“I believe all God’s creatures have a soul… except bears, bears are Godless killing machines!”

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

On the clock.  Newer format.  Let’s turn and burn.

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No Rose, no Heinrich, no win.  The Bulls have found a way to win without Rose.  Dibs to them.  Heinrich is that experienced, serviceable backup that teams need, and he has served the function.  That being said, closing this series out is going to be harder than they think if he is not back in the lineup.  When the other team’s BEST player is their point guard, it goes without saying you need something as a stop gap.

The Rockets squeezed one out versus the Thunder to avoid the sweep.  Sure, missing Westbrook hurts a LOT.  But, I said before the series that a bunch of streaky shooters like Houston would still squeeze out a game.  I still don’t think OKC is in danger for the series, but that a little regrouping and rest while the Clippers and Griz exhaust themselves in seven games wouldn’t hurt either.  They will win the next game at OKC.

The Pacers dropped another one to the Hawks, making this series suddenly interesting.  Bottom line.  When Josh Smith PLAYS like a max contract player (which he did for one night), and when an X Factor like Kyle Korver goes 5-8 from three point range, this team is dangerous to EVERYONE…not just the Pacers.  Pacers will still take this one though.


The A’s beat the Angels in 19 innings last night.  That is exciting, and the craziness of ten players getting 8 or more at bats is insane, but I prefer to look at the box score and find the idiots.  Superstar Josh Hamilton went 0-8 last night, which got his season average down to a solid .202.


Metta World Peace has informed us that Snowball has too much pressure on him and that people should ease off.  Well, genius Metta, than he should have stayed in Orlando.  Bright lights and a winning franchise bring pressure.  Deserved pressure.  As Dennis Leary once said, “Life sucks.   Get a helmet.”


Soccer videos are so fun.  I thought it was the players usually mad at the refs, but not in this case.  http://nesn.com/2013/04/russian-soccer-referee-musa-kadyrov-attacks-youth-player-receives-lifetime-ban-video/


Sorry, Floyd Mayweather, I already went “out” for the Sonnen-Jones fight last weekend.  I hear people saying that this might be a trap fight, and how Guerrero might have a chance.  He might have a chance to go the distance with Floyd, but I have seen enough Mayweather fights to know that although he is cocky beyond ALL belief, the man prepares well AND is one of the best pure boxers we have ever seen.  I think Floyd will be just fine.  It is what his adventures are AFTER the fight we should be concerned with.


How do people NOT find this Stephen Colbert hilarious?  Maybe it takes a certain breed.  Maybe the people who don’t like him actually think he is serious.  I don’t know, but here are two from the last episode I watched.  One is about a “flash crash,” and the other has the interview with Danica Patrick.



And since it ended up being my theme:  http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/181598/february-23-2006/threatdown—bears



Peyton is the driest wit, funny guy who is not scared to try anything I have ever seen. Here he is singing Johnny Cash with the headliner at an event.



We are a day into the Jason Collins announcement.  Here are my three thoughts for today:

-This is a great step forward in a day where this should already be solved, and no disrespect to the fact that Collins is presently unemployed, and might not even PLAY for his 7th team in 12 years next year, but the REAL test when the person coming out is a SUPERSTAR.  Can you imagine Dwayne Wade, Joey Votto, Sidney Crosby, or Robert Griffin coming out?

-Chris Broussard, you are embarrassing.  If you don’t have anything decent to add to this conversation about Collins, then go home and stare at yourself in the mirror until you DO have something constructive to say.  You are an ANNOUNCER.  No one cares that you personally believe these people shouldn’t be among us.  Disgusting and I don’t care HOW you spin it with the Bible.

-Mike Wallace, I am glad you made those IDIOTIC anti-gay tweets while NOT being a Steeler.  Happy trails, and glad the Rooneys don’t have to deal with YOUR mess.



I won’t break down every matchup as I am on the clock, but here are some predictions.

-I think these playoffs will be crazy due to the shortened season and therefore smaller control group.

-I think Ottawa will take out second seeded Montreal in the first round’s 2-7 matchup in the East.

-I think that Pittsburgh will win the East with or without Sid the Kid.

-I think I am depressed that the Flyers are actually not in the playoffs.  I have been moderately spoiled for consistency.

-I think the Rangers will take down the Capitals in the first round.

-I think this might finally be the year San Jose makes the ultimate run and stops being playoff chokers.  At least their first round matchup against Vancouver will eliminate one of the pretenders.

-I think I will write more on this as we go.


On the hockey note, I would like to enjoy sometime soon the day when Sidney Crosby is totally healthy and can show the world his legendary and not seen before skills in a HEALTHY body.

That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN (.356/9/18/.437) question, bro.  Peace.

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