I don’t even consider it a conversation. I will walk away while you are talking. Led Zeppelin is the best ever.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Not on the clock. This is a bonus rant.  My legal paper filled up and I have lots to do at work tomorrow.  When the legal pad fills up, that means I am overloaded on ideas.  That is why I blog.

Let’s turn and burn…I am not used to Sunday rants, so this WILL be the speed version.

I am a TWITTER guy now…invested.  @fillerbuster11

1)  In my entire life, I have seen a QB throw ON PURPOSE into the field of play and get an intentional grounding call about 4 times.  Welcome to the exclusive club, Philip Rivers.  You suck.  I think back to the draft and thank GOD that the Steelers just let the Chargers and Giants fight it out over you and then casually picked Big Ben at #13.  What’s that?  Yes.  I know.  You are correct.  You did hear a chick say no at a college bar. Ben is not perfect by no means.

2)  If you are wondering if you really love a sports team, try THIS test.  I am 30 minutes until game time, and it is the only time that I don’t mind Lindsey having something else to do, and I am bouncing off of walls right now.

3)  Bourne movies are on all afternoon.  It is making me question how much I love football.  Well, at least until the Steelers game.

4)  I won both my fantasy games today.  Lindsey and I probably would be undefeated if Brian Hartline would pretend to be a receiver and if Calvin Johnson’s nerve damage would have suddenly healed a little quicker.

5)  Check me out on Twitter.  I am officially tweeting regularly.  @fillerbuster11

6)  USC lost to UCLA.  Suddenly, Matt Barkley is questioning his decision to be noble and stay at school through of their penalties.  Him and Geno Smith will be getting loaded SOMEWHERE right before the draft talking about what could have been

6a)  All I know is this.  Midway through the third quarter, USC had 13 missed tackles.  That is way too much.

7)  No one will EVER want to play Stanford late in the season ever again at their crib.  How are YOU doing, Oregon?  And here we were already planning on SEC speed vs. PAC 12 speed in the BCS.

7a)  Seeing a 0-0 score with “Oregon” next to it in the second quarter was just weird.  AND, a sign they were actually playing a fast, tough, team.

8)  TOLD you.  TOOOOOLLLLLLDDDD YOU.  For you regular blog readers, I TOLD you that Bama would be back in the mix before we blinked.  I just didn’t expect it to happen THAT quickly.  They are back to #2.  Well deserved, and start praying, Notre Dame.  Your library is beautiful, and that fancy statue there seems like a good spot to do so.

9)  Maryland and Rutgers are in Big Ten talks.  I think it is great for the Big Ten, great for Rutgers, and I feel like Maryland is cheating on their spouse with her sister. Doesn’t Juan Dixon mean ANYTHING to you punks?  Gary Williams?  Hello?

10)  NHL talks will resume Monday.  I have talked to the masses, and we have all agreed that we will revisit caring about hockey ALSO on Monday.

11)  College bball is back.  It is taking some of my pain away from Big Ben being out.

12)  I was personally surprised that Montee Ball tied Barry Sanders’ record of 39 TD’s in one year last year.  I was not as surprised when yesterday Ball tied the FBS record of 78 total TD’s.  I WAS surprised whose record it was.  Travis Prentice of Miami of Ohio.  The Fillerbuster would NEVER have guessed, and unless you went to school there (Kevin), you didn’t know either.  Don’t lie.

13)  FSU is in the ACC title game.  Let’s just say that this is not as much of an accomplishment as much as it is a lack of options.

14)  Brad Kesolowski won the Sprint Cup.  Happy?  You are now updated on NASCAR.

15)  I will get back to you, but I hope you all listened to my college football picks…and went huge on Michigan.

16)  And yes, I finally took the favorite MINUS the points against Colorado…and won.  It took me most of the season, but I finally bought into how bad they actually are.  A Big Six school losing plus 46 points earlier in the season?  YOU would have bet that way also.  Don’t lie.

16)  I am helping to watch Lindsey’s parents’ dog.  Olive.  The dog makes an art of doing #2 right in the middle of the sidewalk…one pellet at a time.  I am told that she is professionally trained, but I have seen no hints of that during my 4-5 walks.

17)  So.  I don’t even smoke.  BUT.  You are telling me that Hostess goes out of business AND marijuana is legalized in Colorado in the SAME month?  People are going out buying Hostess stuff like Elaine went out buying sponges right now in CO.

18)  I am turning 40 after Thanksgiving.  I hate birthdays.  I hate birthday celebrations. Lindsey is taking me somewhere.  That is fine.  All I really know is that per her I have crab benedict in my immediate future.  That is good enough for me.  Whatever happens after that, I don’t care.

19)  Why do all NFL refs have southern accents?  For just once, I want an Italian NY guy calling holding.

20)  That kid Austin from WVU is fast as shit.

21)  “It’s time” by the Imagine Dragons could be the best song EVER.  Thanks, Lindsey.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sENM2wA_FTg

22)  Lindsey still says Queen is the best rock and roll band ever.  It is Led Zeppelin, girl.  MAYBE Rolling Stones.  MAYBE Beatles.

23)  We had board game night last night.  Apples to Apples could be the greatest game..aside from Monopoly…EVER.  Go out and buy it.  Now.

24)  I showed my girl a picture of Chargers’ Charlie Joiner tonight after seeing him as WR coach on television.  He was AMAZING.  He is SO short, but visions of Dan Fouts dance through my head.

25)   I didn’t like you before, Bart Scott.  I do now.  You pulled a Rasheed Wallace with the media the other day.  “Both teams played hard.”  CLASSIC, Bart.  THAT is the way to talk to the media without talking to the media.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yXiWZyJL90

26)  I hate you, Nebraska.  I hate you, Florida State.  BUT.  Life is good when either YOU two, or Notre Dame, are in the mix.

27)  I just saw a commercial for Life of Pi.  It said it is the next Avatar.  Thanks for saving me THAT money, media.  Avatar was just Dances with Wolves with BLUE people.  Speaking of “steelers.”

28)  Does anyone else get mad when a bartender or server doesn’t give you napkins?

29)  I am a Steelers fan.  I admit I have been lost in basketball since Isiah Thomas retired.  BUT.  I WAS hardcore.  Check out the farmer’s hat look before it became popular.

Photo: Look at this pic I found!!

30)  I love my mom. I hate people with second teams.  I am lost right now as my mom texted me today saying she wore Philly gear AND Bronco gear to go watch the games.  Mom.  Elway retired about 13 years ago.  I still love you though.

31)  Southwest Airlines suck.  If they make ONE mistake, and it is a full flight, you are screwed.  It HAS to have happened.

32)  I love when helpful drugs mention their side effects.  For the record, Celebrex says “death”…twice.  In the same commercial.

33)  Hey, Cleveland.  Throwing a fade with a rookie QB on 4th and goal is not good.  Why don’t people jump over the pile anymore on 4th and short?

34)  Matty Ice.  The fact that you threw 5 INT’s, and still won…well… is perplexing.

35)  I think that the “horse collar” thrown on the Cowboys on Josh Cribbs was BS.  He grabbed his hair.

36)  My hotmail account has to be cleared out every 4 hours.  I get about 5 robot comments every 10 minutes.  Is that good for the blog if they are chasing me like they are?

37)  The Czechs beat Spain in the Davis Cup.  I remember when I used to PLAY tennis and KIND of cared about the Davis Cup.

38)  The Chargers onside kick to start off the second half was awesome.  Too bad the rest of their team sucks.

39)  That is it.  Bonus rant.  Will i blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.  Yay.  Bumblebee uni’s.

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