HOW???? We were brainwashed…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day rant.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, all.  Thanks for joining me.  About to watch the Clemson-Ohio State bowl game.  Note that the Ohio State band is pretty good and that I wasn’t too impressed by Voice Season #4 Danielle someone singing the national anthem.

2)      Who I am going for?  Easy.  First of all, Ohio State ALSO calls itself The University, so of course a UVA guy will be rooting against them.  Second, Urban Meyer is fun to cheer against.  Third, go ACC.  Either way, this should be a fun game to watch.

3)      Hmmm.  Urban Meyer is 7-1 in bowl games?  That is impressive.  4-0 in BCS games.  He might be fun to cheer against, but he sure knows how to prepare for a team when he has 4 weeks, aye?

4)      Let’s get THIS out of the way.  I would like to thank one of my regular readers for speaking up on the pictures in my blog.  He is right on this.  I need to reel it in.  I never thought about the reading at work angle for you people.  Well said, Logan.

“I really hate that you have excessive pictures all over your blog now. Not because I don’t like them, but because I always read your blog at work and when it is just all writing I can pass off your site as legitimate “work reading” on my computer for when the higher ups come by. Can’t do that with pictures of McLovin and Ron arrest every two scrolls. Bad vibez. ”

5)      Everyone in the NFL playoffs beat the extended deadline for selling out their stadium.  We would like to thank grocery stores, sports affiliated randoms, and other unknowns for swooping up the rest of the tickets so the home city wasn’t embarrassed.  Good job, people who didn’t want to go to the football game.  IS cool that the Colts tickets were given to military folks.

6)      I have already tweeted a couple of my thoughts on the Bama-OU game, but rest assured this household IS happier because of it (at least the important half (not me)).  Anyway, you as always can read the play by play on ESPN, so just a couple random thoughts.  A few less because I didn’t have a pen next to me last night and was too exhausted to get up during the game.  1)  Derrick Henry is incredible and it is VERY scary that Bama has him, Drake, AND Henry for the next year or two as RB’s. 2) OU’s defense got them the game, although Knight got the accolades.  OU plays in the Big 12 and is used to hip, spread, passing offenses.  They showed it by getting to McCarron without sending extra guys.  It was nonstop in the second half.  3)  See?  Once again Bama proved you need about 40 points to beat them…except that LSU game back in the day.

7)      NOW I remember why I dislike Urban Meyer.  He once again appeared WAY aloof in his pregame interview right now.

8)      My brother passed this along.  Funny stuff.  They get their accents going a little late, but the comments are awesome.  What Pats fans talk about.

9)      Jameis Winston made a comment that if Fisher went to Texas and left Florida State, he would follow.  Everyone from Florida State pretended to smile in front of the camera.

12)   The Texans are saying they are down to trade the #1 pick in the draft.  I think this is a conspiracy.  Either someone wants to KEEP Manziel in the state of Texas OR wants to definitely keep Johnny Football OUT of the city of Cleveland…which is probably a damn good idea.  Or, maybe they really like Carr or Bortles.

13)   Kevin Gilbride retired.  We would need a whole other rant to go through the amount of stops he had over the years, but good guy, good coach, and he got two rings, so job well done.

14)   The Vikings will investigate Chris Kluwe’s accusations about the special teams coach bashing gays.  I will go this route.  I believe Kluwe, but I think he will lose the debate overall.  Who are his witnesses if he has to bring them in?  They are bottom feeding NFL special team players who DON’T want to make ripples with anyone while fighting for NFL jobs.  I don’t believe that Kluwe is wrong at all of course.  I just think we are back in locker room/ Martin-Incognito stuff where no one wins.

15)   It’s ironic.  Talks about a Gasol-Bynum trade have stalled…just like any productivity  between either player lately.

16)   The UA game had a lot of players pick their school VERBALLY.  Nothing on the line yet.  #21 Leonard Fournette went with LSU, another example of LSU keeping the top recruits in state.  What I was MORE surprised about was a top guy chose Arizona over Bama.  ARIZONA.  Not a autocorrect.  That is odd.

17)   What is more crazy is that the SAME mom who was in the public eye two years ago for not supporting her kid going to Bama over LSU has a YOUNGER kid.  He is also a UA All American.  He is also not going to LSU.  He is choosing Florida.  Got any more kids, mom?  Might want to back off pushing them to LSU.  It is not working.

18)   VERY tiny at the TOP of the ESPN home page, it said “A-Rod suspension ruling coming soon.”  Even they might finally be getting we don’t care.

19)   Andre Miller/ Old Man River.  Just because you are the same age as your coach, he is still the coach and you are pretty slow these days.  AND you are definitely old enough to wait until the locker room.

20)   Soccer news.  Ex U.S. coach was hired by a first tier Norway soccer club this week.  I think I am just reporting this because I really liked those photos of Norway I posted the other day and want to go there now.

21)   Briles is staying at Baylor, and Mora is staying at UCLA.  LOVE those guys doing that.  UT thought she was the prettiest girl at the dance, but guess not.

22)   Well, dibs to those guys, but technically Texas is probably the prettiest girl at the dance still.  And definitely an oddly single one.

22a)  Another theory.  Texas is Molly Ringwald and we are stuck in the 80’s and think she is hot.

22b)  She was CUTE, not hot.

23)   The Warriors are more than their guards, people.  SEVEN straight now.  I think they might make a move to tighten up their frontcourt before the deadline.  Hey.  What about Omer Asik (sorry, just thinking aloud)?

24)   Not misprints.  The Nets beat the Thunder and the Knicks beat the Spurs last night.

25)   Congrats to Peyton Manning for getting his SEVENTH All Pro nod.  Solid stuff from one of the greatest.  All PRO players care about a lot.  Pro Bowl?  Just a nod needed for their resume long term that they can act like they are hurt and not go.

26)   RB Brandon Jacobs retired, meaning he will FINALLY not be a fantasy desperation pickup when all of my bye week people are playing and others are hurt.

27)   No pics, Logan.  I will be more selective.

28)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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