I couldn’t find a picture of a bracket in the cloud.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Need to use this laptop for something but work like I have in the last two days.  Just took an hour for all of my bracket entries.  Exhilarating.  Now, a quick speed rant.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me.  Speed sports hooks with a quick and dirty breakdown of the brackets.

2)      Actually, looking at my list, I realized I don’t care much about anything except for brackets, so the list just shrunk by about 10 things about non NCAA stuff.

3)      Tiger withdrawing at Bay Hill means the odds slightly deflated from the yearly INFLATION of his odds to win at his Majors crib, The Masters.  Geez, I am becoming bitter about him not winning anything.

4)      I never thought that hitting the bars or wherever would be fun with an NFL owner, but Jim Irsay has just put his name in the conversation.  Screw it.  I am sending Rant Squad scouts right now.  We NEED an owner.

5)      So, with Phil Jackson coming onboard in New York, we are the amount that Tiger just lost in Masters odds in being tired of James Dolan.  I can flow chart that for you as it is kind of complicated, and I like flow charts.

6)      Does the Cowboys signing Weeden say more about the state of the Cowboys QB situation or about the state of QB’s in general in the NFL.

7)      Have we even started baseball yet?  I am a diehard Phils fan, but am already about Jimmy Rollins being in the media.

8)      Another blog, and another Sixers loss.

9)      Do you think that Bruce Pearl PURPOSELY lined up the Auburn basketball job because he still had a closet full of orange ties?

10)   Lindsey trying to catch my brother at Candy Crush has become kind of interesting to me, the person who has only seen the playing screen from about 4 feet away.  Matt is on level 480 of Sugar mash, Lindsey is on 444.  I am definitely waiting on level 461 as apparently it drives you insane per my brother.

11)   Lindsey is cooking food.  She said it is idiotic that a tuna box had “do not microwave” on it.  “Who doesn’t know THAT?”  I said “I didn’t and would have liked it written on the box.”  I am slow, a subpar cook, and have put many things in the microwave that you are “supposed to know not to.”

12)   Ok.  This is a NCAA quick hitter.  I am home alone tomorrow, so there WILL be more if you need last second tips.  Here we go.

-Louisville getting a #4 seed is ridiculous.  They might be four in the NATION.

-SMU not making it is ridiculous.  Oddly, they were in the polls at #25 this week.

-The Midwest is plain dirty.  Three of last year’s Final Four teams and…Duke.  And St. Louis.  And UK.  And a play in game featuring an Iowa team that was top ten this year at one point.

-I advanced Iowa/ Tennessee.  You should too.

-I have Duke in the Elite 8, but I am more concerned them against Mercer in the first round than the next two games.

-I have been preaching Wichita State ALL season.  I can’t do it.  I don’t know WHO they will lose against, but there is no way a team from a weaker conference is beating UK, UL, and Duke back to back to back.

-Look at regions, people.  Look at where they play.  I didn’t even THINK about a solid Wisconsin team not advancing…playing in Milwaukee.

-On that same note, Baylor is playing in San Antonio.  Don’t love the Creighton story TOO much.

-I have Oklahoma advancing to the Sweet Sixteen, but that is only because there is a lack of other options.

-I PREACHED about Oklahoma State making a run given a good draw.  Gonzaga and Arizona is NOT a good draw.  Arizona has athletes and is too big for them, and they MIGHT lose to Gonzaga.

-I admit that I don’t trust UCONN or Nova, that St. Joe’s looked good the game I watched them, but St. Joe’s in the Sweet Sixteen is more of a gut pick than anything else.

-Will you just advance Iowa State to the Elite 8 and THEN make your decision on whether you should advance them one more.

-Don’t.  Elite 8 and that is it…unless UVA makes it that far.

-And that is from a UVA alum.

-I picked only two brackets.  One unbiased, and one pro UVA.  That is it.  Look at preseason polls when picking this shit.  Michigan State is healthy for the FIRST time since the beginning of the year.

-Just advance Harvard-Cincy is so beatable and bipolar, and Tommy Amaker has a great squad.

-The athleticism of Memphis scares me for a UVA team in the second round.

-KU is SO beatable by a big team without Embiid.  Even WITH him, New Mexico can beat them…even playing in St. Louis.  I LOVE New Mexico in the Elite 8.

-Please remember that Syracuse went undefeated originally even without pure shooters.  They are so beatable.  Long and athletic, but beatable.

-I have seen them play two games, looked at the stats, and am drinking the Kool Aid.  I have SF Austin winning two games.

-If you dare to be different, be different, but a safe bet is to at least have Florida in your Elite 8 minimally.

-My Final Four.  UF, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Louisville.  Michigan State over Louisville to win it all.

– By the way, keep in mind most non-flashy, not hip teams do some damage.   Like who cares if Nebraska, Tulsa, or Arizona State make a run.  Boring, but something like this will happen.

-I make a lot of sense and have watched more basketball than most people without sports jobs.  That being said, if your girlfriend wants to go by colors or mascots, just should probably do it.

13)   That is it.  Gotta go tonight.  I got beaten up by software today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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