I have perfect ear but Pitch Perfect sucks.


Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  No, not an airplane cast.  Sunday afternoon blog.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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  1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  I had a long Friday and Saturday night in Winter Park and drove back today.  So, to be honest, I don’t feel like talking to you at length.  My sports thoughts, some cool photos since this IS my Facebook, and I am out.  Need to watch the 100m also.
  2. Pretty heated volleyball match I am watching between USA and China.   Volleyball.  I have watched indoor volleyball in 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016.  Do the math.
  3. One sentence per hook moving forward.  Otherwise I will ramble knowing me.
  4. If I am a Cleveland sports fan, I am checking out the SI article on Uncle Naps…good stuff.
  5. Note that my new tagline/ nickname/ handle, “justmarkfiller,” is derived from a very fun day and me having to ride the ski lift by myself because others paired up and I was odd man out.
  6. No, Lindsey was not with me, as that alpine slide had done enough to her already.  linds-slideCapture
  7. I went twice and came away FAR from unscathed….far from it.
  8. I refused to get medical treatment because you had to fill out forms and I just kept saying “Can I JUST get some Neosporin PLEASE?”
  9. Someone PLEASE tell me that Stanton’s possible end of season does NOT mean A-Rod will have a new job.
  10. The USA men’s basketball team just keeps barely winning…we are LONG past you all going down in history as one of the best, so just get the gold and get OUT of Rio.
  11. For people NOT in the loop though, in fairness, they barely won against the three teams that have a pretty good starting lineup with some NBA players.
  12. I wonder if Ryan Lochte got robbed at gunpoint because they could recognize him because of his hair.  
  13. Even when he was telling the story, he sounds like a d-bag.
  14. And I make fun of him, but I would definitely get that look if knew Lindsey hated it so much…in a second.
  15. I dyed my hair one time, I thought I looked pretty smooth, but that was also 15 years ago.
  16. Good job, Justin Rose, but I am not in the corner of caring about golf in the Olympics.
  17. But DAMN Andy Murray brings energy to the tennis side of things.  
  18. I find it ironic and somewhat funny that there was a huge thunderstorm 5 minutes into A-Rod’s retirement ceremony.
  19. Lindsey actually ASKED to go to McDonald’s today, and of COURSE I jumped at THAT opportunity.
  20. She didn’t know what to get, and I got the same thing I have gotten for about 38 years…two cheeseburger meal no pickle.  
  21. I rode up with Lindsey to Winter Park, and I don’t NEED to play video games after riding with her driving in the mountains.
  22. In case you were losing sleep thinking about it, someone DID get a permanent tattoo of the stare of Phelps in the ready room before the semi’s of the 200 fly.  
  23. And I thought I had problems.
  24. I was in a mountain town so closer to the sky, I stayed up late and went to a clearing at about 2am, and STILL didn’t get to see the meteorites.
  25. So, I can’t go too deep since I am writing one sentence hooks, but I have just become the biggest fan of The Floozies in the last 24 hours and am VERY glad Lindsey bought us tickets when they come to town…wow.
  26. Funktrip is my favorite song thus far.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYEfhRHLLsM
  27. Funk Street…cut me some slack…I just became a fan.
  28. Your interesting fact of the day is that El Gose beer actually has WRITING on the bottom of their cans.
  29. Yes, I am beyond addicted to Instagram.
  30. Yes, I changed my handle on Instagram to “justmarkfiller.”
  31. I have decided I don’t like any restaurant without immediate access to hot sauce and them treating hot sauce like salt…or pepper.
  32. Not sure what I meant on my list with “Chad-Shoop-no royalties song named after him.”
  33. It was amazing watching the prelims of the 100 the other day, and so excited to see if Bolt can go out on top tonight in one event at least.
  34. I think he will, but his prelims had him looking a little rusty.
  35. And tell your friends he is NOT doing a lightning bolt symbol when doing that post race thing.  
  36. I am starting to understand marriage…letting her decide things that don’t make or break my day…just makes things…smoother.
  37. The funny thing about Papelbon asking for HIS release is that everyone in society today probably wishes for a release from any story on Papelbon…ever.
  38. You people take your naps, as I love showers and hot tubs to brighten my tough recovery day.
  39. I hung out with 9 people this weekend who all know my Indian name is Two Cat Mark, and know my Indian gang sign.
  40. I am about to meet Lindsey’s gramps in a couple weeks, observed conversations with him and family members, hear he doesn’t like many people, and am pretty sure he might be like my mom’s side Granpa.
  41. If you feel like you expected a picture in this blog but didn’t get it, I note again my addiction to Instagram.
  42. So, I didn’t feel like packing my Roland (Louis), I received a Korg from a bar regular like 15 years ago, grabbed it to have SOMETHING to play, and the thing worked AMAZINGLY.
  43. I am still rusty, but have perfect pitch/ ear, Pancho.
  44. I do NOT have perfect pitch, but kind of was bossy about how I did Friday…whoops.
  45. The phone app that pops up charades topics is my new favorite group game.
  46. When playing Cards Against Humanity with Avery, just…expect to lose.
  47. She is impossible to predict on answers, but can read you like a book.
  48. …although she DID lose on my pick with a stellar card (only black guy in Aspen).
  49. I have decided as of today that being the last person to stay up was cool in my 20’s, but not necessary in my 40’s.  Less showers and hot tubs needed the next morning.
  50. Hey, crew, I was unaware the unwatched plate of sausage on Saturday morning was one for EACH of us…my bad…I ate a couple people’s…
  51. I forgot how good Leftover Salmon was, and tried to overlook how many years I have been watching them at random concerts.
  52. I honestly just meant to TEXT you about Salmon, Ross, but thanks for always answering, sir.
  53. Can’t wait to have another ridiculous voicemail battle NEXT week, Lee H.  
  54. It was made fun of a little this weekend, but VERY true one of my favorite things in life is corn on the cob, and something I REFUSE to eat is corn NOT on the cob.
  55. By the way, does every state think THEY have the best corn?
  56. I remember Jersey corn.
  57. Of course, Iowa corn.
  58. I heard about MICHIGAN corn this weekend.
  59. Chad and his woman left VERY fast this morning (and they don’t have to work tomorrow), but thanks for leaving your liquor…my belly thanks you.
  60. Not event he cheap stuff.  bullit BLOG
  61. I don’t think automatic cat feeders should run on batteries, OR they should have a battery tester attached to them.
  62. Jackson was only slightly mad.  j tree
  63. No one played Frisbee with me, and it is true I am sad when I am in open space and no one plays Frisbee with me.
  64. I am aware that there is less sports in this blog…relax…I didn’t have a lot of TV time in the last two days.
  65. FSU has an incredible defense and is stacked at skill positions, but I still feel Sean MaGuire can’t miss any IMPORTANT games.
  66. I am pretty sure Sam Bradford is not sending Carson Wentz any get well cards.
  67. And Chase Daniel doesn’t care at all about anything with the contract HE just signed.
  68. I noticed during the Michael Vick chess special that he doesn’t castle at all, meaning I can still destroy him even though he is all about chess these days.
  69. Love that game.  
  70. Yes, I take all challengers and WILL play for money.
  71. Lindsey’s mom can dance.
  72. Lindsey’s mom went to the concert last night with me.
  73. Lindsey’s mom even says the gramps guy I am meeting in two weeks is cooler than her.
  74. Lindsey still falls for my acting 1 out of 3 times when I say “Hey, can you hold this” when I just am holding an empty cup or some other item that needs to go in the trash.
  75. IN most scenarios we hate when people retire, unretire, retire, etc., but I think we ALL don’t care how many times Michael Phelps flips flops on what he is doing in four years.  
  76. I am never sure whether my neighbor drinks or not, because her deep NYC accent makes her always sound drunk.
  77. I know it was a long weekend, but I think my boy, Pancho, still got a little angry about me making fun of the Pitch Perfect movie.
  78. Which is kind of funny considering we were complaining about perfect pitch the night before-lol.
  79. Pics.
  80. Hey, ladies.  ladies good BLOG
  81. Avery and I just get along.  Avery me GANGSTA BLOG
  82. The crew.  crew BLOG
  83. The weapons for Friday.  weapons BLOG
  84. The crew again.  crew BLOG2
  85. This was the crew actually before things got going Friday.  crew early natural BLOG
  86. This was our sales meeting on Friday.  sales meeting BLOG
  87. On the fly pic during the drive.  mountains drive BLOG
  88. Another one.  co drive BLOG
  89. Leftover Salmon.  co drive 3 BLOG salmon blog
  90. Great mix of rock and bluegrass.
  91. Hey, ladies.  girls BLOG
  92. Amy not fired up.  amy BLOG
  93. But, there is a reason why I call her Wildfire.  amy BLOG21
  94. Salmon.  salmon far BLOG
  95. My lady and I.  me linds BLOG
  96. Two Cat Mark is leveraging cats so he can get a Boerbel just so everyone knows.  
  97. But I can just do a wolf too, Lindsey.  wolf BLOG
  98. Crew.  crew blog2A
  99. Crew.  CREW blog2B
  100. Crew.  CREW blog 2C
  101. Love this guy…Pancho.  ME PANCHO blog
  102. He even meets new people with the Predator arm wrestle move.  PANCHO MATT blog
  103. Avery is the shit.  me avery BLOG
  104. This is the guy who left me bourbon.  chad BLOG
  105. Him and his woman pics since I told him I refuse to post on FB.  chad cailtin BLOG
  106. caitlin chad BLOG
  107. And finally, if you don’t have the bandwidth outside, just do it INSIDE.  cornhole BLOG
  108. I plan on recording my PPT presentation for bringing back cargo shorts and flip flops (not for me) for my CEO this week.
  109. Love how they put synchronized diving on while making me wait for the 100m final.
  110. I had a feeling when I left the crew today that they were staying the night.  They are.
  111. In my daily financial report, Bryan Szabatura still owes my $40 and I still owe Vince R. Sr. a beer from a ways back.
  112. No prizes today, Rudy/ Marty.  
  113. Like the green color of the Rio diving pool, I am now OUT of here.
  114. What did one shepherd say to the other shepherd?  Let’s get the flock OUT of here.  
  115. That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.
  116. Greg, I wrote this long blog in literally 37 minutes.  46 minutes TOTAL with pics.  
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