I am one with the Force, the Force is with me.

Thoughts for the day.  It is 5:25pm.  I am in “blog” mood, but don’t really feel like talking to you for a long time.  Let’s do one sentence per hook.  Cool?

  1. Rogue One was so good, and I might say that 50 more times in this cast.
  2. My betting day is important, but the Steelers one, so…who cares.
  3. What the HELL happened at the end of the Eagles game?
  4. No intern until 2017, so sorry for grammatical errors.
  5. Now that I am caught up on Westworld, I am kind of sad it is not on tonight.
  6. The Jags fired their coach, and know that any compassion for Blake Bortles is from a person who has not googled what his wife looks like.  Image result for blake bortles wife
  7. Yes, I bet on the…never mind.  Can’t say it.  I will jinx myself.  I went more bigger on tonight’s game.
  8. Yes, I am aware that was more than one sentence.  Back to one sentence hooks…NOW.
  9. I so love going to work on Monday when the Broncos lost and the Steelers won.
  10. I am going to do a pre-2017 prize tonight…just a heads up.
  11. I know I had a long day (yesterday) when I didn’t even stay up for the entire Bourne movie.  Long day.  Popcorn is NOT a meal.  Image result for jason bourne
  12. He remembers everything and it all ends tonight.
  13. UVA cleared the 31.5 point spread but I told people to bet on the over…and they didn’t.
  14. 114…118…monstrous total.
  15. Thanks for the admin notes, Vince, and my 2017 intern will make sure that doesn’t happen again.
  16. Kind of sad when you take the under and that score is gone…with 8:00 left in the game.
  17. Rogue One was so good.  Have I mentioned that?
  18. Vontaze Burfict is a thug, glad we beat them, and even when I hated him at ASU, I assumed I would still hate him now.
  19. Welcome back, subscribers.  Keep reading.  A prize will be awarded.
  20. Seriously, how do I make money on being #twocatmark?
  21. Seriously, I just got a Christmas card to Lindsey, me, and “the cats.”
  22. The Beast & Bottle is SOOOOOO good for brunch…missing out if you haven’t gone.
  23. The sauce to dip your fries in is something to die for.  Image result for beast and bottle denver
  24. Bring your wallet, and enjoy the meal before you get the hefty tab.  Worth it though…
  25. But, it is a block away, so when it is cold…
  26. Hey, Notre Dame basketball, I didn’t watch your game, but did you throw the entire plan out the window after being up 52-38?
  27. Bernard Hopkins is a legend, and we should not judge his career off this weekend…dude is 52.  Not all of us can go out with John Elway.  Image result for john elway super bowl falcons
  28. Hey, Bills, just fire Ryan already…I am tired of your “rumors.”
  29. Most of you don’t know who Shammgod was, most of you don’t know the move he borrowed and used successfully during his Providence and short NBA career, but PLEASE Google “Shammgod Westbrook.”
  30. (waiting)
  31. (waiting)
  32. (while waiting, I would like to tell you Rogue One was SOOO good)
  33. Image result for westbrook shammgod
  34. Bad ass, basketball move, aye?
  35. I never thought I would see “Popovich” and “soulmates” ever in the same sentence.
  36. I am tired of the NYG walkie-talkie story.
  37. Bill Withers I think wrote songs FOR Sunday afternoon.
  38. The Steelers survived today…not happy, not sad…just at ease.
  39. The Bison Pastrami Hash brunch dish at Prohibition is quickly working its way up to my top five meals of ALL TIME.  Image result for seinfeld pastrami
  40. Watch the Joe Mixon video, but only once.
  41. David Johnson is breaking records, on a non playoff team, and is putting up one of the oddest seasons of all time.
  42. Like the non South Jersey Mike Trout thing…
  43. Ethan, you are welcome for your random act of kindness drink today, and it was a pleasure to meet you.
  44. Played pool, and won 4 of 5 with my partner playing like ass.
  45. I think UK could score 150 points in a game if FIVE of their players all had Monk-like games like Saturday.
  46. I have made a rule, and that rule is that someone drinking bottomless mimosas can NOT ask anyone how many beers they have had-lol.
  47. Rogue One was sooo good.
  48. I came home and thought I could finally get the Force to put the TV remote in my hand.
  49. It didn’t work, but this new movie still gives me hope.
  50. Ravens-Steelers…next week…Christmas…division on the line…epic.
  51. You get old and I will watch, but in the meantime Lindsey and I are going to DMX next week down the road at Cervantes.
  52. I got out of the grocery store yesterday without buying Easy Cheese (WHY wasn’t it by the Ritz Crackers at my other grocery store) but bought beef franks for the first time in 5 years, and have already finished half the bag.
  53. Tell me you knew where Tom Savage went to school and I will tell you the meaning to the universe.  Image result for tom savage rutgers
  54. Rutgers…I had to look it up and I am a Jersey guy.
  55. Brock Bottom…really, really funny.
  56. (I think it is funny, but in contention in your division after you paid good money for this guy and you BENCH him healthy???? I wouldn’t have done it.)
  57. Bought a drink for a random person last night like I have been doing for the last couple of months…dude said it was such a noble act of kindness that he bought our $60 tab…not the OBJECTIVE of the exercise, but pretty freaking cool.
  58. If you start doing the same thing, tell the person to NOT buy YOU a drink back out of reciprocation, tell them to buy someone ELSE a drink.
  59. People this afternoon asked me if I was a good person to tell them some cool Sunday bars to go to…please.
  60. Hey, Green Bay, the spread was FOUR and you were up 27-10.
  61. But, I guess thank you for covering the over in sub 10 degree weather.
  62. I felt bad for beating Cincy today…they are literally like the worst best team of all time.  I think I would rather be a Browns fan.
  63. Breaking out the new Steelers hat…this week.
  64. Seriously, in this snow, the best shoes I have ever bought were the ones I bought in Crested Butte after a happy hour.
  65. I love that Prohibition Bar says “first person here gets sound on your football game.”
  66. This Boston movie with Mark Walhberg is going to be awesome, and assuming him, Damon, and Ben Affleck were the three guys called for this movie.
  67. I need to catch that Marky Mark-Gronk interview, which I only saw on no sound.
  68. Hindsight is 20/20, but I knew the Jets were bad, Miami would win, and that I should have bet more on that game.
  69. Found out a buddy of mine’s lady is having a baby, and all I could say in between pool shots is “well, I have two cats.”
  70. Watched the new Southwest commercial without sound, was excited, and then saw WITH sound, and was not impressed.
  71. I hate the NFL PI rule, change it to 15 yards, and be DONE with it.
  72. Anyone want pure bred Golden Doodles?
  73. I know someone if you need one, as the new litter is 12 Strong.
  74. Hey, Jeremy Hill, you better be up a LOT more on the scoreboard to disrespect a Terrible Towel.
  75. Oh, in case I didn’t mention it.  Rogue One was SOOOO good.
  76. It got you attached to new characters quickly, teased you with old school characters at perfect times, had great action, had a story line already built in, teased the Jedi thing perfectly, and…was soooo good.
  77. Hey…you don’t want to mess with the Packers or Steelers right now…just saying.
  78.  My ride…I love her.  
  79. Just because we have a munchkin cat, we can’t forget about this guy #twocatmark 
  80. From the crew last night-dude is in the Guiness Book of World Records for bench pressing above your weight.  Ross.  
  81. How DARE you light my cheese on fire… 
  82. This is what Westworld does to you.  
  83. The guy behind me is passionate about work, and this actually is him on a call.  
  84. This is the guy who makes you realize you don’t dress well or care about fashion.  
  85. Lunchables on Ice like I mentioned, when you don’t have a fridge or it is too cold to have AC on.  
  86. Kind of tough to get good pics of Tulsa.
  87. Yup, this is a pro pic from a future professional photographer.  
  88. I am #twocatmark This is one of them.  
  89. Charlee’s first vet trip.  
  90. Just wait-I will get dogs at some point…until then…
  91. Oh, a prize.  Marty/ Rudy is excluded from winning.  Before 11pm tonight Mountain.  $10.  Best composition by Beethoven in my opinion.  By a mile.
  92. Going to go watch Secret Life of Pets and I know you are jealous.
  93. That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Onward and upward.  Peace.
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