I believe it’s time for me to blog…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Evening rant as I had a no lunch work day, which is typical.  Speed/ rattle off version with lots to get to.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)      Greetings and salutations, all.  Thanks for joining me.  I am sitting here flipping between OSU-Texas and Florida-Tennesee.

2)      They just interviewed Tennessee’s coach.  I think if my name wasn’t what it is, that I would like “Cuonzo.”

3)      On the other channel, Oklahoma State looks totally LOST without suspended pre-season All American Marcus Smart right now.  On second thought, they weren’t looking too good WITH him.  If you break down the recruiting rankings, they literally could be the biggest waste of talent in the nation right now.

4)      And, Marcus, DON’T take that advice that Metta World Peace is dishing out for you.  One would be wise to not listen to one single word that guy says.  He is a Rant Squad co-captain though, so much love, Metta.

5)      And come out FIRST when there is a press conference about you no matter what your coaches and advisors are telling you, Marcus.  I thought you were no showing.

6)      And I think you meant “conduct” when you said “that is not how I condone myself.”

7)      I was going to run errands on the way home, but five stalls later in three miles and I decided those errands could wait.  I tend to rationalize things and find the positive spin.  At least I know no one could successfully get far if they STOLE my car.  Eleanor is unattainable for outsiders.  All mine.

8)      Nice of Michael Sam’s father to say he is old school and not happy with his son coming out.  Allegedly it upset him so much that he had to close out his Denny’s tab and go to Applebee’s where they serve drinks.  Sounds like a full day.

9)      And by the way, get NEW school, senior.  Be proud of your son and this is a good thing.  Plus, it is a shame that the entire town and scouts knew and accepted it but you can’t.  Props, Michael Sam.  MUCHO props.  He is co-SEC player of the year and people are going to think with that status that his announcement will drop him in the draft, but from what I hear, he was third round tops anyway.  Apparently, his one on one drills don’t go as well as a first rounder.  He better not go lower because of this announcement though.

10)   Speaking of people who can’t develop from there old school ways, Richard Petty came out and said that Danica will win in NASCAR when “everybody else stays home.”  Ouch.  Danica, can you just WIN one already so I can resume talking good shit about you?  I have been waiting a while now.  My goal is to make MORE people leave Denny’s and go to Applebee’s.

11)   The Denny’s/ Applebees thing was NOT a Fillerbusterism.  Not even a joke on Deadspin.  It was in the ESPN article.  Just the facts, folks.

12)   Speaking of Deadspin, you can just sit there and watch this over and over and it does not get old ONE bit.  http://deadspin.com/i-cant-stop-watching-this-goal-celebration-1520329201

13)   The guy has been told HOW to act like a Yankee, but the fact that Tanaka showed up to America on a rented 787 for $200k with a total of like 5 passengers and a toy poodle means that he is ALREADY carrying the Yankees swagger.  Good coaching.

14)   I am satisfied I am up to 218 followers on Twitter, but the fact that Bob Costas’ Eyes has been active for just a week or two and already has 1500 followers really burns me.  I am sensitive.

15)   I don’t know if the Sixers play tonight nor am I going to look, but let’s just be aware the next time they play will be going for a THIRD straight 40 point loss.  You have to have goals.

16)   Unless you live in a bubble, you know that LeBron always puts on an unofficial personal dunk contest randomly in a pregame or at practice.  Yesterday was that day.  If you haven’t seen it, you are welcome.  And if you have seen the ESPN one, they shortened it-there are more on this one.  http://arizonasports.com/41/1700004/Miami-Heats-LeBron-James-puts-on-dunk-display-after-practice-in-Phoenix

17)   Just crossed 1000 on tweets.  The Sam thing hit perfectly for that mark.  I am a Twitter addict.

18)   It is great having Payne back, but Michigan State NEEDS Keith Appling to operate on all cylinders.  Bottom line.  At least to win the whole thing.

19)   I was going to get all excited about Fulham beating Man U in EPL, but then I noticed my boy Clint Dempsey was inactive.  That was about the only thing I KNEW about Fulham.

20)   This happened oddly the same time as nobody Washington women’s basketball beat #3 Stanford.  Might be a connection.  I will have my intern work on it for us.  He likes flowcharts also, and unfortunately is imaginary.

21)   Of course there is fallout for the Marcus Smart thing, but one thing is for sure.  For a sport supposedly trying to capitalize on the first non NFL weekend in months, Smart’s actions and that Arizona State kid spitting on the coach sure didn’t help the cause.

22)   UNC hasn’t surprised us in a bit by beating a big team randomly.  Duke-UNC is tomorrow.  At Carolina’s crib.  Hmmmmmm.  I claim to not straddle the fence in this blog.  Therefore, I have to pick one or the other.  I am feeling UNC surprises us all.  On the record.

23)   Talent wise, that is just idiotic what I wrote.  It is just a feeling-everyone and their mom knows who has the better team and shooters.  But I smell an upset.

24)   I lost the pool of whether Steve Nash would get reinjured before or after Greg Oden got reinjured.

25)   Maruice Cheeks, I love you man.  LOVED you as a player (actually liked Andrew Toney but that is neither here nor there).  Ever think about trying the college ranks to prove yourself a little bit?  We ALL know the Pistons shortchanged you on time coaching their gig with a disharmonious roster with too many bigs, but you do have a losing overall record, and I could see you being a great teacher of the game.

26)   Just like I have no idea of why I didn’t start pouring hot sauce on my self made pasta salad earlier, I am also confused how I just started buying cheese sauce to put on my spaghetti.

27)   Speaking of food, Lindsey had worked five straight days of on call, so a happy hour was needed yesterday.  Highly suggest checking out Pinches Tacos at York and Colfax for you local people.  Aside from famous tacos obviously, I highly suggest ordering the chipotle deviled eggs.

28)   Men At Work had an episode about one of the guys dating a girl whose ex was a female.  Jealousy reigned supreme.  I could go off on a tangent for a long time on this, but I will summarize.  At no point ever in life have I or will I EVER get mad at my girl for wanting to be with another girl.  Ever.  On the record, and have been since I knew that this type of event even happened in life.

29)   NBA scouts all over the league are scrambling to find out more information on Joel Embiid needing to “miss some time” due to soreness and minor injury.

30)   I keep pinching myself when I see a Robocop commercial, thinking maybe I have time warped back to a painful event in movies, but I am really just actually sitting there watching a Robocop commercial.  Surreal.

31)   With our house vacation fund adding $1 weekly and us being past week 5 now, I now have realized that the shoebox we are keeping it in is going to have quite a bit of money by the end of 2014.

32)   The result was the same, but some people out there probably turned off that KU-KSU game a tad bit early.  The comeback by KU at the end took it to overtime, but once again they lost a game I really felt they were going to win.  Every time I want to put them back in my Final Four, they lose. Syracuse, Florida, Wichita State, Michigan State (with Appling).

33)   UVA might not make the Final Four this year, but we HAVE to be in the running for best looking coach.  Tony Bennett is pretty darn facey.

34)   I have hated the pig in many a Geico commercials, but I still chuckle each time that damn recent Boots and Pants commercial comes on.

35)   Johnny Football will not throw at the A&M pro day.  I call him an idiot a lot of times in this blog, but I agree on this one I think.  He is already hearing his name as a possible top pick.  He can only go down, right?  And I assume that him in drills wouldn’t be as clean-he is a gamer, not a practice guy.

36)   Watching The Following is so hollow after watching True Detective.  So is Blacklist.  But, on the Following I will say this.  I don’t think that I ever had Connie Neilsen on my “list” over the years, but she sure as hell should have been.  Older hot.

37)   On True Detective, doesn’t that one cop interviewing Mathew McConaughey look KIND like Tom Jackson?


38)   Cue up Hall & Oates, Wham, and REO Speedwagon.  Why?  Because those were the top acts the last time SMU was in the AP Top 25.  Larry Brown is wrecking it as a coach down there these days.

39)   Good to see Doug Williams back with the Skins.  I still remember watching that Super Bowl win that changed things.  Good also to hear the Skins in a headline without “RGIII” or “redskins name offensive” also.

40)   I miss things, I don’t cook, I worked front of house only for 14 years of restaurants, and am just a few years clear of learning that pickles are cucumbers.  Well, I have another one for you.  Until last night, I had NO idea that guac was avocado.  I never thought about it I guess.  Just thought they looked pretty similar and green and stuff.  Oh well.

41)   I won’t go off like some homer, but just saying.  UVA is 11-1 in conference, could be undefeated playing Syracuse on March 1st, and am getting excited right up until the moment that I realize that I have watched them play all year to NOT be a believer.  Not seeing it, but enjoying it regardless.

42)   I like watching UVA games and hearing Curtis Staples references, who WAS the best trivia question in college basketball up until the 2000’s.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_NCAA_Division_I_men’s_basketball_career_3-point_scoring_leaders

43)   West Virginia did destroy Iowa State oddly enough, and I really liked the karate fight that broke out also during it.

44)   The Browns brought in a new GM and fans and non fans are still convinced they have NO idea what they are doing overall.

45)   I have been thinking about JR Smith’s broken cheekbone all day but haven’t formulated a decent joke.  Dammit.  Sorry.  I have nothing.

46)   I get rivalries, but shame to hear about the Auburn born Bama 5 star recruit having Auburn fans putting social media up telling people to stay away from his family business.

47)   I am missing the joke with the Pelicans telling us that the mascot needs beak surgery.

48)   Shaun White got fourth in the halfpipe today unfortunately.  I will be trying to catch the finals tonight played back as it is always pretty cool seeing a YOLO, even though I am not totally sure what it is except for a lot of turns and twists.

49)   Roy Oswalt will retire after 13 seasons.  I feel like he has already retired a few times.  I feel like he is 55 years old.  But he is not.  He is like an underachieving pitching time warp.

50)   The Steelers added ex-LB Joey Porter to their staff. I don’t know him personally, but is it kind of like a legacy, part of the family type of hire?  Not seeing him as a coach.

51)   LeBron says that he will be one of the top FOUR basketball players of all time when all is said and done.  Odd number to pick, so I guess you know who you are up against.  I still would have gone 3 or 5.  Sounds catchier.

52)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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