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OK.  I spend an extra 10 minutes it seems daily making sure I get exactly 11 hooks.  Moving forward, let’s just say I will do between 5 and 15 hooks.  I would like that ten minutes back.

Evening version, but since I had to skip gym today because of take home work, this will be usual during the week quick version.

Let’s turn and burn.


Tiger Woods won in old school convincing fashion this weekend.  He led wire to wire, and the gap was only two strokes because of a last hole bogey.  He appears to have it back…at least for this week.  He plays next week, and then will take off until the Masters.  Because Rory shot a final round 65 and tied for 8th, he wasn’t able to take over #1 in the world, but it would be pretty sweet to have a Masters win seal that honor also.  I have a good feeling I will be watching my 8 hours of weekend golf in April with El Tigre in contention (go out with the girls that weekend, Lindsey).


The Heat won their 18th straight.  Once again, you could argue that a team that was big inside might be able to take them in seven games, but you can look around in failure for that team.  Plus, if you are TOO big in the middle, then they can run you out of the gym.  The Melo injury will hurt Knicks chances if it lingers, and the Stoudemire surgery is a double whammy.  So, I guess that means all Heat haters are putting all of their eggs into the Indiana Pacer basket.  Not a bad basket to be in, but here is hoping that the Celtics can transfer their hate into health and skill level.  Plus, it would be a riot if Ray Allen left and then lost to his former team.


This isnt’ exactly Floyd Mayweather or Dwight Howard stupid, but it qualifies unfortunately.  Hey, Tom Crean.  You have the world in your palm.  Yes, you are correct that now Michigan assistant Jeff Meyer did indeed  contribute to wrecking your Indiana program, but there is no need after a WIN at their crib to confront, yell, and have to be restrained.  You are better than that.  He apologized today, and I am missing something.  You wouldn’t have a job at Indiana, Tom, if Jeff wouldn’t have “wrecked” it.


This is not the funniest thing I have ever seen, but I did catch myself chuckling a couple times.  It is short, it is dry witted, it has guitar background music, and it is worth taking a couple minutes of your time checking out.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wYfA1R1Wj0


Not about me.  I happened to be home Saturday night and thought I would check out who Saturday Night Live had on.  It was Justin Timberlake for the 5th time.  I am 40, so I have the old school ones in my dome.  That being said, this was one of the better ones I have ever seen.  Justin Timberlake is crazy talented whether you like his songs or not.  He is a gifted actor, respected among his peers, and when I think that he came from a laughable boy band, I think about there is no way that the most respected rapper gets on stage with a guy who came from the New Kids on the Block (Jay-Z did with Justin on Saturday’s show).  Here are a couple highlights.  Justin did Candle in the Wind about Chavez, and one line was “Chavez outlawed Coke Zero.”  They did a 5th time club, with Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and others making appearances.  Boom goes the dynamite.  They did a dating game, with Lonely Island’s Andy Samberg helping him out.  He was a singing, dancing Vegan food, complete with Ice Ice Baby.  He did a naughty skit, where he played this half naked dude being rolled in saying “Did someone say celebrate?”  My favorite segment on SNL, the news, had this line.  “Hooters trying to get women there by having salads is like you trying to get a girl to your sex dungeon by playing “Adele.”  Anyway, check it out.  Awesome 90 minutes.  By the way, the new female SNL girls are cuter and also prety damn funny.


There is a new Star Wars coming out?  With Mark Hamill?  With Harrison Ford?  With Carrie Fisher?  I am freaking excited.  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2488496/  They better not bring that irritating monster back.   What was his name?  Jar Jar Binks or something.


18.  Duke is 18-0 when Ryan Kelly is in their lineup.  Just saying.


Congrats, Bernard Hopkins.  You became the oldest fighter to win a major title (breaking your own record) by beating  then 19-0 Tavoris Cloud.  I am 8 years away from being 48, but you give me hope.  I didn’t see the fight, but the unanimous decision with detail about you circling and landing jabs sounds about right for your technically expert method.  Nice work, Bernard.


Indiana beat Michigan Sunday afternoon in a great game.  Trey Burke got his last thoughts on the POY race (the Fillerbuster’s vote goes his way), but it wasn’t quite enough.  I think you can book Michigan as a #2 seed, and Indiana as a #1.  How scary is the Big Ten?  The 5th place/ tied for third place/ future #2 seed finisher is…Michigan.  Wow.


You should really read that Michael Jordan article I mentioned in ESPN Mag.  I had NO idea about this, but do you know who is regarded as his best friend outside of family members?  In 1984, after being drafted, he got off the plane in Chicago, only to realize that the team didn’t send a driver to pick him up.  A young limo driver saw him and asked him if he could assist.  They are best friends to this day.  VERY cool, George Koelher.


The sinker is for Minnesota Vikings fans.  Hoping the team would stand strong in negotiations, the bottom fell out evidently  Today, Harvin was shipped to Seattle for a first round pick.  Great they got a first round pick, and losing a speedster in that run oriented offense is not good.  Hey, A.P.  Maybe you shouldn’t bet CJ2k just yet about yards this season.  If you had any doubts that you are going to be going against 8 in the box next season, this trade helps solidify that notion.

Going to watch directional schools get births in the tourney.  VERY fun week for bball fans.  It is foreplay for the dance.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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