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Let’s turn and burn.


I HATE to start with this goofy looking guy or this hated team, but sometimes someone does something above the call of duty.  Ryan Kelly looks like your typical Duke player who, aside from his height, does NOT look like a baller.  But, he is.  Scoring 36 points in his return from injury against a top 5 team is ridiculous.  Scary thing of note for other teams.  That is what Duke looks like when he is on the floor.  The happiest guy on the floor was Mason Plumlee.  Kelly spreads out the other team’s bigs, giving Plumlee room to operate.  They are healthy just in time for March’s festivities, and it pains me to say they are pretty good with all working parts.  My revised Final Four at this point.  Indiana, Kansas, Louisville, with Florida/ St. Louis/ Duke as the final one.


Gonzaga becomes just the third team out of the Big 6 Conferences to be ranked #1 over the last ten years.  They deserve it, being how the rest of the top 10 seems to enjoy dropping games once they hit that spot.  Of all of the games though that perked my interest, here is a stat I was floored by.  Oklahoma, trying to make their case for the tourney, beat Transfer U, Iowa State, and went an astounding 34-34 from the free throw line.  That ties the all time NCAA record.  If you have a broken bball team, give Lon Kruger a call.  Say what you want about his overall results, but that guy can sure as hell rebuild broken programs.


Carl Edwards got to do a backflip, and Danica wrecked in turn 4.  Joey Altidore scores his 24th goal, overtaking Clint Dempsey for the most amount of goals scored across the ocean by an American.  And yes, I am just reporting these stories.  Don’t have time for jokes.  Remember, I am your home for all soccer, NASCAR, and WNBA updates.


As it states in the caption, this IS one of the best all time last second basketball shots you will ever see.  Amazing.  Here’s a look at the shot, and I suddenly feel like going to watch Seinfeld’s The Dog or The Movie episodes.  http://www.usatoday.com/story/gameon/2013/03/03/high-school-buzzer-beater-new-rochelle-mount-vernon/1960631/


I went to the symphony with Lindsey on Saturday night, courtesy of her father, who sings in the chorus.  Verdi-Requiem.  It was solid, although it had a few too many singing solos for my taste.  They didn’t have a piano either, so I would have rather heard more of the chorus or the orchestra itself.  I also watch the animated movie, Balto, last night with Lindsey.  I was surprised that I had never heard of it with my absolute passion for wolves, and I highly recommend it to everyone.


A Bulgarian wrestling coach will show his rebel spirit by fasting.  His hunger strike just sounds like a lot of empty stomach discomfort if you ask me, but different strokes for different folks.  My funny side note is this.  Whenever I am hungry, I never say “hungry.”  To the dismay of others around me, I prefer to either say I am “temple of the dog,” or sometimes just sing it if I have some drinks in me.  Remember this alternative super group?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUb450Alpps


Every time we think Dennis Rodman can’t get any more odd, he steps up his game.  Mr. Rodman completed his North Korean peace mission and says that the solution is simple.  Obama likes basketball.  Kim Jong un likes basketball.  Therefore, Obama just needs to give him a call and start with basketball before moving on to other topics like nuclear war.  Thanks, Dennis.  SO glad you solved decades of unrest by simply watching some hoops with a Communist leader.  We should have thought of that.  Also, Randy Moss tweeted “good luck” to the Niners.  I suppose that means you are not resigning, and thanks for being your usual mysterious self.


Michigan outlasted Michigan State in a great Sunday afternoon game.  With Doug McDermott having an outrageous game Saturday and Plumlee looking more like his early season self, Burke had to do something to keep his name on their level.  What he did, and if you watched the game you know, was literally steal the game for his Wolverines.  Two heady, smart, athletic steals on the final couple plays of the game.  Good stuff, Burke.


I know that my brother Matt used to work out at the same gym as Angels Mike Trout, but I didn’t know Trout STILL worked out there.  So, for anyone worried about Trout putting on that additional weight in the offseason, don’t.  I said that before, I know, but now I have visual proof.  Look at the red line above his picture.  That was his vertical before heading out to spring training.  Dude is a stud. 11’6”.

Capture trout


The Knicks got to experience their own version of Heat dominance.  The Heat ROARED past them in the fourth quarter.  I have to be honest with you.  They look recently like they are literally toying with teams before putting on the afterburners.  Chris Andersen is getting quality minutes on the interior, and they just seem to surge past teams whenever they want.  Watch LeBron work the refs, also.  He picks and chooses his battles on calls, and therefore the refs actually know when they were probably wrong, and they listen to him more because of spreading out the anger and complaining.  Smart, and very much like Mr. Jordan.


Who ELSE could this be?  Nice 74 on Sunday, Mr. Woods.  You couldn’t even remember which hole you did what on in the post interview.  For a guy who stays a tireless believer in your skills, you sure are showing enough bipolarity early in the season to not make me want to trust that swing of yours still.  You made TWO putts of more than 6’.  Ugly.

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