I found a reason to rant…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day rant.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Congrats to swimmer Diana Ayad, who swam for two straight days and raised money for charity.  My first question would not be about whether she just went when she had to go.  My first question would address the people who sat on the side of the pool and WATCHED her swim.  Sounds like pretty exciting stuff all around.

2)      It doesn’t matter how haters TRY to spin it.  The fact of the matter is this.  The SEC has won the last SEVEN BCS Championships and presently has EIGHT teams in the Top 25.  Those are the facts.

3)      While everyone is trying to figure out if Michael Vick has lost his starting job on the Eagles, I will continue to just carry both guys on my fantasy team.  Just tell me before kickoff, Chip.  I still am drinking the Kool-Aid with your speed system.

4)      How smart is it looking THIS week that the Packers let Greg Jennings go away to their rival of all people?  With Cobb AND Jones both hurt this week, I assume Donald Driver has a ringing phone while trying to take a nice retirement nap.

5)      The Chiefs are 6-0.  The Broncos are 6-0.  This is the first time since 1934 that two teams in the same division are unbeaten this late in the season.  Neat stat.  Tell your friends.

6)      I won’t be having kids, but if I did, I think the name Wolfgang would definitely be in the running.

7)      Cheaterpari is quietly NOT having his usual recruiting year.  He let another highly rated recruit get away as Kelly Oubre committed to Kansas.  So, not only does Kansas have the #1 recruit at that position, but they are set when Wiggins leaves after a year as Oubre can simply slide in there.  Nicely done, Bill Self.

8)      Carmelo took a chance by not having surgery in the offseason.  Word is that this year he might consider also taking a chance by actually passing the ball to a teammate at some point during a game.

9)      Brickleberry is a very funny show.

10)   Blacklist is a solid new show out that I hope you are watching.  It is early.  You can easily catch up still.

11)   No word on whether the small conglomerate of fans BOOING Matt Schaub and his injury were simply a group that just moved from Philly.

12)   David Ortiz hit a grand slam to win the game for the Red Sox.  Nice to see the one guy from the old school winning Red Sox still chipping in when it counts.

12a)  Ortiz being the hero is like 2004 all over again.  Bust out the Hoobastank.

13)   I have always had respect for the city of Boston, its history, and the knowledgeable fans that live in the city.  That being said, they took a HUGE hit in my book by trying to beat traffic last night.  They missed a hell of an ending in that Pats game.

14)   Maybe I am just delirious.  Maybe I am too much of an optimist.  But Redskins fans seem a LOT sadder than Pittsburgh fans these days.  I look at the standings and just see two games back and know that anything can happen.  They look at their standings in an also subpar division and get downright depressed.

15)   I also say “well, it was JUST the Jets…”

16)   I am on the record officially once again by saying the Redskins are JUST a freaking sports team nickname that is being blown suddenly way out of proportion.

17)   I know you might be decompressing from a pretty good weekend of football, but start looking ahead already.  This Clemson-Florida State game is going to be awesome next weekend.

18)   I was going to tell my colleague, Bob, that his UCLA team might be looking like it has a shot in larger goals for the year.  Then, I looked at their schedule over the next two weeks.  At Stanford.  At Oregon.  Wow.  Ugghhh.  Have a blast with that.

19)   Browns fans are happy today as the team announced that Brandon Weeden will remain the starting QB.  I am joking of course.  Not about him starting.  About the fans being happy.

20)   Kevin Durant will try to distribute the ball more this year, especially with Russell Westbrook out initially.  You should try that some time, Melo.  I know it would feel weird, but you might get used to it someday.

21)   Florida not only lost to LSU but also lost their starting RB for the year.  They are not having what you would call a lucky year.

22)   Because this rant focuses on NASCAR, I wanted to tell you that MWR will only carry two teams next year due to a lost sponsor.  What a shame.

23)   That is it.  Gotta go.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  peace.

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