I ain’t got time to bleed…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

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Not really on the clock, but it will be quick as I am going to enjoy my Saturday.

I feel the need…the need for speed.

1)  Prayers answered.  Ask and you shall receive.  Not only did the Memphis Grizzlies continue their hot streak two days after hook #1 was about them, and not only did the Knicks finally lose, but we know we are safe from the Mayan end of the world.  You all can go back to normal life.  Literally an hour after I wrote that if JR Smith doesn’t do something close to idiotic soon that I was going to assume the world WAS going to end, he gets a dumb technical in a loss, throwing an unneeded elbow at Bayless.  I know it is not a huge argument with a coach.  I know it isn’t strip club or guns related.  But, the TIMING of it will help me rest at night knowing that the world will go on.

2)  Ummm.  If you didn’t know who Montel Harris was, you will when you wake up tomorrow or perhaps later tonight.  There are still 10 minutes left in the game against Army, and the dude has 35 carries, 347 yards, 7 touchdowns, and is averaging 9.9 yards every time he touches the ball.  Wow.

3)  In case you moderately care at all, heavyweight women’s college basketball team Baylor lost to #4 ranked Stanford yesterday.  You didn’t hear about it?  That is also because the idiots who TRY and get us to watch women’s basketball decided not to squeeze the #1 vs. #4 on national TV on a Friday night.  YOU guys aren’t exactly splitting the atom over there.  And no.  I don’t care.  Just reporting it.

4)  I don’t know what the solution would be, but I hope the Rockets figure out something for Royce White.  Anything.  He is the guy who has extreme anxiety disorder and can’t fly.  They won’t work with him, and he is thinking about quitting.  Health over NBA.  Good decision.  The thing is THIS.  The guy is a good enough baller, that know THIS, Houston Rockets.  If you don’t figure out an arrangement, someone WILL.  Some northeast team will pick him up in their dense population, so he can play all home games and drive to 30% of the others.

5)  I am saying it hourly now.  Let’s go over it again.  “The Steelers will be fine with Byron Leftwich.  He used to be a starter on another team, is not a young player, is experienced in the Steelers’ system, and will benefit with a week with the first team.”  (Sigh)

6)  NASCAR news.  The Fillerbuster is here for you.  Kesolowski needs to just get a 15th or better finish to get the Sprint Cup Championship.  I think it is ridiculous that NASCAR is punishing Brad for tweeting during a race when I read the plans for 2014 is to have a more social media friendly, digital dashboard for 2014.  Hypocrites.  AND, if you care, the changes for 2013 are to make the cars look more like the showroom models, have last names on the car somewhere for easier recognition, and have sponsor logos on the roof for aerial views.  Finally, Jeff Gordon was fined 100k for crashing Clint Bowyer.  By the way, can’t someone just WRECK Kesolowski to make sure he doesn’t get 15th or better?  Just saying.  Wow, I just wrote an entire paragraph on NASCAR.  Rubbin’s racing.

6a)  Why hasn’t Days of Thunder been on TV lately?  I am past my quota time for watching it.  And I sure as hell am not going to buy it or rent it.

7)  Mike Ditka had a minor stroke.  It is scary that tough of guy having a stroke.  I feel like he would be having a stroke and use Jesse Ventura’s line with one change.  “I ain’t got TIME to have a stroke.”

7a)  Yes, there are a lot of aliens movies that suck.  Yes, there are a lot of cheesy 80’s tough guy movies that suck.  But, if you don’t like Predator, then there is something wrong with you.  THAT is what I need this weekend.  I need a Predator flipper from football.  If you are reading this and HAVEN’T seen it, then drop what you are doing and go watch it.   Seriously.  Stop reading my rant and go rent it.  I will be here when you are done.  Jesse Ventura?  Arnold Schwarzenegger?  CARL WEATHERS?  Yes, besides Rocky, Carl Weather WAS in another good movie.

8)  Andrew Bynum’s hurt knee had a “setback.”  Except for a 5 game run here and there, his entire career thus far has been a setback.  What a waste of that huge frame and quality skills.

9)  An NFL ref, Tony Corrente, got fined for saying obscenities with the microphone on.  Damn, I wish I would have caught that live.

10)  Lindsey has found a way to kill time while I am ranting.  She is taking a nap.  An earthquake, tornado, or family emergency are about the only things that can disturb me when I am ranting.  I focus like at no other task in my life.  Between my relationship with my car, Eleanor, my obsession of my blog, and my nonstop (seriously, nonstop) schedule of sports watching, I have NO idea how she takes me like I am.

11)  We are on season #3 of Finding Bigfoot.  Yes, I stole this from The Soup, yes it is funny, and yes it is perplexing.

12)  Who is Derrick Henry?  He is a running back going to Bama, where the rich will get richer.  He just broke a 60 year old record, which I am very surprised how long the record has stood.  11232 yards.  The most rushing yards in high school history DID belong to Ken Hall.  Now, it belongs to Henry.

13)  Why is Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s new statue 16 feet tall?  His normal height isn’t good enough?

14)  Toronto is close to naming a new manager.  Jim Tracy and Jim Riggleman are in the mix.  I have a feeling that more will be in the mix before it is all said and done, considering that is the new talent capital of baseball.  Maybe Phil Jackson can coach baseball too?

15)  Red Wings defenseman Ian White called commish Gary Bettman an “idiot.”  We all concur, and the sky is blue and the grass is green.

16)  The Mets are rumored to be offering RA Dickey a two year contract.  Given his talent, they better offer something.  Given his hybrid knuckleball, SOME people will start figuring it out, so the time seems about right.  Given his age, I think two years sounds perfect.  If only the rest of their team had any talent outside of David Wright.

17)  CLASSIC.  I LOVE Obama’s personality.  This is incredible no matter WHO you voted for.  If you don’t know who SHE is, she is the gymnast who got the classic photo taken on the medal stand after not getting gold.  

18)  My legal paper had hardly anything on it, and I am STILL on hook #18.  Wow.  I have no idea on where these thoughts went before I started blogging.  I might not have anything ultra constructive going on between the ears, but I still have a lot going on.

19)  Just to remind everyone that he is NOT done yet, Kobe got a cool 31 points last night. His reign is ENDING, not at the end.  Watch out for that team if they can stay healthy.  Once they gel, yeah.  Mike Brown was fired too early.  Basketball has STARS, but you can’t just throw five outstanding players on a court and expect magic.  There is passing, movement, and chemistry.

20)  Sad.  Rick Majerus won’t return for St. Louis basketball.  His health is more important obviously, but it is a shame that he spent a few years building the program and then has to exit stage left just as it is about to peak.

21)  If you don’t know who Doug McDermott is, he is the best player in the nation outside of Cody Zeller.  Maybe better.  Why does he play at Creighton?  His dad coaches there.  Why wasn’t he recruited even higher?  Some dude named Harrison Barnes played with him there and stole half his thunder.  Harrison is now in the NBA, and Doug will be joining him in a year or so.  You can thank Doug for jacking up your bracket this upcoming March.

22)  Michigan State football is a total waste of talent.  Losing to Northwestern?  It is not bad these days.  Losing at HOME to them with the talent they have on that roster?  Sad.

23)  Lindsey and I went to Lucille’s today for breakfast.  New Orleans food.  Great stuff.  Check it out.  http://www.luciles.com/

24)  I hear Denard Robinson started RB today for Michigan.  Well, THAT eliminates his glaring QB weakness…throwing.

25)  That is it.  OU plays West Virginia at 5pm, life stops for Lindsey for them like it stops for me with the Steelers, and need to take care of some stuff before that.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

26)  I might take tomorrow off…just a heads up.  Football day.  This is the one day of the week that it ISN’T a clown question.  Talk to you Monday worse case.

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