I could listen to the theme song ALL day…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Not on the clock.  Sunday morning rant during tennis.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me.  I say not on the clock, but these rallies in this tennis match are too long for me to write a lot.  Let’s rake through this.  We both should be watching tennis and not writing or reading.

2)      An early morning tennis match across the pond with Nadal and Djokovic is basically putting me (the kid) in a candy store (the match).

3)      Nadal had more unforced errors in the first set than I am used to seeing from him.  Just like the lost set against Ferrer, he will lock up.  Not worried.

4)      They will rename this the Nadal Open at SOME point in my lifetime.

5)      Carillo just made a GREAT point in the second set.  Nadal never had to make ANY adjustments on clay until Djokovic came along.  SPOT on, Mary.  Carillo is SUCH a great announcer.  Not flashy, but says very thoughtful stuff.

6)      Get better, Tracy Morgan.  I heard the story of your accident, love you as a person and entertainer, and make it through it.

7)      On a side note, Lindsey and I got in a car accident last night.  Uber accident.  It was surreal, and I will say this as the person on the side of the crash.  Another half second earlier on the rolling stop by our driver and I would be writing this from heaven.

8)      Or hell…I would have been dead is basically what I am saying.  I guess I can cross off getting in car accident in a cab related vehicle off my list.  It actually WAS on my list.

9)      On serve 5 games into second set.  This is fabulous tennis.

10)   At some point, I will include the OKC photos I have on my phone from my trip.  Not today.  I started this saying I have all the time in the world.  I am ten hooks in realizing I need to watch tennis dammit.  What was I thinking?

11)   Thoughts and prayers to my dad tomorrow.  You don’t need them, Dad.  Everything is all good.  Big day though as it is surgery however you look at it-I get it.  All good.  Sorry Ride On Curlin’ didn’t bring it home yesterday for you yesterday for your $20, but it was nice talking some horse racing with you yesterday.  Love you, Dad.

12)   The owner of Chrome went off a little yesterday after the race on camera.  I was initially taken aback, but then realized the point he was making was a damn good one.  Screw this stuff of entering only one or two races.  If you have a good horse, you HAVE to enter all three races.  If we only have 5 horses in the Belmont, so be it.  But make ALL the horses equally tired over the 5 weeks.

13)   Seriously, the Belmont wears down someone EVERY year.  When you make that last turn, that extra distance destroys horses, and I assume the jockeys get a little excited and start urging them on a little early.

14)   Wow.  Break point, great rally, called in ball, and overruled.  This is off the charts.  I am worried if I am Djokovic.  Nadal still hasn’t found his groove, but is playing him pretty much even.  What happens when he goes into that extra gear?

15)   What the HELL?  Why is the crowd cheering for Djokovic?  Screw “underdog” mentality.  This is the freaking Nadal Open.

16)   Boom goes the dynamite.  Break by Nadal in second set.  And HERE we go.  He is getting in that groove.

17)   I was at a party last night where I ate 12 proscuitto wraps, 4 hot dogs, 22 pieces of cheese, 7 shrimp cocktail, and a couple helpings of potato salad.  I have a GREAT diet.

17a)  It was of course WITHOUT the green crap.  Not an actual photo of yesterday’s meal(s).

18)   This was one day after Lindsey went to sleep and I ate every piece of cheese in the fridge.  She even had a wrapper in her purse on the counter.  I am ruthless when it comes to cheese.

19)   The way Maria Sharapove has transformed her game over the last few years is amazing.  I don’t remember someone EVER in either men’s or women’s tennis being a grass/ hard court player at the beginning of their career suddenly become the best in the game on clay.  Congrats, and I think Doug Gottlieb says it best.


20)   What????? Djokovic just broke back.  Nadal would NEVER normally allow that to happen.

21)   Sure, it was a close 5-4.  Sure, both games have been exciting.  Sure, I am a fan of neither.  But it has said here the Kings (or Blackhawks) were cruising in the Finals since the beginning of the Conference Finals. Better conference.  Better teams.  Well, once bipolar Penguins were ousted.

22)   Quin Snyder is from the Coach K coaching tree.  Quin Snyder didn’t have a first go around in college initially.  The marriage with the Jazz feels right.  Says here I think he should stay in college coaching.  If I am a college kid, I am listening to him because he learned from Coach K.  If I am an NBA guy, I am listening to him because…well, I am not sure why I would listen to him.

23)   Nadal just completely turned around after a shot.  Who DOES that?  Dude is sick.

24)   Richard Sherman is the cover boy for Madden.  Maybe Ron Rivera’s votes were the difference.  He voted AGAINST his QB several times.

25)   I forgot that Johan Santana was making a comeback this year before I heard that he is out for the season with an injury.  I guess I didn’t gain or lose anything there.

26)   James Johnson is not an established NBA player yet.  He plays for the Grizzlies.  I now want him to become good.  I want him to miss a key shot down the stretch in a big game.  I want to then instigate the choking jokes RIGHT after that.  I will spearhead this operation.


27)   Ladies AND soccer people are glad that Ronaldo is back training for the World Cup.  I will come clean.  He is one good looking dude.

28)   Pete Rose will manage an independent team in baseball.  I was going to go somewhere with that.  I think the fact that it is now 5-4 in second set distracted me.  I will just show a picture of Pete and move on.

29)   5-5.  Nadal has never been down 2-0 in sets here.  He suddenly HAS to win this set.

30)   Frank Sinatra Jr.  SOUNDS like his dad.  Kind of.  He hits the notes, but him singing New York yesterday kind of A) made me respect his dad even MORE than I already did B) made his career path pretty lame (I will just sing my dad’s songs…yeah)

31)   Thanks to my new friend, Bill, who I met at the party yesterday.  I know Lindsey wants to wait on the actual wedding, and all I know is she wants Destination Wedding.  What I personally want is to simply wear sandals at the damn thing.  Bill was in my corner on that subject.  I actually just want to wear sandals EVERY day at every given moment.  Which is ironic for someone with the insanely ugly feet I have.

32)   The party reminded me yesterday again that I don’t want kids.

33)   1-1 in sets.  And here we go, people.

34)   Lindsey just said Nadal is ugly.  I would LOVE his looks.  I believe she used the term “cartoon ugly.”  He is no Ronaldo, but who is?

35)   Really?  I have to deal with enough of this Manziel crap.  He was drafted 837th in BASEBALL?  Ugghhh.

36)   And maybe the tweet I read yesterday IS correct.  It said the people who hate Johnny Football are the people A) who can never live that life B) are people who can’t do it again.  That might have some merit.  I will continue to hate him.  I am shallow.

37)   Nadal just won a love game.  He is flipping the switch.  Up a break in the third and Djokovic looks confused.

38)   How come there weren’t nicknames for the whole Crampgate thing?  Slackers.  LOVE the fact people wrote Gatorade on Twitter and Gatorade responded that James was not their client.


39)   James or not.  The Spurs still win Game 1.  Ball movement was amazing, and one guy wouldn’t have made up for the 15 point win.

40)   Well, maybe MJ would have.

41)   But he would have played through the cramps.

42)   Just kidding.  I didn’t mean to go there.  Cramps are the WORST.

43)   431 Twitter followers by the way.

44)   When I was in OK, the NBA game was in a five inch by five inch part of the screen because of a tornado warning.  Those people do NOT play around.

45)   4-1.  Nadal just fought off a break point to defend his break.  Actually, Djokovic just missed a blatantly easy shot that was befuddling.  Here is the deal.  Nadal gets in your head.  He is MADDENING to play against on this surface.  If you overthink things, the match will be over.

46)   I seem to be saying this line more.  If I am having a really bad day, I say “well I have two arms, two legs, and I am standing up, so things are fine really.”

47)   UNC academics athletics recently.  Football scandal?  Check.  Football parking scandal?  Check.  Basketball academic scandal?  Check.  Now we just need a basketball player to beat a parking ticket.

48)   Calipari getting a seven year contract means I get to make fun of him for another $52 million worth for however he cheats in recruiting.


49)   I wonder if the local pitcher that the Rockies took was crying because he was happy to stay local or out of depression of being a pitcher for the Rockies.

50)   Jamie Bestwick, I know nothing about BMX Vert.  But, that being said, winning 9 straight at ANYTHING HAS to be hard to do.  Congrats.

51)   Just give the NFL draft to Denver so I can save a plane trip.

51a)  That hook didn’t even make sense.  I have never even BEEN to the NFL draft.  It is early in the morning on a Sunday.  Give me slack.

52)   We all know El Tri unless one of us lives in a bubble.  Apparently, they don’t know Tom Brady.  I get that.  Football means very different things outside of our borders.

53)   This 4-2 game is LONG.  Could be a game changer.

53a)  By the way, what is with the SILLY music the French Open is busting out after the Finals?  Techno doesn’t replace things like One Shining Moment or Rocky or other songs.

54)   I think I might be done writing in 15 minutes, Logan, but I think we need some pictures today.  Sorry.  Your boss won’t hate you.  Promise.  Kind of silly to write that considering I guess will have already been added photos by the time Logan hits that hook.

55)   Lindsey and I are going somewhere tonight.  Aside from me not being happy about A) going anywhere on a Sunday night or B) missing the basketball game, I am glad at least I am going to hear a symphony play the greatest band of all time outside on a lawn.

56)   That would be Led Zeppelin, people.

57)   Most people would be depressed about an all outside day when it looks like rain.  Not me.  Bring it.  I LOVE water.  That is why they invented plastic bags.

58)   I thought the Pens fired their coach like a month ago, meaning they must have REALLY cleaned house, and I must have misread and probably misblogged something.

59)   We are running out of time for someone to fake an injury on the US team so we can send Landon Donovan to Brazil.  Hurry.

60)   5-2 in third.  Nadal starting to impose his will.  The fact he can make a supreme player look like this is beyond reason.

61)   Which is why I call this the Nadal Open.

62)   Because about 10 years ago, this was the Borg Open.

63)   Lindsey fell asleep maybe or maybe not because Beverly Hills Cop was on the TV and I had control of the remote.  LOVE that movie.  Remember when Eddie Murphy could just TALK and make you laugh?  Plus, Axel F was like the greatest song ever.

64)   Borg still looks good in the stands by the way.  Aged well.  Not cartoon ugly.  We need a simulation match between those two players in their prime.

65)   Not that anyone would cheer injuries outside of Philly, but Ecuador and Switzerland just clapped and cheered in some non public place.  Mr. Ribery was announced as OUT for the World Cup for France, meaning the odd team out of those two MIGHT now not exist.  Honduras KIND of cheered but then realized that THAT was not happening.  What a WEAK group that is.

66)   Not saying you should walk away, Michael, but sad to see you were already in a scuffle at OTA’s.  Mr. Sam, stay off the radar and then announce yourself once you make the team.

67)   Just like turning up polo shirt collars and cargo shorts made it back, apparently another movement is making its reappearance.  I heard a probably popular teenager on the Mall Ride the other day talking like a valley girl.  Gag me with a spoon.

68)   Spurs win tonight, people.  Know it, LeBron lovers.  EMBRACE it, LeBron lovers.  This IS the end of the road as Boyz II Men would say.  Too much depth.  Too good of ball movement.  Home court advantage.  Duncan about to retire.  Manu playing well.  Danny Green playing well.  I don’t need to go on.

69)   Djokovic might be sick in fourth.  Spin it any way you want it.  I don’t care if he is sick.  But you definitely ain’t going to beat Nadal if you ARE sick.

70)   That is it.  I need to watch this without distraction.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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