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Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

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Let’s turn and burn.


The Atlanta Falcons have had a good week.  First, Tony Gonzalez says he is coming back for 2013.  Now, they sign Steven Jackson, which puts any running game worries at ease.  With Ryan at QB, Jackson at RB, Gonzalez at TE, and White and Jones at WR, their skill positions match up with anyone else’s in the league.  They are looking really good for 2013, but of course they have looked good for 5 years until the playoffs.  They are the San Jose Sharks of the NFL.  Let’s look at the Sharks last couple years and tell me it doesn’t echo Atlanta’s success/ lack of.  They can’t finish strong when it counts.



Hello, America, says Boston College’s Olivier Hanlan.  What did he do, you ask?  Well, he scored 41 points in a BC win yesterday, which happens to be more than any other freshman in the history of the ACC Tournament.  Hmmm.  I seem to recollect a HELL of a lot of awesome players coming through that conference over the years.  Nice job, kid.


How cool.  Joe Mauer, perennial Minnesota Twins All Star, has a wife who is pregnant.  It came out that she is having what?  Twins.  I guess if she gets pregnant again, and he is traded to Seattle, the kid is going in the Navy.


My hero, Bill Simmons, was suspended by ESPN for three days on Twitter for negatively commenting on the network’s show First Take, and the comedic display between Richard Sherman and Skip Bayless.  First of all, you might not think that three days is a long time.  I follow Bill.  That is like 150 missed tweets.  What will he do with all of the time?  As far as the Sherman thing goes, everyone said he got the better of Skip.  For me, the CAPTAIN of the Skip Bayless hate club, he didn’t.  He put him in his place in a way, and someone DOES need to shut Skip up, but the METHOD by which he stood up to him made RICHARD look like the bad guy.  Let your play do the talking, my man.  Most normal people already know Skip is irritating and frequently wrong about everything except targeting JaMarcus Russell as a bust before that draft.  He is 1 for 976.


Richmond basketball.  Less than 10 second left, up 3 points, in a tournament that leads to a dance bid.  They foul the kid shooting a three, and coach and players go apeshit with the call.  By the end of it, the kid had three shots for the foul, and three technicals to shoot for.  Final score?  68-63 Charlotte.  This all happened with 4.7 seconds on the clock.


Ex-Kansas City Chief QB Matt Cassel signed with the Minnesota Vikings yesterday.  Word is that Christian Ponder jumped right out of bed while sleeping in late, snuggling with Samantha Ponder and with job security.  Matt Cassel, scared of being a perennial backup again, evidently went out and got smashed at a bar with Adrian Peterson, with hopes of getting his allegiance.


From the actual local news, and passed on to me by Lindsey…”Wes Welker gets traded to the Broncos.  He will finally hear his name with an “r” in it.”


Three college basketball notes:

Marquette loses to Notre Dame JUST when we were thinking they might be hitting a high level stride.  Remember, depending on the matchup, I am penciling Marquette in as an upset loss to some 13th or 14th ranked mid-major.  Book it.

I watched the Louisville game last night, and nothing is swaying me at this point to NOT pick them all the way through the first four games.

I need to go hit refresh on the UVA score.  I got a bad feeling we need this win against NC State to be dancing.


Thanks to Seth Davis, who gets credit for this point.  Mike Hart, a guard for #1 Gonzaga has EIGHT turnovers…all YEAR.  He averaged 8 points a game in high school, was not recruited by anyone, went to Gonzaga for their business program, and now is a starting guard for the #1 team in the land.


This sinker goes out to the Knicks and Lakers.  One knows it is a knee away from getting SMOKED in four games by the Heat, and the other knows that they are an ankle away from not even having the CHANCE to get smoked by someone in the playoffs.  Props to Kobe by the way.  I checked out your year to year stats the other day.  You are quietly having your most efficient season like ever.  All time high in assist average too.  At your age, for for some of the ridiculous numbers you have put up over the years, that is amazing.

That is it.  The long, monster blog will either be put out tomorrow or Sunday, depending on whether I decide to do the parade tomorrow morning, or if I camp out and watch bball all day on my couch.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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