I guess I have the same curiosity level as years ago with the tiger in the bathroom.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

On the clock.  New format.  Let’s turn and burn.

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I had to reach.  I admit it.  I know pretty much where EVERYONE in the NBA went to school/ came from.  It is in my blood, mostly due to me being a college basketball junkie to the core.  Anyway, I had to reach deep to pull it…first as knowing it was out west, then knowing it was Pac-12, and then finishing before the buzzer ran out with “UCLA!”  What is the question, you ask?  Who the heck is going to replace Blake Griffin if his injury is for real.  Hollins and Ronny Turiaf (Gonzaga by the way) will somehow have to handle Zach Randolph as the Clippers are now down 3-2 after losing last night, and losing Griffin possibly.  Amazing how that part of the bracket went from the scariest to injury ridden, with Westbrook going out and Blake hobbled.


The Warriors came back down to earth a little (except for Harrison Barnes at the beginning) and the Nuggets rolled at home.  As expected.  You CAN’T shoot that well over a long span, and now it comes down to one game.  I say one game because there is no way a game 7 will be lost by Denver IN Denver.  The Warriors have one more shot to wrap this up.  And I know that Mark Jackson MUST complain because he is the opposing coach, but the Nuggets weren’t being dirty last night.  They just simply learned how to slow down a hot shooter in PLAYOFF style basketball.  The Nuggets played fine and legal.  Think Kurt Rambis, Dale Davis, and Horace Grant…and you think playoffs.


Dortmund beat Real this week to advance to the CL final.  How long IS this freaking league, and if is like the final of the division or something, stop telling me about it.


Random 1:  The Hangover Part III will be funny I am assuming, but I ALREADY feel bad for the damn giraffe just from the previews.

Random 2: The PGA Tour will not penalize golfer Vijay Singh for his use of deer antler spray.  I suppose because the dude is so skinny and so old at this point.  He has enough problems in post prime golf.

Random 3:  Bama QB A.J. McCarron will drive the pace car at Talledega.  Not a bad life this guy has.  He dates a model, he drives pace cars, and he wins championships.

Random 4:  Basketball player Skylar Diggins did the Twitter journal on ESPN last night.  I didn’t read her tweets.  This hook is simply saying she is smoking hot.


“Omaha Beef indoor team offers Tim Tebow contract.”  There you go, man.  Maybe you can QB at last.  We could call you “TeBOWomaha!”  Or “Timmy Omaha.”  Or…never mind.


Buster 1:  Lindsey and I are very similar to Jeff/ Puddy and Audrey on Rules of Engagement.  Last night, there was a simple example.  “Mark, I thought you LIKED New Girl (I had left the room to do random other stuff).”  “Lindsey, by “like” I meant I can tolerate it.”

Buster 2: I watched the season finale of The Following last night.  The ending once again was far more creative and abrasive than I expected, but the whole fight in the cabin before the explosion was SO cheesy.  I thought that FBI chick would live too.


Jags WR Justin Blackmon gets suspended for 4 games for PED use.  Forget the suspension, and forget all of his past problems.  I am not saying that they WILL do it, but if he misses those games, the team technically can get out of paying his $10 million of guaranteed money.  Must be nice to not worry about 10 mil and go do illegal stuff.


Lakers Snowball says “I deserve to be happy.”  I have carefully reworded his quote into what it should say.  “I deserve to not have any microphones in front of me and instead be whacked over the head repeatedly with a baseball bat until I swear to never approach a microphone again…and to be sent to Milwaukee or Toronto.”  Kupchak is only “hopeful” of Snowball’s return because he is like one of three true, big, semi skilled in the entire NBA right now.


J.R. Smith says that “the series is over if I play game 4.  See above in “Buster Line,” you idiot.

That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN (.344, 9, 18, .430) question, bro.  Peace.

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