I am missing something…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Evening rant.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Greetings and salutations, all.  I know we are all very “excited” that Tim Tebow was hired by ESPN today as an SEC analyst.  Not as excited as last time I will tell you.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49aHGCUFzpA

2)      Louisville suspended Chane Behanon from the team today indefinitely.  Does it take them out of the championship talk absolutely?  No.  But, it does hurt, and after watching Kentucky own the paint again UL WITH Behanon playing the other day, I will say it is a legitimate blow.  I didn’t have them in my Final Four anyway.  I have Cuse, Zona, Wichita State, and Michigan State.

3)      Kind of scary that that paint owning game I referenced happened with Randle out in the second half due to cramps.  If he played the second half, it might have been much uglier.  UL has played Kentucky and bipolar UNC as their only quality opponents and lost both games handily.

4)      Black Monday and heads rolled to say the least.  Some new guy will get a shot in Cleveland, Washington, Tampa, Detroit, and Minnesota.  Taking in the Texans  also,  and if I am unemployed, I am knocking on the doors for the Lions, Texans, and Redskins in that order.  Those cupboards are pretty darn full.  I think a LOT of people wouldn’t mind at a shop to coach that Lions team.  Team is loaded and no one knows how they lost so much this year.

5)      The Cleveland Browns axing makes the least sense to me.  They gave a guy ONE year, with an injured QB most of the time, on a weak team.  I think you give a guy two or three years with a roster like that.  It is not enough time to instill your system.

6)      Congrats to Peyton Manning for having arguably the best season ever for an NFL QB.  He doesn’t care though.  He just wants to finish things so at least he can tie up the internal family battle.  I really don’t see anyone who can take them down in Denver.


7)      I prefer to not discuss yesterday.  The Steelers can blame themselves for even BEING in that position, and I am not going to cry about a penalty that wasn’t called in a totally separate game.  Ugghhh times 1000.

8)      With the Steelers  out, you would figure I would shift to home team allegiance.  I am not until Brady is out of the playoffs.  If the Pats bow out, then Denver has one more fan on their side.

9)      Plus, my pain must be a lot less than those Bears fans.  They let THAT one go.

10)   Mike Shanahan will get another shot at coaching.  But, it IS interesting that he was 47-17 with two rings with John Elway, and is 123-122 with only one playoff game win since.

11)    I am watching UVA and Tennessee.  UVA is downright painful to watch each time I have seen them.  When Joe Harris has a tall athletic player guarding him, he just looks slow.

12)   If you are a Denver person, know that there is a new Waffle Bros location on 17th Street near City Park.  Delicious, and you can write on the walls in crayon.

13)   The fights were interesting Saturday night.  Rousey needed until the third round, which was respectable, but looked mostly in control for the fight.  Then, an armbar occurred.  In the Silva fight, you know what happened unless you live in a bubble.  It was surreal and gruesome, and I have no interest in seeing any more replays of it.  Silva, retire as you have nothing left to prove.  Your 16 straight wins will always put you among the best ever, and your comeback this time isn’t needed.

14)   Wichita State is #8, people.  My only sadness is that other people now pay attention to them.  I kind of liked them better as an off the radar pick.

15)   For you doubters, how many games do you NEED before acknowledging Duke’s Jabari Parker is pretty damn good.

16)   Did I ALREADY read about Derrick Rose’s progress and rehab?????  Stop it.  Save it up for going overboard later this season.  I am not ready for it yet.

17)   I lied in the last rant.  The offer was extended to Lindsey, but we nixed me missing the end of the UL-UK game to go to La Fondue.  I have no movie reviews  Whoops.

18)   UVA is literally down 41-17.  Sounds like what would happen if they played football.

19)   My list of Hunger Games athletes is coming around nicely.  It should be fun if I actually have the time to do anything with it.

20)   What Duke coach David Cutcliffe has done with their football program is absolutely amazing.  He won COY this weekend, and deservedly so.  With all of these coaching vacancies right now, I hope he enjoys what he has done and doesn’t move on to greener grass.

21)   Is there actually going to be a Robocop remake?  Have I missed something?  What group of people thought those movies were good?  Is it a remake, or are they adding ON to the existing bad movies?  Confused.  I make the most of my money with movies, and I can tell you the ONE movie I fell asleep during in the theater was Robocop II.  We are truly out of ideas.  That is all I have to say about that.

22)   I suppose if UVA continues to look this bad, I can flip over to the Oregon-UT football game.

23)   Among my 180 followers now in Twitter, I can proudly announce that the One Direction fan Twitter account is now a follower.  Very proud.

24)   Perhaps we should have Yasiel Puig and Javedeon Clowney race.

25)   AAAHHHHHHH (sung).  Don Shula gave support for the present Dolphins coach.  If that is not protected from above, I don’t know what is.

26)   Lindsey got me a Steelers t-shirt for Christmas.  It has Lambert on the back, fits the best of any shirt I own, and I admit to wearing it twice this weekend without washing it.

27)   She also got me a Steelers hat.  Mom, I am not sure if you did not know what my present hat looked like, but you pretty much replicated it, so I have to go towards Lindsey’s.  Sorry.  Since I am retiring the present one in less than the standard 3 years of wearing, at least I know I have two quality backups should something happen to the new one.  I am a baseball cap loyalist.

28)   I loved the holiday commercial where we think the kid is ignoring his family and then shows the holiday video he put together on Christmas morning.  Solid stuff, and took me totally off guard.

29)   Good job, Houston.  You tanked the best and get permission at first crack at Clowney or Bridgewater in the draft.  Nice work.

30)   That is it.  I need to go watch the rest of this basketball shellacking.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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