Hoosiers II?????????? I’ll make it.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Let’s turn and burn.

On a RELATIVE timeline…on the clock, but it might be 30 rather than 20 minutes…

1)  Peyton Manning is on ESPN right now.  Peyton is all in the Denver papers.  You know what?  It is ALL good with me.  After being suffocated last year with Tebowmania, this is a welcome change, and I really do respect AND like the guy.  Sorry about making you all start the season 0-1.  It is only a week, Peyton.

2)  The streak continues.  Every time I mention when David Price wins, he wins his next game.  So, here we go.  I am here to report that Rays pitcher David Price just won his 14th game, and also that I am oddly a closet fan I am starting to believe.

3)  The Phillies are lagging and overpaying people.  The A’s have one of the lowest payrolls, and they just won 8 straight before tonight’s game against Toronto.  YOU figure it out, and let me know when Moneyball II is coming out.

4)  Swimmer Dara Torres revealed to the media “how” to beat Michael Phelps.  Hey, Dara, I didn’t think swimmers went one on one other than being next to each other.  No, I didn’t open the article, and I hereby declare how to beat Michael Phelps.  Swim faster.

5)  One of the Saudi Arabian females is being disallowed in wearing their symbolic headgear for competition.  Hey, USOC.  It only took the country 50 million years to send ANYONE female to the Olympics.  I say cut them a break.

6)  I will root for Tyson Gay and Justin Gatlin because they are Americans.  That being said, I hope Usain Bolt doesn’t actually have a bad back.  If they win, I want them to EARN it.

7)  In case anyone cares, the Great Britain athletes are the only athletes provided air conditioners for the Olympics.  You might think this is all about temperature.  I think the Brits just want the other finely tuned athletes from other countries to go hang at the cool, extra large McDonald’s.

8)  Article I didn’t open, and I am hoping I am right.  I hear Gronk is filming a show about his family.  PLEASE tell me that it is with his FORMED family (I don’t even know if he has one) and NOT the other people in the hand he was dealt genetically.

9)  If you think serious, heavyweight soccer teams give a damn about the Olympics, then you didn’t catch THIS headline.  The dynasty in the making Spanish team lost 1-0 today to JAPAN.  Sure, the Spanish were undermanned.  I say they are already thinking about their league games in Premier Leagues and 2014 in Brazil.  See you there, boys.

10)  I am NOT going to talk about Dwight Howard today….DAMN.  I guess I just did.

11)  Besides being raced on the most famous racetrack in history, how the heck did the Brickyard 400 get SO popular when it only started running in 1994?

12)  Giants Martellus Bennett called out the Dallas Cowboys today…AND everyone else in the NFL.  We get it.  You are an angry man.  I am sending Marcus Vick to come pick you up just in case you are as angry when you go to strip clubs.

13)  Wisconsin and Northwestern have come out saying that picking up Penn State players is breaching the Big Ten coaches’ code.  Nothing was said by the remainder of the teams, but way to stick to that code, boys.  Talent is talent, and you will be playing them, remember.

13a)  Silas Redd is going to meet with USC.  Love him or hate him, Lane Kiffin CAN freaking recruit.

13b)  One PSU abuse victim has come out proclaiming they will be suing the school itself.  He is front and center in what will probably be a lengthy line.

14)  I made up a line today after completing about 6 tasks that I had been blowing off at work.  I think people who DON’T procrastinate are missing out on the EXTRA fantastic feeling when you accomplish something.  There has to be some parallel to doubling down on 11, but I got to keep moving.

15)  A day after Washington got a verbal from a 14 year old QB, we find out LSU is after an 8th grader who just ran a 4.46 40.  I was thinking about what song I was going to play on piano for the talent show, and this kid is locked up at a heavyweight football school before freshman day in high school.  I would stay away from picking on THAT kid.

16)  Our work vending machine looks like one from a rest stop in South Dakota, totally drained.  I want to admit that after analyzing what people were buying, I came to the aid of one of my top three snack foods.  I was embarrassed for the snack and didn’t want it to be teased by the other snacks, so the last three days I bought a bag of Cheetos.  Mission accomplished.  With only 19 items left in the machine with about 45 selections 10 back to begin with, I was surprised to see that people who eat bad food don’t realize how good Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream is.  That being said, I can only save one snack at a time.  You are on your own, Ruffles.

17)  I forget if I mentioned this already in a previous rant.  My girlfriend’s friend went to the screening of Batman over the weekend.  The power went out with 20 minutes left in the movie.  Needless to say, bedlam ensued.  Sad.

17a)  I saw a commercial that said “Batman is not the greatest movie of the summer, not of the year, but one of the best of all TIME.”  Ohhh.  I get it.  Because you offend me for saying that about a BATMAN flick, you will get my money for going to the theater.  I am not falling for it.  Plus, I have to save money and time for Bourne.  It would be cheating on the whole legacy if I didn’t see that movie opening weekend.  Kind of like if I hadn’t seen Ted the first weekend, or Rounders II, or White Men Can’t Jump II, or Gladiator II, or Usual Suspects II, or Hoosiers II, or…you get the concept.

18)  Penn State ended up with the #1 QB prospect underneath all of this PSU crap that has been going on.  Dibs to him for going back to the campus to TALK to people before decommitting.  Sounds like a class kid.

18a)  Present PSU QB McGloin has said he will stay at PSU.  Why, you ask?  Might as well.  I believe the kid is a 5th year senior.  You don’t need change now, bro, and you will still be on TV.

19)  Get ready for a ever so slight, yet still legitimate change in the balance of power in MLB.  Sure, they can only pitch once every 5 days, but Greinke and Dempster will make two teams VERY happy.  What’s THAT, Phils?  No money left?  No prospects left?

20)  I am conducting a social experiment, and I am kind of lazy about stuff like this.  Someone put a bright yellow flyer on my windshield (passenger side) exactly 8 days ago.  Initially, I just forgot to take it off.  Now, I have decided to keep it on my car until it irritates someone ELSE.  I have had a couple comments at work.  Yeah, I know.  It takes VERY little to entertain me.

21)  That is it.  I will hit you all up either tomorrow at lunch or one time over the weekend.  Going to the mountains with the girl, so might not be a daily.  Therefore, I won’t end this with my clown question sign off (it just isn’t RIGHT if I think it won’t happen).  What did one shepherd say to the other shepherd?  I am going to get the flock out of here.  Peace.

21a)  That is two blogs in a row without a cuss word, Mom.  Just saying.  I noted your reprimand.

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