I am done getting hooked on Return of the Jedi when on TV when THESE guys make their appearance…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  There is some unimportant basketball game on in an hour.  Evening rant/ pre-game.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Jason Kidd retired today.  What a player and it is a shame he only got one ring.  But, watching him in his later years, becoming a dangerous three point shooter along with a passer, was extraordinary.  He is an all timer, and goes off not totally on his own terms, but not embarrassingly losing a step either.  Plus, anyone who is still playing professionally who went to college ANY of the years I was in college should probably call it a day.  Loved watching you play, Kidd, and it is more of a shame that more PG’s don’t try and play the way you did.

2)      Pacers Heat tonight.  If I was BETTING, I would take the Heat.  But, the Pacers have a shot, and KNEW if they beat the Heat it would be a long series.  This is their chance.  They can’t let any emotions  allow us to SEE how young they are.  This is the game where they advance a level if they win.  This is the deal.  I peg this game on four things and four things only.  Limit turnovers successfully.  Do NOT lose your cool-play smart with no technical fouls.  Make Wade and Bosh beat you.  And play YOUR game-don’t let any ONE player try and win it themselves.  That is it.  I think the more intriguing thing to watch play out is if LeBron doesn’t think he will get help in the game and goes into “Cleveland mode.”  It will be fun.

3)      A Jackie Robinson glove was auctioned off today for $373.  For what he did for society and sports, and if I hypothetically had $373 sitting around feeling ignored, I would have bought that thing.  How I wish I had $373 sitting around bored.

4)      Tiger ended up 20 behind the winner Matt Kuchar before all was said and done.  20.  And that is WITH making the cut.  Bad, but don’t stress.  He will lock and load for the US Open.  And in the words from Hard to Kill, you can “take THAT to the bank.”

5)      Mookie Blaylock celebrated being back to fair condition by getting charged in the accident.  It is what it is.  Glad you are ok, bro.

6)      Congratulations to Tommy Haas, who at 35 became the oldest quarterfinalist at the French Open since 1971.  He doesn’t have a chance to win it all of course, but nice for him to advance this far.

7)      Copy and paste again today.  “Nadal Advances.”  He OWNS this thing when healthy.

8)      I would have liked to see that Stephens-Sharapova match today.  Sharapova advanced in straight sets.  Remember, Sloane, winning is a process that requires losing first.  You will get your turn.  Too talented NOT to.

9)      The Blackhawks are now up 2-0 against the Kings.  The Kings go home now, which means this thing is far from done with Quick in goal and their home ice advantage.  BUT, I still think the Blackhawks look MUCH faster than anyone else on the ice at this point.  I want Blackhawks-Pens SO bad.  It would make for a great Finals series.

10)   Thoughts and prayers to Jim Kelly, who is battling cancer of the jaw.

10a)  Why is this not called just “jaw cancer?”

11)   I had Arby’s yesterday.  I even said to myself out loud “feels like an Arby’s night.”  Thanks, Puddy.

12)   I got stuck in the Star Wars (the good, early ones) marathon yesterday.  I caught them at the perfect moment.  The second half of Empire when it gets good, and the beginning of Return of the Jedi (I exit stage left when the Ewoks make their first appearance).  It is so much fun when Luke becomes a badass.

13)   Manny Pacquiao says he will never fight in the U.S. again.  I don’t think anyone cares, Manny.  Whoever’s fault it was between you and Floyd, you got the short straw. Floyd is doing fine and has a fight I already have goose bumps for, and you just keep plugging along on those Hennessy commercials until people start wondering who you are outside of boxing circles.

14)   A man was assaulted at an O’s game and was in serious condition.  What is with these people?  I am one of the most passionate fans I know, and I have never had a problem at a game, drunk or not.  Reminds me about the time at Olde Towne Tavern in Littleton when someone wanted to fight me.  A crowd gathered around and I went into the Karate Kid crane pose.  The guy laughed, I bought him a shot, and we drank for another hour together.  I actually never get in bar fights.  Unless someone is assaulting my girl, you could pretty much say anything to me and I will find a joke for it.  I am there to drink, so don’t interrupt me with trash talk.  The only fights I have gotten in at the bar were when I was breaking up fights bartending.

15)   Speaking of the crane.  Say hello to Daniel-san…my new Bonsai Tree.  That is what you get with a few drinks walking around The People’s Fair at Civic Center Park down the street.  Apparently, it will outlive me as long as it gets water every 24 hours.  Sounds like a high maintenance cat.


16)   The U.S. beat Germany in a friendly, which is why I am not too happy OR sad about it.  Those things are like preseason NFL games.  Glorified practice.

17)   As the Spurs sit there and rest to see who they play, let’s remember this.  Tim Duncan was about 2-3 plays from winning FIVE straight.

18)   Seriously, check out the Imagine Dragons.  Lindsey got me hooked on them, the lead singer’s voice is so distinctive, and their music is genius AND hip (I only know the latter because she says so and I hear them in TV commercials).

19)   Tony Stewart won a NASCAR race.  You are now updated.

20)   Quick.  Who is the MLB leader in pitching wins?  Patrick Corbin from the DBacks.  Learn his name.  He has some nasty stuff.

21)   So, let me get this straight.  Bama wins arguably the toughest sport out there-football.  THEN, they go out this weekend and win GOLF too????  Can’t make fun of THAT school even if you wanted to.

22)   That is IT.  We are at 20 minutes until game time.  Hope you enjoyed the rant and also enjoy the game.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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