Houston, we have a problem.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Quick blog break.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       College Player of the Year.  No one seems to want it.  Doug McDermott has lofty stats on a team that might not even make the tournament, Mason Plumlee getting manhandled by Alex Len means Plumlee is not even the best BIG man in the country, and Trey Burke’s Michigan team is just sputtering along suddenly.  Someone step up and NOT back into that trophy.

2)      Sloane Stephens gets booted in the first round in Dubai.  I still think she is the next American tennis sensation, and I don’t think we need to be concerned unless first round exits happen at the big tournaments.  Maybe she just wanted more practice time.

3)      USC QB Matt Barkley won’t throw at the combine due to injury and will wait until USC’s pro day.  The fact that he is still being considered as the nation’s top QB shows us the worthlessness of this draft for any team trying to get a franchise QB.

4)      I was watching an old SNL yesterday.  Jonah Hill is simply a VERY funny dude.

5)      The world was in his hand, and then he went and got drunk and decided to drive.  UGA LB Alec Ogletree was projected as a first round pick, and he might have just cost himself a good deal of money.  At least I know the Steelers won’t take him.  They will just continue to eye fake dead girlfriend guy.

6)      If you have never caught the flick The Recruit, I highly recommend it.  It flew under the radar, but it has Farrell and Pacino in it, and is a quality classic CIA tale.

7)      Can someone just wait and update us on the Sacramento Kings possible move once it becomes more than a rumor?

8)      It is SO much fun to read possible NBA trades.  If the Garnett one falls through, I think the Clippers should pull the trigger on the proposed Paul Milsap for Eric Bledsoe deal.  With Bledsoe on the Clips, you are kind of being redundant with Chris Paul on there also.

9)      Loophole?  How was that Brandon University student allowed to pick a coach to shoot his half court shot to pay for his tuition.  I pick…”Stephen Curry to shoot mine.”

10)   Quietly, the Ducks G Viktor Fasth has started the hockey season 8-0.

11)   Colorado basketball.  Stop confusing us.  You beat Arizona impressively, and then drop a home game to Arizona STATE?  Non sequitur.

12)   I still laugh at the commercials where the old guy’s name is Michael Jordan, and everyone gets depressed to see it isn’t MJ.

13)   ESPN Mag asked each NBA arena to name their “go-to” song.  I was entertained by the relatively normal picks of songs until I got confused on Houston’s choice.  What I Like About You??  The Romantics?  Confused.

14)   Congrats to Danica Patrick for clinching the pole for the Daytona 500.  I am going to IMMEDIATELY move on to the next hook before going terribly gray area on that headline.

15)   Matt Damon is being the more successful career path of Alec Baldwin.  I think he is figuring out he is funny WAY earlier than Mr. Baldwin.

16)   So, President Obama had time to play golf with Butch Harmon on Saturday and Tiger Woods on Sunday?  He must delegate a lot of stuff.

17)   Miami moves up to #2 after barely escaping Clemson.  Dammit.  They already HAD their possible “trap game.”  I will let you know if I figure out how UVA is going to take them down.  Don’t hold your breath.

18)   Wisconsin took out Ohio State yesterday in impressive fashion to further confuse us on who is the top dog in the Big Ten.  All I know is that the Indiana-Michigan State game Tuesday is going to be high quality, and will look to sort out the logjam.

19)   I hope James Bond movies are still going when I am old.  I checked out Skyfall Saturday night, and will have to say that not only is Daniel Craig tracking to be one of the best Bond actors, but the movie itself was pretty high on my Bond list also.  Solid flick.

20)   And yes, with Lindsey doing her own thing on Saturday, I did really do Diehard and Skyfall in the same day.

21)   I consider myself an expert on knowing where NBA players went to school.  That being said, I will admit to having to Google where dunk contest runner up Jeremy Evans came from.

22)   Why was Kansas and Texas the prime time game?  We kind of could figure out who would run that game.

23)   Rafael Nadal won the tuneup for the French this weekend.  He is laying low no longer.  If he stays healthy, are people just going to no call no show for the French?

24)   Try not to think about Carl Pavano the next time you are shoveling snow.  Lacerated spleen?  That sounds like not so much fun.

25)   Thoughts and prayers to the family of Jerry Buss, who died.  I don’t know a lot about him personally, but no one can ever fault your work resume, Jerry.  Impressive run.

26)   So, the greeter from the Heart Attack Grill died this week.  He apparently ate there frequently, and backed up the restaurant’s name by actually having a heart attack waiting for a bus outside.

27)   I watched the NBA festivities Saturday night.  Damian Lillard put his name to the masses by winning the skills competition.  That dude can ball, people.  Kyrie Irving won the 3 point competition impressively.  I had my money on Steve Novak, but that didn’t pan out.  Terrence Ross won the dunk competition by jumping over a kid for the finale.  Solid dunk, but I think just having the kid out there helped you win the voting.  Also, how did the announcers not even know they got two dunks in final round?

28)   In the actual ASG, it was the West winning their third straight, with the best point guard in the league, Chris Paul, winning the MVP.  He is money, and the Clippers 3-6 record without him adds to this fact.

29)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.

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