again next year.

26)   Lance Armstrong says he still considers himself a Tour Champion.  He also would like to play Trivia Pursuit against Donald.  Moops.

27)   Andy Murray is now in the 4th round of Wimbledon.  With the guys that are out of the draw, you really only have to beat ONE badass, dude.  Don’t blow it.

28)   VERY cool of a store in the Boston area who is giving fans a chance to trade in their Aaron Hernandez jersey for any other one of equal or lesser value.

29)   Also VERY cool of the Chicago Blackhawks to put a FULL page ad in the Boston Globe to give dibs from the Hawks team to the Boston Bruins for their effort in the Finals.

30)   Dirk Nowitzki has reached out to Snowball.  Yeah.  I get it.  He is still is a huge 7’0” big man who can rebound and score like a freak of nature at times.  Or maybe he was offering free throw shooting lessons.

31)   Kyle Petty called out Danica as a marketing machine and not a driver.  I would stay away from this one if I was you, Kyle.  Slippery slope.

32)   That is it.  Cutting it off regular time as I need to go grab some food.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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