I am just reporting NEWS. This was an actual news story today AND was covered in one of my hooks. Geez…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day rant.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       You can pick between last night’s basketball games to possibly being your championship game.  VERY impressed with Kansas.  They are MUCH more than super stud Andrew Wiggins.  Their fans also were obviously the most in attendance, so good effort for those guys.  That was a nice win for KU.  But are we ever sold on Duke this early in the season?  No.  Coach K matures them quickly, but that was obviously a rough draft.

2)      It was SO nice to hear Dick Vitale’s voice again.  So nice.  AND, we can listen to stats about Duke in the coming months even when Duke is not playing and he is announcing games, because saying he likes the program is beyond an understatement.

3)      Both sides won.  Boston got the Series, and Francona, their ex-manager, got Manager of the Year.  Hurdle’s award was also well deserved.  He got those Pittsburgh kids to play for real and seriously, and their future is bright.

4)      The Fins delayed the Martin-NFL meeting per the league’s request.  Everyone wants to make sure their note cards are in pristine and delicate form before being recorded on a subject that is doomed to go haywire.

5)      Urban Meyer doesn’t like his WR’s brash talk.  Brash?  Kind of.  Dumb?  Yup.  “Beating” is one thing.  “Wiping the field?”  That is a little carried away.

6)      In this whole hazing thing, there is a line no one will be able to figure out.  What is it?  Is making them get you food at lunch hazing?  Is it carrying your veterans bags?  The line becomes very gray very quickly, and I personally agree they should be at least treated like the rookies they are.  But, the point between derogatory and not derogatory is too muddled to regulate.

7)      For all of you idiots doing boring arrests trying to get on my Rant Squad, I have news for you.  He is not ON by any means as it is only one offense, but Big Baby Davis going apeshit at a TRAVELODGE is brilliant.  Throwing the computer, raising hell, and once again…at a freaking TRAVELODGE.  What is a present NBA player doing hanging out at a Travelodge, AND is THAT why he is mad??

8)      Kenyon Martin is unhappy with the Knicks performance thus far.  We all are, Kenyon, and you and that lost step of yours don’t really MOVE the situation unfortunately.

9)      It never ends.  Eleanor is still in the shop, and the mad Russian is stumped.  Hopefully, the “thorough visual check” and “jiggling and tightening of random wires in that check” have resolved the situation.  He actually mentioned “taking it to a dealer” in our conversation.  I almost became sick.  Actually, considering he has not found anything, I am still sick.  I only stalled 4 times on way to work, and three times from work to his shop (including while driving IN shop).  That is INCLUDING the fact that I put it into “park” at all lights and stop signs.  It better be some powerful jiggling of wires.

10)   The Chiefs will start Dwayne Bowe, because doing the classy thing and sitting one of your better receivers before a game that will contribute HIGHLY to AFC home field advantage is just not an option in our world…I guess.

11)   An ex-ball boy will auction off the MJ “flu shoes.”  Ummmm.  That ball boy must have doing quite well in life and perhaps had a recent divorce that drained his banking account, because why would you wait to sell those bad boys until NOW?

12)   Pistons Josh Smith has been drastically reduced in minutes and says he is NOT unhappy.  Why would he be?  He is making max pretty much for playing 10-20 minutes a game…

13)   Manny Pacquiao says he will fight for the well being of his home country, the Philippines.  Dude, you couldn’t pull off the fight with Floyd, and not many people outside of boxing circles care what you are doing, BUT that IS noble and nice job.  That last part was not sarcastic.  Just the END of the sentence though.

14)   And my company sells digital signage.  We use our own product and have displays showing all types of information.  What did I learn today that is not sports related?  Miss Venezuela became the SEVENTH Miss Universe from her country.  Those lads grow up in a nice atmosphere evidently-hot chicks everywhere.  Probably beat the high haired South Jersey talent my high school had.

15)   From Deadspin, look.  It’s a kid who has figured out exactly what he wants to do in life.  Be Mel Kiper.  You have to have goals.


16)   With the dismal fantasy football team I have, and my immediate satisfaction waiver league we have, I was kind of glad I was up early and snagged Pats RB Shane Vereen IMMEDIATELY as he was announced active.

17)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

17a)  And new employee next to me who has Separate Ways ringtone is a Seinfeld addict and had sports radio on when he took me to auto shop today.  You are a-ok in my book on all fronts, Charles.

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