I had determined to go as far as declaring in abstruse and puzzling utterances the future causes of the “common advent” (what is THAT predicting?)

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On a semi-clock.  I am not in a rush, but don’t feel like spending too much of Friday evening blogging either.  Besides, I guess Lindsey is just waiting for me to be done, so I suppose I kind of AM on the clock.

Let’s turn and burn.

1)  VERY cool that the NFL is doing a moment of silence before every game this week.  I said it a couple days ago and I will say it again.  The guy invented a colorful way for us to rewatch games, and made it feel as much like we were at the game as was possible for back in the day.

2)  Here we go.  Showing true colors as he always does unfortunately for his fans, if he has any outside the state of Tennessee, Titans RB Chris Johnson is blaming is lack of production on his blocking.  Keep THAT shit in the locker room, bro.  Even if it IS the blocking, you are not making any friends on the line to give that extra effort on blocks.  And I thought that I didn’t have many friends.  That dude will be an island the way he is going.

3)  I have had two consecutive days of bad drive home music. I listened to China Girl by David Bowie today for Pete’s sake.  Lack of other options.  I guess at some point I should join the 1990’s/ 2000’s and get Sirius, an iPod thingy, an actual iPod if I am going to that method, a fixed CD player, or even a fixed TAPE player.

3a)  My lone bright spot was yesterday when I decided that Ramble On by Led Zeppelin is legitimately one of the greatest songs ever written…for you younger people: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKVp-atyiVA

4)  Talk about a vehicle that lost some weight last night, the Cam Newton train had some people jump off last night.  That game was ugly on their side.  Missing reads and receivers.  I am still a believer that he will be a solid QB, but it is like a MLB batter getting his second at bat against the latest and greatest prospect.  Defenses WILL adjust, and those numbers he put up last year will still be a tough test to get.

4a)  Did you SEE him jump over the line for a touchdown?  Wow.  He got UP.  I get that lineman are much bigger and taller, but I am still confused why the NFL teams have stopped doing that.  I don’t see the stats are SO much better without doing it to persuade the coaches not to try it out every once in a while.

4b)  Odd stat.  Panthers RB DeAngelo Williams is one of two rushers in the history of the NFL history to average over 5 yards per carry for their career.  Jim Brown (5.2) and Williams (5.1).  This stat comes with an asterisk, because we are throwing out Bo Jackson since he only played 4 years (do you remember that this dude had a 4.12 40?  CRAZY SHIT) and I am assuming that Chris Johnson is out of the conversation because of his last season and two games.  Tell your friends.  DeAngelo Williams.

4c)  These injuries could be the best thing that could have happened to the Giants.  Not only does the world and fantasy football owners know who Barton and Brown are now, but they will have experience should injuries happen again to the starters during the playoffs.

4d)  Speaking of yards per carry,  and I know it has only been two games, but anyone notice that Pierre Thomas is averaging 9.77 YPC and CJ Spiller is at a slacking 10.03 clip?

4e)  Sometimes Panthers WR Steve Smith says dumb stuff, but sometimes his abrasiveness is the needed thing.  Case in point.  He ripped Cam Newton for sulking after being taken out in the fourth quarter for Derek Anderson, when he should have been cheering and learning.  I like it, Steve.  As the band Ratt would say, Lay it Down.

5)  I just watched the Seinfeld that has Serenity Now exclamations.  I think when I get stressed out at work, I am going to start saying Hoochie Mama to confuse people and see if anyone but my other loyal Seinfeld watcher on the other side of the wall gets it.



6)  Billy Gillispie resigned from his Texas Tech basketball coaching gig.  Here is an odd parallel.  Billy literally took what Jim Calhoun has done over the last 15 years, and crunched it into a 4 month span, without the 3 championships.

7)  Did you hear that Eagles RB LeSean McCoy, when asked about the state of the replacement refs, said that a ref actually told him on the field that he had him on his fantasy team and he hoped he played well?

8)  Steve Young sounded angry and disconnected when talking about how the NFL head guys “don’t care” about the replacement refs messing things up because ratings are good.  I could have gone either way on that comment, but as the days have gone by, I think he is right.  They might not care at all.

8a)  Which is WHY they released some bogus statement/ letter to teams talking about conduct on the field with the refs and how everyone should behave.  Nice.  I almost thought you cared for a second.

9)  Tiger has become a bipolar golfer.  Yesterday he looked like Tiger of old.  Old school fans like me get all excited (less these days), and then he drops a bomb 73 today, taking him 6 shots back going into the weekend and reminding us that he is FAR from back.  He is decent, but not back.

10)  Another one bites the dust.  Superstar Ovechkin now has signed with an overseas team during the NHL lockout.  This thing ain’t happening, people.  Yes, Woody Paige, I took the artistic liberty of using that ain’t, even though I know it is wrong grammar.

11)  If there was a bet about which two teams would clinch MLB playoff berths first this year, only Nostrodamus would have nailed them.  I was closer than some people.  I have been on the Nationals bandwagon for a good year and a half (documented in HERE by the way), but no way I would have said they would have clinched second…after the Reds.

11a)  I remember being a kid and being entranced about Nostradamus specials.  My mom brainwashed me on that guy.  We made jokes about the blue guy in the suit coming in 1999 or something like that.  Anyway, I don’t really read his stuff anymore, but he is a nice rant reference to throw out here and there.

11b)  Very cool for the DC area.  Take out the up 95 North Orioles, and this will be the first playoff baseball team in that area since 1933.  Enjoy it, people.  Remember the Fillerbuster has had your back for years.

12)  RGIII talked about the Rams cheap shots in the game.  DUDE.  You are at the top of the world right now.  You have a viral action verb played off your last name.  You were the first rookie to win the first Offensive Player of the Year ever.  Lay low and off the mic.  Your stock can only go down if you talk.  It is like those “face guys” we designated in our fraternity.  They could only jack it up by talking to girls.

13)  Florida ATLANTIC DE Cory Henry said his opponent could be beaten and that they weren’t unstoppable.  Sure, they can, Cory.  But not by you.  He was talking about ALABAMA.  Dude, take off the game, and head to Colorado.  The Furtherfest is in town.  I am sure you can get high and make other crazy comments like that up there.

14)  Keeping with the spirit of Chris Johnson and idiots everywhere, (no team) QB Vince Young has said that his financial problems are the fault of his advisers.  Yeah, dude.  I am sure that was it.  Take what you have, go drink a bottle of whiskey, go to a strip club, and get in trouble.  Join my Rant Squad.  There hasn’t been a lot of action from them in the last month.  I will let you in on only TWO arrests if you bring me the printed out copy of your Wonderlic results.  Frame it, too.  I am not paying for that shit.

15)  I can’t WAIT for the World Cup in two years.  I so hope I am there.  Check this out.  A soccer player in Iran was clearing the field of debris the fans had thrown on the field.  In throwing things off the field, one of the things he picked up was a live grenade.  Luckily, he tossed it before it exploded, it didn’t hurt anyone, and therefore I can make a jovial hook about it as opposed to talking about a tragedy.  Yay.

16)  Groundhog Day re-impresses me every time I catch some of it on TV.  It is such a simple movie to be both funny AND make the viewer think about what THEY would do in that situation.

17)  BEST story of the week in my opinion by FAR.  A high school player ranked in the top 300 had his 5th concussion in his last game in high school.  The kid was supposed to go play line at FSU.  He was told that he was done playing football because of the head injuries.  Head coach at FSU had a meeting with his coaches and administration, and then called the kid to let him know they would still give him the scholarship even though he couldn’t play football anymore.  Class-y.

18)  PROGRESS.  SLOW PROGRESS.  It was a small blurb, but it was still a blurb.  Manny Pacquiao has come out and said he doesn’t care if Mayweather gets a bigger split. Read that, drop the bogus drug concern you have, and FIGHT him, Floyd.  I SO want that fight.

19)  YES.  He READS my blog.  After blogging EVERY day to you all, and probably irritating you about how bothered I am that a suspended player can win the batting title, he reads my blog and gives in.  Melky relinquished and DQ’d himself today.  I have new respect for you, well, aside from the fact that you were still cheating in the supposedly non-roid era.

20)  Jets coach Rex Ryan is so funny.  He just does all this off the beaten path stuff to entertain us.  Guarantee Super Bowls, make jokes about Tim Tebow, being on Hard Knocks, taking his team to leadership training, and now this.  He has brought in a “sleep specialist” to help his players maximize their amount and quality of rest.  You are SO funny, man.

21)  College picks.  I am at the end of my time, so no explanations-just my picks.  Give me a pissed off Michigan State minus 32 against Eastern Michigan, Central Michigan plus 15 against Iowa, West Virginia minus 26.5 against Maryland, Georgia minus 16 against Vandy, Kansas plus 9 against Northern Illinois, Auburn plus 20.5 against LSU, and Michigan plus 5 against Notre Dame.

22)  That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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