I can’t believe they even MADE it for you. Please tell me your name is Terry or Sidney…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Not on the clock.  Morning rant while I watch the British Open.  Clearing the list possibly and just…ranting.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       I am pretty easy to please.  I am quite happy right now.  A/C on,  about to blog, the Open on the big screen, umm….well, that’s it.  Simple needs.

2)      For about 20 minutes, Lee Westwood had a three stroke lead at 4 under.  That is now done.  This course is playing like a US Open, where pars are very, very good.  Here is the thing.  We know Tiger has the CAPABILITY to come back if in striking range on the final day, but that is not really his thing.  If he is going to be the OLD Tiger, he needs to get this lead and just protect it tomorrow.  THAT is his thing.

3)      We don’t know if they are good moves or bad moves yet, but the Bucs and 49ers stayed busy in the offseason, as Bucs CB Eric Wright was traded to the 49ers.  All we know is that both are actively trying, with only one of them knowing they are on the cusp of winning the whole thing.

4)      Cavs C Andrew Bynum says the Cavs are “definitely a playoff team.”  He DOES know most people laugh at him whenever he talks, right?  He HAS to.  Or, is he so smart that the joke is on us, and he is just playing us?  I know, I know.  I feel better about myself for at least MENTIONING the counter theory.  I am a very fair person.  He is an idiot.

5)      The NHL released their new schedule along with the division names this week.  Here is what you need to know.  If you think that Detroit is NOT in the Atlantic Division, you are wrong.  If you think New Jersey IS in the Atlantic Division, you are wrong.  The Metropolitan Division is the only one without a Canadian team.  Metropolitan?  That sounds so NOT hockey.  It sounds like a polo division.

6)      The figures aren’t official or agreed upon yet, but what we DO know is that Dustin Pedroia is going to be a very, very rich man.

7)      Introducing Federico Delbonis.  You MIGHT know that he is a tennis player.  All you NEED to know is that is the latest person to knock out Federer from a tournament way before he should be knocked out.  Delbonis was a qualifier.

8)      Mike Tyson will enter the promotion side of boxing.  This SOUNDS laughable. Actually, the guy has really cleaned up his life, and his wife has settled him down.  Really.  Not lying.  He is a different man who can make fun of who he WAS. Seriously.  Ok.  You’re right.  It is still laughable.

9)      This Open leaderboard has very little unproven players on it.  This will make for a very exciting Sunday.  Everyone has been there, so you know you have to WIN it rather than backing into the Jug.

10)   Oakland’s Yoenis Cespedes was scratched due to injury.  A sore wrist?  Go figure.  Pretty obvious for anyone who watched any part of the home run derby.

11)   Does Angel Cabrera play just the four Slams?  Does he just chill out in between?  I am just SO used to seeing his name up on the leaderboard four times a year.  Four guys under par as I write this hook.  Westwood, Woods, Mahan, and Cabrera.

12)   Can I list “watching golf Majors” as a hobby?  This is fantastic.  You TIVO people don’t get the same quality out of this.

13)   Rafael Cabrera-Bello is a pretty cool freaking name.

14)   Our work went to the Rockies game last night.  Lindsey was sick and couldn’t go.  I didn’t feel like selling her ticket for the $15 I paid for it, meaning I had to find the “right” person to give it to.  Child perhaps?  Older hard core Rockies fan?  How about THIS?  Thanks for joining us, David.  David was a hit after coming into the game.  He is a “professional free hugger” (WITH a business card, mind you).  I seriously almost shed a tear when an active Army person walked all the way down the aisle and went up for his free hug.  Awesome.

15)   It is baseball, not basketball, so it won’t change EVERYTHING.  But wherever Matt Garza goes WILL change the playoff scenarios in SOME way.  It is looking like the Rangers, with the Fillerbuster saying it is still the Red Sox as his destination.  I like the Red Sox especially with Buchholz’s injury problems presently.

16)   I am not sure, but I THINK someone named Froome won the Tour de France.  Don’t quote me on that.

17)   They say Pats players aren’t talking about Aaron Hernandez because they are scared of Bill Belichick.  I say it is because they are not used to being interviewed about a teammate who killed a couple people.

18)   Cheaterpari still has plenty of talent to win it all this year at Kentucky.  We know this.  That being said, they were dealt a significant loss when sniper Kyle Wiltjer announced his transfer to Gonzaga today.  Not a deal breaker, but it sure doesn’t help.

19)   SOMEONE in Philly IS getting teased today.  Nice custom Taylor Swift Eagles jersey, bro.

swift Capture

20)   I bet the high school kids’ jaw dropped when they ran into Jim Carrey in a Burger King in metropolitan Fairfield, Iowa this week.  Very cool of Jim Carrey to give them a photo opp too.

carrey Capture

21)   If this guy did more than 3-4 impersonations, it probably wouldn’t be funny to anyone outside of tennis circles, but he still is kind of funny doing the mainstream guys.  Thanks, Chris from The Cantina, for sending this along.


22)   Stop wearing Aaron Hernanadez hats, Pouncey brothers.  NOT very classy.

23)    The Denver Broncos suspended both executives who were busted for DUI’s.  That should give them MORE time to drink.  Clear schedules.  I hope they got them a chauffeur, too.

24)   This was the quietest NFL franchise tag period…like ever.

25)   I am tired of people ragging on Geno Smith for not attending Mark Sanchez’s Jets West camp.  Sure, he can learn from you and be obedient when the time comes.  For now, he is trying to get your job, and deserves to train for that wherever and whenever he would like.  LOTS of players go to the southeast to train on their own with their own people.  Leave Geno alone.

26)   Scott Boras says that there will be no in season contract talks with Max Scherzer.  Might as well let it ride.  If he settles down, he will still get paid.  If he keeps up his pace, the checkbooks need to open up much more with the need for studs league wide.  Sort of like doubling down on an eleven against a 6.

27)   People compare Mark Cuban to Jerry Jones with how “loud” they manage their franchises.  I disagree.  I think Jones is just being meddlesome, and Cuban really, truly cares…along with ALSO having lots of money.  First of all, Mark has a ring in the last ten years.  Second of all, he is much more likable.  I would play for Mark Cuban any day of the week.  I don’t know if I would COACH for him or GM for him, but I would play for him.

28)   If you give Kenneth Faried a lot to drink, put a microphone in front of him, and show him his picture in the ESPN Body issue…well, he has a lot to say.  http://www.complex.com/sports/2013/07/kenneth-faried-drunk-gave-tmz-crazy-interview

29)   On that note, thanks to DeAndre Jordan for telling us during the ESPY’s that Jon Hamm also has some big junk.  Not sure how you acquired that info, but ok.

30)   Congratulations to the Rockies and Orioles, who both won the “competitive balance lottery.”  Whatever it is, it SOUNDS like baseball is trying to give something to the little guys.

31)   I think we would all wanted to be a fly on the wall when Bama QB AJ McCarron tried to wake up Johnny Football before an appearance at Manning Camp.  I liked it that McCarron also tweeted that he wasn’t at the ESPY’s like Manziel because he was home training to win another championship.

32)   Maurice Jones-Drew has said that FB teammate Greg Jones missed a block on purpose and hung him out to dry on a play from the 1 yard line.  Evidently, they were playing against each other in fantasy football.  Nice.

33)   Hmmm.  Tiger needs a birdie to tie Westwood.  There has been one birdie all day on the hole he is on.  AND there are a BUNCH of birds circling over that particular hole.  Omen?  I will let you know in a second.

34)   Nick Saban is waving off any talk of three-peating or Bear Bryant comparisons.  Why should he?  He just doesn’t say anything and goes out and WINS.  Plus, why would we talk about that when we can make Godfather comparisons?

saban Capture

35)   Tiger missed the birdie putt, but Westwood got a bogey.  Back to being tied.

36)   That is it.  Gotta watch the end of this hoping Tiger has the lead at day’s end, get to the grocery store and go to gym.   Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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