I ask you to watch this movie if you haven’t seen it before you read this rant. My #5 sleeper movie that no one seems to have seen…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Not on the clock.  Sitting here watching football with no plans whatsoever presently.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Glad you could join me.  Lindsey is at some all day wedding, so blogging, drinks, football, and baseball it is.  By the way, I am flipping on the Oregon-Washington game here and there.  Washington must be GOOD, because seeing Oregon “only” up 14 points late in the game is just weird.  I could try and be selective off of this huge list next to me, but let’s just get going.  Lots to get to.

2)      The Tigers advanced against the A’s to the next round with a MASTERPIECE by Justin Verlander.  Great to see that guy throwing mid 90’s like we are accustomed to, and I admit I was SO hoping for a no hitter or perfect game.  He teased us with it.  Great stuff.  It wasn’t, but I am sure in the playoffs just WINNING is what the task at hand was.  His first walk showed that, as he threw it obviously outside the zone, because although you can’t have a walk in a perfect game, you also can’t let the batter get a taste of a good pitch in winner take all Game 5.

3)      I have not seen League of Denial yet, but have heard it is powerful and it is on my list to see…right after I catch the Book of Manning at some point.

4)      Still some scores yet to come in, but this week is yet another example of why I am glad I am retired from betting on games outside of Vegas city limits.

5)      Just remember before choosing your college, young athletes.  If you end up a bad kid in college, you get kicked off the team and maybe go to jail.  If you do the same thing at an academy, you get court martialed.  Well, we should back up though on this.  You really shouldn’t be assaulting women in the first place.

6)      Props to the Defense Secretary for giving the academies clearance and funds to travel through October.  Since my job is selling to government, I am hoping there won’t have to be an additional announcement for November.  Come BACK, government people.

7)      I want that Italian racist gymnast to make sure she makes the Olympics.  I would love to see those tiny people in a brawl in the Olympics.  Quite rude what she said, alluding to the fact that judging was swayed because the U.S. girl was black.  Every time I think there is advancement in our society about racism, I hear one of these horrible paradigm stories.  Wake UP, people.  Ugghhh.

8)      Sweet.  I just watched UVA miss a field goal to win the game.  I am not mad about that.  I am mad about a 3rd down 45 yard pass inside the ten while UVA was playing token defense and double covering the receiver.  AND they covered the spread.  Ugghhh again.

9)      Mike Tomlin has come out this week and said that ALL recreational games are banned from the Steelers locker room.  Yup.  Watch out, world.  Steelers will be making a huge run.  Because, as you would expect, cancelling ping pong will automatically increase offensive line skill, make RB’s suddenly run more than 70 yards a game, and force INT’s and sacks.  Yay.  All better.

10)   For new readers, I am extremely sarcastic.

11)   When I went to school, our Virginia soccer team was ridiculous.  Pretty much everyone went to the national team after winning 3 out of 4 national championships.  What is the deal now???  The ladies at UVA are #1 and the guys are #23???  What gives?  Let’s bring back Bruce Arena.  Maybe it would be like Saban or Pitino coming back to the college ranks after trying the professional level.  Soccer is so badass there that one of my stories is this.  I went out on a first date my first year (we don’t call them freshmen) with Melissa Stark, who as you know is an NFL analyst.  I never got a second date even though the first one went fine.  The soccer captain, Ben Olson, swept in very quickly.  Quite funny at the time.

12)   Schedule, schedule, schedule-see Boise State two years ago.  Louisville winning close against Rutgers not only probably eliminated Louisville from any real consideration unless everyone above them loses twice, but it might have dropped him from #1 QB in the draft to…maybe #1.5.

13)   Thoughts and prayers to the Minnesota football coach.  Fighting that mean disease of cancer midseason…

14)   He can throw 15 more interceptions.  If you think Eli Manning is not the Giants’ QB next season, then you are smoking something.  He is allowed a bad year.  Even a horrible year.  There is no Andrew Luck in this year’s draft.  And NO one wants to gamble on Johnny Football I think unless he falls in their lap.

15)   Lindsey and I went and watched Captain Phillips last night.  Before I give my one or two sentence summary, know that I am extra hard on movies that are supposed to be revolutionary.  Here we go.  It was a solid movie without a doubt.  I think the actual taking over of the vessel was slightly rushed and needed a little more character development.  I think Tom Hanks was PERFECT for the part and has become his own, different version of Harrison Ford (Get off my PLANE!).  I think (I won’t give anything anyway, but it IS based on a true story-come on) that the long boat sequence was intense, but I found myself not really believing it would be that hard for three Navy ships (including a carrier) and one SEALS unit NOT to somehow beat four injured, tired, and thirsty guys (who somehow never ran out of bullets the whole time).  I think that a freight ship should have someone with ONE freaking gun, military or not.  I think the people they chose for the Somalia actors were spot on.  I think the ending scene almost tore me up inside and was NOT the type of ending I was expecting.  Not Eight Below or Tuner and Hooch tore up, but still moving.  Well done overall, please make sure you see it, and I give it 3.25 stars out of 4/ an A-.

16)   Yes, I am so detailed I go on the .25 scale.

17)   Yes, when Hooch dies in that freaking mainly comedy movie, I basically lose my shit.

18)   The Eagles not only don’t have their starting QB this week, but also have to play the Bucs.  I would be a little bothered by locking up with guys who might be added to the whole staph infection thing.

19)   By the way, Nick Foles.  Rock it out.  I carried you as my THIRD QB this week, and since Eli was my other one besides Vick and he SUCKS, I need you to tear it up for me in fantasy.  Considering with injuries and bye weeks, it took me 30 minutes to find a STARTING RB this week, I need all the help I can get.  When you are starting Donald Brown as your #2 RB, you know you have issues.

20)   I would like to give a shout out to someone who may or may not read this blog these days…my CEO.  Every job has its ups and downs in processes and daily activities, but working for someone with his passion for the product is pretty dope.  JJ, Ivan, and I were having some beers at a dwindling company event and actually brainstorming on our video wall and applications when David popped in at 5:30pm or so…after flying back from DC that day.  He plugged in his laptop and we brainstormed some more on a new functionality we have in our software.  Pretty awesome to work for someone with that belief on what he created.  Probably one of the reasons I show up so early to work every day or bust out my email and SalesForce at night in front of TV.  We had to re-shoot the video of our new feature because I was in the picture pumping the keg, but we got through it.  David, per our conversation, make sure you go watch Eastbound and Down with Kenny Powers.

21)   Not even out of the preseason, and Derrick Rose is being kept out of a game with knee soreness.  Not a good sign, precautionary or not.  They are literally a borderline playoff team without him, and a 1,2,3 seed easily WITH him.

22)   I am not sure if we learned more about South Carolina or Arkansas today.  South Carolina DESTROYED them at HOME with a five point spread.  Interesting.

23)   Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Rousimar Palhares.  Dude is a stud in UFC.  He is scary.  That being said, the sport in general is scary to the general health of everyone involved.  Not even your first incident, you were banished from UFC for life for holding one of the most dangerous moves in MMA a little too long.  You are dangerous.  Go beat people up on the streets.  You wasted your chance.  They have a good thing going.  They don’t need thugs like you.  Sonnen is an idiot, but he lets go when the ref says so.

24)   Here is a NASCAR update.  A guy is on the BK racing team.  A guy assaults a female this week.  A guy still is allowed to race tomorrow.

25)   Hilarious.  Confused that this guy is doing something from years ago in popularity, but funny regardless.  Here is an umpire whose tagline for a strikeout is Whoomp There It Is…”  http://deadspin.com/this-umpires-strike-three-call-is-whoomp-there-it-is-1443619787

26)   This dog does a half marathon and his reward is losing his nuts.  http://deadspin.com/escaped-dog-runs-half-marathon-wins-medal-gets-neuter-1443527598


27)   I have written on my list “A&M is.”  I obviously forgot to finish my thought.  Here is the remainder of my thought.  ‘Irritating, but pretty damn good.”

28)   If Lindsey’s phone ran out of juice, I am not sure which would be more painful.  Not getting calls, or not playing Candy Crush/ Sugar Mash.

29)   Since the WNBA is a focal point of this rant, I wanted to mention that the Lynx beat the Dream for the title.  AND, if that irritating question about sports nicknames that don’t end in “s” ever comes around again in your life, you now have two more.

30)   I have on my list to change up my blog background.  Nah.  It is all about hooks and that is one cool image.  Plus, this will be long and I am kind of lazy about being proactive in some things.

31)   It seems like yesterday that we were bored with the dominance of USC football.  Now we see headlines every week like “USC survives.”

32)   Seriously, the relationship of Lindsey and I is SO similar to Jeff and Audrey from Rules of Engagement.  It is crazy weird sometimes.

33)   Here is why you need to read ESPN AND Deadspin.  Magic Johnson was simply announced as leaving ESPN.  Ok.  Noted.  Deadspin upped the ante with stuff that may in fact be true.  http://deadspin.com/sources-magic-johnson-left-espn-because-of-bill-simmon-1443543687

34)   Michigan has caught up and is now beating the spread.  Even though I am fake betting, I am still very happy with a mini gambling rush.

35)   Here is the deal.  If an interaction occurs with me and someone, it might get blogged about.  If the person realizes that the conversation MIGHT be bloggable, they have the freedom to say “Fillerbuster, don’t write that in your blog.”  I will oblige to that request.  Otherwise, it is fair game.

36)   Lindsey went to the wedding, and was trying on dresses and shoes before leaving.  This place looks like a tornado rolled through it.  I will put them in a nice pile so it is “cleaned up,” but not put away as I have NO idea where anything goes.  I have a feeling the previous hook applies to this hook.

37)   Lane Kiffin has found being fired “difficult.”  We are even then, Lane.  You holding any position n where media covers you and your quotes is also “painful.”

38)   If you saw that Missouri was going to not only beat UGA at their crib but beat them handily, then you have better intuition than I do.  And all of Vegas.  Start betting, whoever you are.

39)   Now, Texas beating OU today was not out of this world.  Preseason rankings ARE useless by themselves, but Texas was ranked pretty high then and we know they have the talent on their squad to rise up.  Plus, as Lindsey so eloquently said as an OU fan, at least we know that crappy coach Mack Brown gets to keep his job for another year or two.

40)   My girl is out for the night.  I think I am supposed to round up all my friends and go to a strip club or something.  Not overthinking how rounding up the friends part of that statement would be tough, but sitting here blogging, watching the entire Ole Miss-A&M game, and then viewing some dude movie on my couch sounds fancy as hell to me.

41)   Do you smell that?  I don’t know why, but I smell a possible upset tonight with Ole Miss.


41b)  ADDED AFTER TEN MORE MINUTES.  Maybe not a whoops.  14-10.  We will see.

42)   Nadal fell in straight sets in this weekend’s tourney.  Of course he did.  He is now checked out until next year’s French Open.  He will win one more and go out like John  Elway.

43)   Also in tennis, Roger Federer, now #7, fired his coach.  Yeah.  THAT is the problem.  The coach.  You are getting ancient as far as tennis age.  Just deal with it and stop firing people.

44)   The Cardinals won last night in extra innings.  Dodgers Ethier and Martinez are now out for tonight’s game.  The Tigers are still in it.  Yup.  I still like my pre-playoff prediction.  Tigers in seven over the Cards.

45)   In flipping through the channels last night, I caught a little Enemy of the State.  If somehow this movie has missed your viewing, make time for this flick.  It is solid, but was off the radar to the masses.  Off the top of my head, three surprising movies people haven’t seen that are really good are Rounders, The Edge, and Enemy of the State.  Hidden pleasures.  If you make me round out the top five of these, throw in The Score and Spy Game.  All have big names, and all are movies you might have not heard about.

45a)  Oooooh.  Spy Game sounds fantastic later tonight.

46)   Pretty funny stuff.  These cops use a trained pink elephant to throw off people they pull over.  Just click on it.  It is tough to explain in a sentence.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwJfXgTO7J4&feature=youtu.be

46a)  Seriously, click on it.  Here is a visual.


47)   Lindsey asked what I want for my birthday this year.  THIS popped into mind this week.



48)   I don’t even know what is the actual name of the guy who does Kenny Powers.  He is just Kenny Powers to me.

49)   I was going to write about how Baylor is averaging like 700 yards per game, but kind of mad at them for not covering today at Kansas State.  Them AND Texas Tech didn’t cover.  What gives?  You guys were blowing the spread out of the water earlier this year.

50)   I believe that I heard this stat, which doesn’t mean as much since Texas beat OU.  Mack Brown has given up 55 points or more five times in his tenure at Texas.  ALL of them have been OU.

50a)  Should have written this blog at 9am this morning…

51)   It doesn’t have the same oomph after today’s loss.

52)   I have a bet for people.  What will happen first?  Greg Oden playing a game or Derrick Rose missing a game.

53)   There was a Ross on the way home from dropping off Lindsey at that wedding.  For $10, I got these SWEET dark blue pants.  They are made by Calloway, because I firmly believe the best customer facing business casual pants are ones made for golf.  They look good, but are also comfortable enough to walk 18 holes.  Brilliant.

54)   I dress up for clients with no complaints, but also change 5 minutes after our meeting is done if possible.  I am not a dress up guy.  INSIDE sales.

55)   At work Friday, this is what I ate because of a burrito lady, a lunch and learn, and the after work party.  I had this and this only.  Two bacon burritos, 11 slices of pizza, and two brats.  I worked out today, but have a feeling I might have barely burned off the burritos.  I will set me alarm early before the Steelers to work on the pizza.  The brats might just have to be whatever they will be.

56)   Thanks, Bob, for passing that article along.  It was about how a Widespread Panic member works out on the road and watches what they eat.  That is great and admirable.  They are old guys, and I hope they all stay healthy and play for years to come.  Favorite band ever.  I can tell you for a fact that THIS band member is not biking with John.

57)   Can someone from the media just wait on all headlines and tell us when Gronk WILL play?

58)   Is that the most jacked up story ever about Adrian Peterson’s kid?  Thoughts and prayers, A.P.  His kid died of assault from another guy.  That is HORRIBLE.  I know football would get your mind off things, and I don’t your relationship with your ex, but I think I would have to sit out a game during this.  Either that, or I would HATE to be a linebacker trying to tackle him this week.  Dude has to be ANGRY.

59)   Penn State just scored after two amazing throws and catches.  This is amazing.  Glad the spread is just 2.5 so a field goal wins it game wise and spread wise.

60)   By the way, cool story about the Penn State QB.  When all of the sanctions were coming down, the #1 high school in the recruit thought long and hard and STILL went to Penn State.  Pretty stellar.

61)   We also watched Hangover III last night.  Watchable, there was a plot, and pretty funny as expected.  I assume that is it.  No mas.  Please?  Anyway, my two points are this.  I was SO excited to see how they ended up with a giraffe.  What circumstances would lead to this?  Well, it was the first scene of the freaking movie and very much a letdown along with being slightly disturbing in a funny way.  Also, my random note.  In one of the scenes, there are a LOT of wind power things.  Since I know movie companies reuse locations (from working a movie) from movie to movie, was that the same location used in the final scene of Seven, where Kevin Spacey gets the head of the good guy’s wife delivered?  Just curious.  Sorry if you have somehow never seen Seven.  You waited too long.  And that WASN’T an under the radar movie.

62)   It’s official.  The Cards just beat Clayton Kershaw.  Wow.  Took down the stud.  I assume him pitching on short rest in his previous start didn’t help him in this one.  It is a seven game series and not a five game series, but the Dodgers aren’t looking too good right now.  Studs (Greinke and Kershaw)  have pitched AND they are down 2-0.  Not good.

63)   Going to overtime in this PSU-Michigan game.  Fun game to watch.  Glad it is.  I am not much of a big flipper when I am blogging.

64)   The NFL upholds Suh’s record fine.  Good job.  Just stay in the room, people.  I am sure he will do something else idiotic this week for you all to discuss.  I am trying to help out your travel costs.

65)   The US beat Jamaica in a qualifier.  Seriously, I know I have a hard time getting into Euro or MLS soccer, but is anyone else excited besides myself and Logan?  I LOVE World Cup soccer.  LOVE it.  And am CRAZY during it.  And why isn’t Living Social having flight specials to Brazil next year?  THAT is what I need.  Logan, I will make it up to Seattle at some point for a football and other football game.  Sounds solid.  Plus, there is this dive bar about a half block from where they throw the fish that I need to check out again too.  Some somewhat downstairs place that was really dark with a couple pool tables and $3 Jagers.  Basically, my type of place.

66)   The Germans, the Swiss, and the Belgians all qualified this week for the WC.

67)   RANT SQUAD member getting CREATIVE.  Yes!!!!  That is why I have scouts.  That is why I have a processing period.  And that is why my team is what it is.  Michael Beasley had to field questions about BEING INJURED after hitting HIMSELF in the head.  Way to think outside the box, buddy.  I know you want that captain letter on the uniforms that I have yet to distribute after all this time, and this stunt helps.  Keep it up.  Much love.

68)   Shame that Tom Clancy died recently and that a movie with Jack Ryan I didn’t even know was coming out is soon to be released.  I will only rent it, but glad good old Jack Ryan is still out there in the movie world.

69)   If you are not following that…Patriot Games.  Hunt for Red October.  Clear and Present Danger.  Etc.

70)   I had the best time during long previews before Captain Phillips last night.  One of the best long preview sessions to my recollection.  Grudge Match.  DeNiro-Stallone/ the best two fighting movies’ actors ever.  Jack Ryan-Shadow Recruit.  Mark Wahlberg-Lone Soldier/ Four Brothers with a wartime setting and hopefully better quality.  AND.  Some movie that looks awesome with Clooney, Damon, Goodman, and Murray.  AND  American Hustle with Bale and Cooper.  Good stuff on the uptake, people.

71)   How many times have we seen something like THIS?  Penn State missed a field goal in OT, meaning Michigan just needed a FG.  Michigan plays ultra-conservative and simply centers the ball.  What happens?  Missed FG.  Ugghhh.

72)   Grab your flights and hotels.  Wisconsin and LSU will play at Lambeau in 2016.  That sounds exciting, but I don’t even know what I am doing in two hours.  I am a bad planner.

73)   Speaking of planning and Panic and my last trip to Atlanta, I have a slight urge into checking flight, hotel, and ticket info for NYE.  I loved the town, all of the venues are close together, and they have some nice acts in the neighborhood that night…and of course, Panic.

74)   I don’t believe it took me this long to be bothered by it, but how does the QB for Michigan have the #98?

75)   Better question.  Why aren’t more position groupings crazy like that?

76)   Broncos fans (not me) welcome back Champ Bailey.  Good warmup game for you, considering I can’t name a receiver on their squad besides recently activated Justin Blackmon.

77)   Jets TE and massive underachiever Kellen Winslow got suspended for four games for PED’s.  The way this guy has looked since college, I am amazed it took this long to bust him.  He is a beast that for some reason doesn’t produce.  At least, he plays for the right misfit team.  Maybe he sucked all of these years to stay under the radar.  I am finishing this up once this football game is done.  They are now headed to a third OT.  Great game.

78)   Michigan fumble.  Good chance on winning and covering.

79)   Let me check my texts to make sure no hot plans have come around.  Blackjack Pizza and Famous Footwear.  Ok.

80)   Decision made after a few drinks.  If the A&M game is a blowout, I will wander downtown to…wander.  There is some Zombie scavenger hunt that should be fun to observe.  If the game is close, I will watch it and then some movie that I will over criticize.  Done and done.

81)   Geez.  Michigan missed another gimme FG.  Got a bad feeling about this.

82)   Ok.  Let’s do NBA predictions.  Pacers over Miami in seven in the East.  Clippers over Thunder in 6 in the West.  Clippers over Pacers in 6 games in NBA Finals.

83)   Ok.  Let’s do college basketball predictions.  VCU and Colorado will wreck your bracket.  Final Four.  Michigan State, Arizona, Kentucky, Creighton.  Michigan State over Kentucky in the final.

84)   Ok.  Let’s do hockey.  I think the Sharks are now due (for the 5th year in a row).  Sharks over Penguins in seven games.

85)   Stanford is losing to Utah with less than a minute left.  I hope I posted my Buster picks late enough on Friday that you paid them no mind.

86)   If I didn’t have work, the gym, and Lindsey, you DO realize I could literally blog constantly about sports and other items for my entire life, right?

87)   Ok.  Penn State just won it after a well called interference call.  I now TRULY hope you didn’t take my bets.  Just a blogger, people.  Who likes to tell people who to bet on.  That is it. I am really good at college basketball.  Maybe we should wait for that sport to come along.  Not sarcastic, I am money in college basketball betting.

88)   If you made it all the way through this rant, send me an email of your color choice.  You get a key chain bottle opener that says “Fillerbuster” cleverly designed as looking like a hook.

89)  Actually, that is not a bad idea once this thing blows up more.

89)   That is it.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro (and fantasy team people who apparently like imitating that line-thanks for the flattery, biatches).  Peace.

89a)  It is 14-7 and Ole Miss has the ball.  YES.  I can stay in perhaps.

90)   Just a tagline.  Let’s see how the Steelers do and go from there.  It is Columbus Day on Monday.  Most of my clients will not be working.  Maybe a longer one that day.  Peace.

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