I have decided to leave blogging to pursue a rap career. My name will be MF iLLa.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Not on the clock.  Old format.  Airplane rant.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)      The Knicks beat the Pacers last night to make the series 3-2.  They were at home, the Pacers are the better team, and they all are done for the year in Game 6.  Keep in mind the Pacers also played without George Hill in last night’s game, who spent the night in a darkened bathroom from a concussion.  He brings the experience and winning from the Spurs to really make that team go, and his absence really hurt them.  The Knicks won, but Melo had his standard 28 shot attempts, and zero assists.  That is not a long term/ championship formula, bro.

2)      The Spurs ended up showing who was boss last night against the Warriors.  Congrats to the Warriors on a great run this year in the playoffs.  The shots had to stop falling like they were at some point.  We got the better team without a doubt from the series, and the best team in that part of the bracket for the conference finals.  The Nuggets really couldn’t have done anything when the Warriors were in this zone, and that zone ended about two games early in this series. Had David Lee been totally healthy, this is still where the road would have ended.

3)      David Beckham has announced he will retire after this year’s season.  He is pretty much going out on his own terms, and you have to hand it to the guy.  He won in his league on the other side of the ocean, and then won it all the last time he was on American soil.  He has accolades in his profession, is still playing well, has movies, has money, and  a hot wife.  I would say he played his cards right overall for this phase of his life, and even succeeded somewhat in globalizing soccer to a point.

4)      The Clippers apparently are looking at brining Vinny Del Negro back for their head coach.  That is fine to retread that guy, but 10:1 says they will be asking Chris Paul what HE thinks about anyone they are about to ink.

5)      Rays pitcher David Price has gone on the DL.  The Rays can’t catch a break with their pitchers’ health.  Considering the quality of teams in that division (even the ones underachieving), you need everyone you can get.

6)      Mario Williams is suing his ex for the $785k engagement ring he bought her.  It must be nice to be able to deal out that kind of money even for people you end up hating.  That is a MAGICAL amount of money to me.

7)      Keegan Bradley shot a 60 at the Byron Nelson to be leading round 1.  That is pretty sick.  That is a weird name-Keegan.  When I looked up the meaning last night, I found it to mean “thinker, fiery, form of Hugh.”  Who the hell is Hugh, and how is that a form of it?

8)      Alex Ovechkin apparently played with a hairline fracture in the last two games in their playoff series.  That is impressive, Alex.  If we already weren’t fed up with your complaints about the reffing in a series which you dropped the final deciding game by five goals, I think I would be MORE impressed with your Kellen Winslow impression.

9)      David Garrard might be asked by the Jets to help mentor the QB’s now that he is retired from the Jets.  Yeah, like anyone wants any part of that circus.  He should run away from this offer like Forrest Gump on Red Bull.

10)   Gronk will undergo a fourth surgery on his arm soon.  Let me ask you a question regarding science and surgeries.  Do you let the same guy do the operation, thinking at this point he knows that arm the best from the last three surgeries…or do you get a guy who might actually do it so you require no more surgeries?

11)   ESPN will get TV rights in 2015 for the US Open.  This is a good pull for the network.  Now, if we can only figure out what American will actually be good enough to watch over the next ten years once Serena retires.

12)   It is Preakness time.  I am saying Goldencents this time (again), with Orb not doing well in this race.  I find it hard to consider anyone an overwhelming favorite, and no one has won from the #1 slot since the seventies.  Not anything against your speed, Orb…just your unlucky starting position.

13)   A Florida football assistant has called Nick Saban the devil himself.  You can call him an asshole.  You can call him the devil.  I would just make sure you also include that he is “also the guy kicking everyone’s ass.”

14)   The Chargers are interested in Dwight Freeney..  Interesting and kind of dumb that they would change their whole defense, run a 4-3, and do this all for a 34 year old rusher who is past his prime.  Philip’ River’s lack of any success overall has really made you all mad and delirious, hasn’t it?

15)   I know we ALL are VERY excited about the “replay expansion” that might occur in MLB in 2014. Longer games, slippery slope, etc.  Sounds fancy in a sport that I would like to keep as traditional as it has always been.

16)   They might bring in Nolan Ryan’s son in Houston to take over.  Do whatever you have to do.  You sure as hell can’t have anyone else do a WORSE job than what is going on presently.  Their rebuilding project is first seeing how LOW it can go to make improvements look THAT much better.  I can see someone saying four years from now “Holy smokes.  We are .500!!!  Remember where we WERE?”  Kid Ryan won’t have seven no-no’s on his resume, but the family spirit and love of baseball will be there.

17)   Didn’t we just have the X Games?  Oh, they do that summer/ winter thing?  It still feels like we just had them.  I can’t figure out what there is more of.  X Games or UFC fights.

18)   Dirk Nowitki will take a pay cut next year so they might be able to bring in some help around him.  That is classy.  That is also a guy who knows his window is about 1-2 years best case.

19)   In Phil Jackson’s new book, Phil says that Michael Jordan was more charismatic than Kobe Bryant.  I don’t need your book to tell me that, Phil.  Kobe just comes OFF as an ass.

20)   Missy Franklin will graduate high school.  This is supposed to be a highlight of her life, but somehow I think all of that traveling and winning Olympic medals over the best women swimmers in the world MIGHT be ranked a little higher.

21)   Chris Kluwe signs with the Oakland Raiders.  Well, for what he voices to the media about, he sure is in a more welcoming part of the country.

22)   The Cubs have signed Anthony Rizzo long term.  People in Chicago are even Googling him, and now just eight more positions to get you there.

23)   Michigan head coach Brady Hoke says that Notre Dame is chickening out by not wanting to play him in scheduling negotiations.  Listen, Brady.  ND doesn’’t have a whole lot of wiggle room after you take in account the games against the service academies.

24)   I wonder how many “imaginary/ made up” Manti Te’o jokes pop up at Chargers’ practice daily.

25)   Former NFL WR Jimmy Smith apparently is not being very constructive in retirement.  And, I actually though he was one of the good guys.  Jimmy got busted for drugs and weapons, giving him a 6 year sentence.  You and Titus Young will make one HELL of a WR tandem for the inmate/ cell block team.

26)   A Blackhawks female fan didn’t leave after going into early labor while at the game and got interviewed on ESPN for it.  The game was a blowout is the part of the equation I don’t get.  Close game?  Ok.  In a blowout, I am going to lean towards the hospital if I am her.

27)   Collin Klein was not signed by the Texans after working out for them.  Poor guy.  There are all of these read options these days, but no room for a large slow one.  And Collin can actually throw the ball (shut up, Tebow).

28)   Hawaii remains the Rainbows.  I wasn’t even aware there was a debate.  If there are further discussions on this, please have me come over to you all personally and talk to you face to face.  Damn, I want to go there to visit so bad.

29)   Mich St. WR Jay Harris decides to follow his rap career instead of pursuing dreams in the NFL.  I hope you had a LOT of experts listen to your tracks, because catching balls in the NFL can’t be that bad of a gig if you are good enough.  Plus, all of these multiple formations give a team more of an advantage with lots of depth at the position.

29a) I once went to a Six Flags amusement park and did that whole, old school insert your singing into a song in a booth, and you got to keep the tape.  I did Ice Ice baby, and my…it was HORRIBLE.  Beyond horrible.  On beat as I do have rhythm, but just doesn’t work with my voice.  I still have it AND a tape player around for laughs.

30)   The ACC is looking at playing some of its games at Madison Square Garden.  See, the bright side of having the Cuse and Panthers in our league continues to shine brighter.  Don’t let the door hit you in the ass, Maryland.

31)   I have really gotten good at this typing with my computer almost fully closed thing.

32)   The Dr. J special is getting closer.  Can’t wait for June 10th.

33)   When we went to sushi the other night (not MY idea obviously and there was considerable menu research to make sure they had steaks, pasta, etc.), I actually read some ingredients in one that sounded good.  After being egged on by my co-workers, I tried it.  The Typhoon.  It was pretty damn awesome, and I had 3 of them.  Considering I have about 10 sushi bites total in my lifetime and none in the last 10 years or so, that was a huge step.

34)   Chargers Melvin Ingram tore his ACL in practice.  Yes, this is REAL, Manti.

35)   Pitcher Matt Moore is very quietly 7-0 with the Rays.

36)   Sad story about the 42 year old who was dribbling a soccer ball from Seattle to Brazil, and got hit by pick up truck and died.   I would like to do something crazy like that.  Sounds fancy.  I am not sure how bills get paid why I am gone, but it sounds fancy.

37)   Joe Theisman was a keynote speaker at the conference I just attended.  He was REALLY good.  He told a couple stories that made me laugh.  Here are two of them.  Joe was going to be a speaker at a black tie affair.  He was very full of himself that night.  He ordered dinner and got a steak, potatoes, and one pat of butter.  He then turned around to the worker behind him and asked for more butter.  The kid said no.  Joe said “do you KNOW who I am?  I am Joe Theisman.”  The kid replied “Do you know who I am?”  Joe said no.  The kid said “I am the guy who is in charge of the butter.”  Humbling.  The other story dealt with how fear can motivate you.  After joking about his 40 time being faster than 5.0 if Reggie White was chasing him, he told us he stayed at this hotel, and the shortcut to the diner was through a graveyard.  He fell in a hole, could not get high enough to claw his way out, and knew no one would come into a graveyard at night if they heard a voice.  Therefore, he slept.  Thirty minutes later, another guy fell in to the hole.  After the guy clawed for a bit, Joe surprised him and said “Yeah, I couldn’t make it either.”  Beyond startled that a live voice was in a grave yard hole, the guy jumped higher than Joe could even imagine and ran out of the hole.

38)   Whether they are what they used to be a few years ago, I have a feeling that the Wings will make Chicago go to 6 or 7 games to knock them out.  It should be a good series.

39)   Tennis player Andy Murray is doubtful for the French Open.   The rest of the world’s players are stoked as there might be an opening in the perennial Nadal, Djokovic, Federer, Murray semi final slate.

40)   James Harrison spends $400k on his body each year.  That is ridiculous.  I guess he is not just relying on the old Herschel Walker home workout, aye?

41)   Luke Donald finally got his prize cow he won in some crazy foreign tournament.  Yes.  He won a cow.  No word on whether the winner is supposed to suddenly have a pet cow or eat the damn thing.

42)   Chelsea wins, and I thought that league was over a LONG time ago.

43)   Coach K-more than $9k last year according to tax returns.  Four championships, 11 Final Fours, and a lifetime contract will do that for you.

44)   Devonte Fields is a not too bright DE for the TCU Horned Frogs.  He recently got suspended for two games for violating team rules.  Good job, Devonte.  If you looked at your schedule, I see that LSU is first on the list.  Way to hamper your optimistic goals this season for your team.

45)   Goodbye, DC.  Thanks for the nice week in your crib.  I like you, but don’t love you, but work will have me back soon.

46)   That is it for the airplane rant.  Now, just landing, home, and posting.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a clown question, bro.

47)   Actually, I will not be blogging tomorrow.  Just a tagline.  I am getting out of town tomorrow with Lindsey and going to my ghetto theme park literally on top of a mountain in the Rockies.  You look down in LINE and get a little nervous.

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