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Being her biggest fan on earth, I have to start with MMA fighter Ronda Rousey.  Yes, she cut it close when her opponent almost rear naked choked her (I THINK that is what it is called), but the end still stays the same.  She has had seven fights, and all ended with a first round armbar.  If you think that female MMA fighting is going away ANY time soon, then you didn’t see the intense look in her eyes before dismantling the person on the other side.  I don’t watch a lot of UFC, but Lindsey does, and it was a quality fighting night on the tube.


Lionel Messi is on another goal streak.  You are now updated in soccer.  As far as the Daytona 500, here are my random notes.  1) What if it had come down to Patrick and Stenhouse at the end?  Some people go out of town to escalate a relationship.  THAT would certainly have figured out which way THEY were going.  2)  I felt all cozy inside knowing that I had just watched history when she became the first woman to lead a lap at the race (Guthrie was under caution back in the day). Unfortunately, the end was a bunch of blocked in cars with JJ saying “Did you all forget about me?” 3)  What if they have to go to the bathroom?  SOMEONE must have a story about finishing a race in…their own internal stuff. 4)  Dibs to the announcer who said early that Greg Biffle’s car was MADE for this type of track.  He has in 15th place at the time.  Well, Greg DID make a push and was there at the end.  5)  Finally, what the HELL did James Franco mean to say at the beginning?  He said “drivers, and Danica, start your engines.”  I think he meant to say “gentlemen” instead of “drivers.”


Roger Federer says he still has the game to be #1.  I believe you do, Roger.  That being said, the prime in tennis is short and young.  You might have the game, and you still might steal one more Slam, but you do NOT have the game to be #1 overall due to the age thing.  Just chill at #3 or #4 and watch the youngsters duke it out.


I am not sure why it took so long to bring this about, but evidently, Oscar Pistorius has a brother ALSO in trouble…for murder.  Before that becomes official, and while Oscar is out on bail, is your family scrambling to hold a very depressing and melancholy family picnic?  I am quickly exiting this hook before I tangent into a ZZ Top or Rod Stewart hook.  Exiting now…


Nothing to report on the Buster today of note.  I would say the only thing would be this after a laid back weekend.  I still have that whole “money” obstacle, but I found a co-worker who has a weighted key Yamaha keyboard in storage, and said that we can talk price to take it off his hands.  Also, in a conversation with one of Lindsey’s friends, once I figure out how to GET to Rio next summer, we have a place to stay free of charge.  Boom goes the dynamite.  Also, Denver is great.  Winter storm yesterday.  Sunny, about 55-60 degrees out now, and the ride home is looking painless.  One last thing.  I DIE laughing whenever that Jim Carrey/ Yes Man/ ledge scene is on.  Here you go.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqT86FhKTYs


Two today.  The Heat have won 11 straight.  They are hitting stride in a conference that doesn’t require them to hit stride.  I still don’t like their interior overall, but since the rest of the NBA seems to also be lacking quality big men (shut up, Dwight-I am not talking to you), all is good.  Stat 2.  Congrats to Texas WR Marquise Goodwin for posting a 4.27 40 over the weekend.  So, let me get this straight.  So, he will now have that promised Adidas contract for the fastest 40?  Talk to me.  Anyway, Chris Johnson goes another year being able to brag about having the fastest time.  Ugghhh.  That is just what that guy needs-another reason to be cocky.


My squad was quiet again, so let’s go the other way and give a shout out to THIS badass.  He is 101 years old, and just finished his last marathon.  No word on whether it is retirement or if he just knows he is exiting stage left soon.



The top of the Big Ten continued to beat up on each other, as Ohio State surprised Michigan State, and Michigan handled Illinois.  Illinois is 7-8 in the conference, and have an RPI of 33.  I would say that barring a weak showing in the Big Ten Tournament, that they get in March Madness and piss off some 28-2 Mid Major team that loses in their tournament.


Yankees Curtis Granderson broke his arm and will be out for a while.  I am not saying they won’t be there at the end of the season, but if you think you can supplant the Yankees at the top of the division, THIS is the year.  A-Rod.  Out.  Granderson.  Out.  Rivera.  Old.  Toronto.  LOADED.  Tampa and Boston.  Still around.


Creighton lost to St. Mary’s.  They are absolutely PISSING me off.  True, I DID say they had Final Four potential at the beginning of the season.  They still do.  That being said, they have to get IN the tourney first.  In addition to going off the radar, the other cats on that team TOTALLY jacked up any chance of Doug McDermott winning the Wooden Award.


Finally, the Oscars.  Lindsey and I voluntarily watched the whole thing, and even made a fun game (she won) of picking the winners.  Anyway, here are my always random thoughts.  1)  Seth MacFarlane did pretty well.  Here is a Deadspin article that summarizes it from someone who actually hates Family Guy.  http://deadspin.com/5986612/seth-macfarlane-wasnt-the-worst-oscar-host-ever-in-defense-of-a-boob  2)  “We saw your boobs,” and the Flight skit were two of my favorite moments.  Seth has a pretty good voice and can dance decently too.  Funny Captain Kirk appearance also.  3)  Growing up outside Philly AND loving Deniro, how the HELL have I not seen Silver Linings Playbook?” 4)  With the mention of Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz, it somehow made me make a spontaneous list of my least favorite females.  Roberts, Bullock, Streep, Hathaway, Streisand, Nora Jones, and Penelope Cruz.  5)  It was obvious to me that Richard Gere will NOT be doing anymore action flicks.  Looking old, bro. 6) Jane Fonda looks really great for being 80,000 years old. 7) I thought the Obama-Nicholson thing was weak 8)  It looked to me like Ben Affleck was already celebrating/ partying right before his acceptance speech.  9)  Is George Clooney somehow involved in EVERY movie? 10)  The Bradley Cooper Hangover 4 joke was pretty funny.

That is it.  New format idea came from Lindsey-props.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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