I don’t have an ocean, but I do have parks nearby.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order or chronology or importance…

On the clock big time.  Speed version.  Busy day.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)  Hey, Mike Wallace.  You SAY you are not bashing the Steelers.  But, check this out.  Stop making comparisons to your own team if you are so happy, and don’t reference them every time.  Your QB and “college energy” comments did both.  The more you act like an idiot, the happier I am you are somewhere else.

1a)  I am lying.  I miss his speed already.

2)  Mariano Rivera blew his first save last night for the Yanks.  Not bad for a forty something dude playing against the best in the world.

3) With this whole The Purge movie thing, I am skeptical how they are going to make me believe that 12 hours of crime is acceptable.  And how are they going to take care of the night shift people?  Those people get screwed.

4)  There are three active players from one of the best video games ever put out-NHL ’94.  It is NOT Brodeur, as yours truly immediately jumped on (he was injured and then in the semi-pro leagues rehabbing or something).  Selanne.  Easy.  Jagr.  Easier.  Then you have Roman Hamrlik, who is presently still a Ranger.  Got me on that one.

5)  Thoughts and prayers to the family of ex-Division II QB Cullen Finnerty, whose body was found today after disappearing.

6)  So Rutgers AD Julie Hermann was also involved in a 2008 lawsuit?  This just gets more fun by the minute.  Yes, people, this is a DIFFERENT charge then what you heard about.  This one went down at Louisville.  Something about firing a woman who complained about sexual harassment on the staff.  Nice.  Scouts deployed.  I need a female for the rant squad to keep Jennifer Capriati company.

7)  Maurice Jones-Drew will NOT be charged in an incident where he apparently got into it with a bar staffer.  So, basically, enough money changed hands and that kid doesn’t need to serve drinks for a LONG time.

8) Pacers-Heat.  As always my very random comments.  Go to ESPN for a pretty breakdown of what happened.  This IS in chronological order.  I am just a little lazier and busier than Bill Simmons to write down what time I am writing each item.  I don’t get paid for MY journal, Bill.

-Dr. J joining the crew was awesome.  June 10th is approaching and I am there.  This documentary is going to be incredible.

-I watch these games and the Pacers’ lack of depth on the wing, and just wonder.  What IF Danny Granger was healthy?  Wow.

-Fast start by the Pacers.  You KNOW this will come back to equilibrium.  I said the Pacers could BEAT the Heat, not destroy them.

-Wade 2 early fouls, Bosh 2 early fouls, George 2 early fouls.  Why don’t we just get rid of all of the superstars?

-The Pacers are almost better off MISSING shots.  That allows their interior presence to show its force.

-Stephenson is very inconsistent, but he is making it look like he wants to own this game.  Dude does one crazy made shot, and then literally gives the ball to the heat on the next possession.

-Dwayne Wade is either not bringing it, or is MUCH slower because of that bone bruise still.  It is showing in his speed and jumping.

-LeBron keeps shooting from the outside.  Why are you NOT doing exactly what worked in the last game, and post up?

-Some people TIVO.  I NEED commercials…to do stuff.  Get food.  Make a drink.  Important stuff.

-Paul George gets foul #3 midway through the second and everyone and their mother are wondering why he is still guarding LeBron while in foul trouble.

-Hibbert.  11 and 8 in the first half.  He also has the look of a man possessed.

-Where DO you buy one of those metal Corona coolers?  I want one.  The Corona cooler that I had was the outside wood finish one that I won in a pool tournament and leaked all over the place.  Then, I guess I will go to a park, since I am still not sure why I chose a landlocked state in my big decision to move across the country.

-I don’t see anyone panicking when Chalmers gets his 4th foul in the 3rd…nor should they. The Heat have enough weapons and ball handlers.

-I still don’t understand why Wade and James put themselves together on a team.  Positions wise.  They are pretty similar in playing style.  Slashers.  It still seems redundant to me, except that one is a 6’8″ physical freak of nature.

-I was HALF joking on that last mini-hook.  I get it.  They are both all world with multi-positional skills.

-David West on the floor totally changes the Pacers.  Shame he can’t stay out of foul trouble.

-This game is inspiring me.  I doodle my right shoulder tattoo ideas for someday to get on my skin (been doing it for a long time) opposite the one I have.  Anyway, I think I just scribbled the winner.  Yay.

-The hockey game WAS my plan to flip to, but the Sharks are down and I am depressed my bold pre-playoffs prediction might be wrong.

-Paul George, WHY did you get a technical when you weren’t even the one with their shot blocked.  COOL heads and talent win championships, bro.  Don’t lose your cool.

-That was one CRAZY three point corner shot Stephenson nailed end of the third.  Awesome cross court pass too.

-HOW the refs ALL missed the ball hitting the rim to reset the shot clock I will NEVER know.

-Then, at the other end, Stephenson gets #5??  If the Pacers lose, this is a HUGE four point swing.

-Just when you thought LeBron was quiet, BOOM.  He hits a ridiculously long 3 pointer to tie it with 6 minutes left.

-Seeing a Blockbuster commercial is kind of like seeing a Blackberry commercial.  You just assumed they were done.

-Almost a steal, and then Ray Allen says say hello to my pretty friend.  Nice looking 3 ball.

-Wade gets #5.  Uh oh, Heat fans.

-Why are the Pacers shooting 3’s?  That is not your game.  You have half their team in foul trouble.  DRIVE.  Or DO what you are good at.

-James gets HIS fifth?  Uh oh, Heat fans.

-Then, I almost lost my shit AND ran outside to see if there was a meteor shower.  LeBron gets his 6th on a moving screen AND then Wade gets called for traveling, both arguably correct (Wade’s more than the James one).

-In the midst of all this, Hibbert had a HUGE tip on a miss.  In my opinion, the difference maker in the game.

-Pacers win.  They outrebounded the Heat 49-30, and outscored them in the paint 50-32.  YOU do the math.

9)  That is it.  Back to work.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.


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