I explain both their anger AND their extinction in this rant.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Evening rant.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  I appreciate you joining me.  Quick.  Guess who has the longest winning streak in the AFC?  Think about it.  Answer is further down.

2)      Lindsey never even hits the links on my blog (probably because I still haven’t taken the time to figure out have it open in a new window).  But, if you are either Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Big 12, or just someone who is curious how the Big 12 Champion will be determined, then check out THIS link.  Plus, it is my sports writing idol, Bill Simmons, and his references are just plain awesome.  http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/10088518/oklahoma-oklahoma-state-importance-national-championships

3)      Someday I will catch up with the new generation and order things online about three weeks ago for Christmas, but for now, I have another year of wandering around a mall with a debit card tomorrow.

4)      And after that I will go home and pay my bills by sending a check through the mail.

5)      Group of Death.  World Cup.  U.S.  Ugghhh.  The quality of teams that were being dropped in on the final round were ok, but not great.  I was watching them live.  Who did the US pull?  Portugal, perennial power.  Geez.  How cute, by the way, FIFA executives.  You have the team OUR coach used to coach in our group (Germany).  Nice.

6)      And does Ghana follow US around or do we follow THEM around?

7)      “Riverboat Ron” is going viral thanks to one random photo by some guy, and nice that the Carolina coach plans on using it for charity money.  Good stuff.

8)      The Bulls beat the Heat by 20 last night, but no one is concerned in South Beach.  I have figured out that the Heat constantly get behind in a game just to see how much they can push the limits.  Last night, it obviously didn’t work.

9)      Oh, and they don’t care about getting that Bulls 72 win record either.  I guess that would take too much focus.  LeBron has a movie to make.

10)   Kind of surprised that after all the years that Chris Peterson told us he would never leave Boise, he leaves for Washington.  The angle is his recruiting is strong there, but come on.  He has Heisman’d some good gigs over the years.

10a)  Triscuits Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil is DELICIOUS.

11)   Yes, it is cold enough out here in Denver that my faucets are on drip so not to freeze.  I am sure it is national news, and therefore we can continue to spread that false rumor that it is always snowy and cold in Denver.  It will be 60 degrees next week most likely, people.  Weather rocks here.

12)   The Mariners signed Robinson Cano today for $240 million.  Kind of far from that $300 million he was asking for initially and they must have whispered in his ear that him and his agent were smoking crack.

13)   I actually had a non sports night last night hanging out with Lindsey at home.  It doesn’t happen often, and luckily Deadspin had funny things on their website to people who were ignoring the Texans-Jaguars game.

14)   So, IF Houston WAS tanking on purpose, the coach doesn’t even get to enjoy their #1 pick.  Kubiak was fired.  Good dude.  He will coach again soon.  The real question is this.  Of high rollers out there like Cowher, Gruden, and others, you want to talk about a loaded cupboard in Houston?  They have a very underachieving team about to add a top draft pick.

15)   That’s what they get for drafting a UVA QB.  Thanks, Matt Schaub, for enriching the legacy of UVA football.

16)   I type SO much faster when I am blogging.  Crazy fast.

17)   The Mets will be signing Granderson.  Will the Yankees actually have to sign “role players” or “utility players” this offseason?

18)   The Rockets are increasing the activity for Omer Asik.  They should be.  Dude can get them back some key role players themselves.

19)   The Yankees ARE closer to signing Hiroki Kuroda.  Solid pitcher, but just doesn’t have the same kind of name thunder as Granderson or Cano.

20)   Lindsey and I watched a little Pulp Fiction last night during the non sports night.  I used to play at bars that Ezekial monologue by Samuel Jackson (and of course quote the whole thing).  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2WK_eWihdU

21)   NBA game just started.  HUBIE FREAKING BROWN.  I hope Lindsey takes the news well that we are at least watching the Boston-Denver game when she gets home.

22)   Plus, I get to watch the Nuggets without listening to Scott Hastings.  This evening is getting better and better by the MOMENT.

23)   But I plan on going nowhere.  I am ballparking I will have a movie update in tomorrow’s blog.

24)   A note about my brother.  I love physical fitness, always stay in shape, can’t wait to go to Candyland (the boxing heaven down the street) in a month or two once my present gym membership runs out, and have grown up being fit, but my brother has upped the ante over the years.  He has a job that persuades kids to be fit, has a beautiful wife, a great kid, and does fitness stuff in his off time.  Below is his new toy.  It is a mask that simulates altitude for workouts.  Since he lives at sea level, this is useful, and gives him a GREAT look.


25)   While I am talking about him, I might as well mention he is working on hosting a Strongest man Competition in South Jersey.  He knows a little about these competitions…or got bored and decided to pull a truck…or was helping an 18 wheeler driver get to a gas station while he was out jogging.  Who knows?  He bought a tractor tire to push around in the back yard for fun.

matt truck-Capture

25a)  That is not the Fillerbuster poking fun.  That is the Fillerbuster telling you my brother is pretty much a badass.

26)   Larry Sanders gets in a late night bar fight.  Larry Sanders tweets about the man keeping down the black man.  Larry Sanders is an idiot.  Bouncers aren’t trying to keep down the black man.  They are trying to harness drunk NBA players who will be late for practice the next day.  Scouts for my Rant Squad are deployed, Larry.

27)   How not to tweet about Jameis Winston.


28)   Nate Robinson got fined for complaining about the refs.  In his monologue, he mentions about how getting no calls does NOT bother him.  Funny that it bothers him so little that he feels the need to talk about it in front of a microphone.

29)   Drunk Vikings fan.  Click it.  You know you want to.  http://deadspin.com/drunk-vikings-fan-tumbles-down-seats-spills-beer-1477515428

30)   Good luck to Lindsey Vonn, who will race this weekend.  Fast healer, well liked, and class act athlete who we hope worked at some point at Perkins so she always has the upper hand in arguments with El Tigre.

31)   Cutler is out, meaning Lindsey and I can start Josh McCown.  Projections say I am very happy about this.

32)   I think Andy Warhol would tell you that your 15 minutes are up.  In case you care, Martin met with the NFL again this week.  I personally don’t.

33)   The Knicks beat the Nets by 30 last night, meaning we know now which bad team is a little worse.

34)   See.  We have a tree.  Looks good I think. Crappy picture.  That is my fault.


35)   When I think of soothing sounds, I think of the ocean’s sound laying on the beach, Debussy’s Reverie (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0CLYpYKHNY), and Hubie Brown announcing NBA basketball.

36)   Kobe is targeting his return on Sunday.  We don’t care.

37)   Lindsey had Identity Thief on last night also.  That big chick is funny as hell, and the part of the movie I saw was actually relatively funny.

38)   I laughed out loud at Family Guy while doing work nearby.  I actually laugh out loud frequently at Family Guy, but that is neither here nor there.  Anyway, they had a T-Rex getting ready to “take care of himself,” and then once again, he realized he had very, very tiny arms, which led him to go on a rampage and destroy things and kill other dinosaurs, which is why we all know the T-Rex as a badass.  He couldn’t take care of himself.

38a)  Jacksonville has the longest winning streak in the AFC presently.

39)   I won’t do a whole monologue on Nelson Mandela.  Writers who are professional and have more time have done a much better job than I ever could.  Anyway, great, great man, and he will be missed.

40)   2.957.  Trent Richardson is humbled by his demotion.  That number and his demotion are directly related and you can only blame so much on the offensive line or the scheme.

41)   The Vikings owner looks like Wario.  Thanks for passing it on, Cerk.


42)   That is it.  I am having quiet weekend, so more blogs to come.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more updated.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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