Hook, line, and sinker…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Too much to do at work today to blog.  Need to bust out a short one tonight to attempt to get back on schedule during an incredibly even more drowning work week than usual.  Yes, that is exactly what I wrote last night.  I just copied and pasted.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)      Greetings and salutations.  For you newbies, this is truly a speed version.  Page back for true ranting.  I just really need to blog daily.

2)      Lindsey just turned on Blacklist 101.  I have watched 15 minutes and literally am hooked.  Profiling, action, and James Spader playing a dark criminal.  So far, it is like Silence of the Lambs without the eating of people.  THAT is why this will be a distracted, short rant.  Let’s do this.

3)      Amazingly, Manny Machado only tore ligaments.  That is amazing after watching the video (which I totally don’t recommend).  It was such a harmless movement that it reminds the viewer of the random Kevin Ware fracture.  Machado and his team are lucky.

4)      By the way, true to amazing human feats of recovery, Kevin Ware dunked 6 days ago for the first time.  Dude wants to BALL.

5)      The Broncos were methodical.  Surgical.  Hell, the Raiders even had to have a non QB throw the ball to score.  I don’t care what year it is, Peyton Manning is simply magical to watch play his position, fan or not.  And, he has weapons through the air and on the ground.  Sure, the Raiders are not good, but who else do you have in the AFC?  Pats?  Shaky.  Texans?  Inconsistent.  Miami?  Please.  Chiefs?  Lacking talent still.  Bengals?  Dangerous.  Should be fun, but the Broncos look solid.

6)      Shame Von Miller couldn’t be enjoying this ride thus far.  I will consider him for the Rant Squad at some point though.  Win-win.

7)      Aldon Smith will go to rehab after leaving the Niners.  Could be genuine, or maybe he is just a big boxing fan.

8)      De La Hoya joke.

9)      Jacoby Jones might have found a new way to come back from injury.  Party buses, strippers, and champagne bottles.  I assume the hurt head deflects the pain from his real injury.

10)   Life is so much more interesting when Pacman Jones is being arrested.  Seriously, it is like one of those light rains with the sun still out.  My Rant Squad rocks.

11)   Life is also so much more interesting when Suh is throwing marginal elbows.

12)   Dexter ended kind of like it had to end, but I was still not totally satisfied.  Of course, I don’t have a better resolution so that is why I am home sitting on my couch instead of writing hit TV shows.

13)   As a Phils fan, I am SO excited that our ace is leaving games in the first inning because of “arm fatigue.”  Fancy.

14)   Ok.  The show wasn’t like Silence of the Lambs.  It started similar.  Anyway, what a nice plot.  An ex-military guy turned most wanted criminal who comes back to use the legal resources to knock out his criminal competition in exchange for key information about each person on the list to catch them.  Oh, and the school teacher or whatever harmless thing the agent’s husband was turned out to be Jason Bourne.

15)   Copy and paste from the last ten years.  “Browns undecided on QB.”

16)   What I am joking about.  MY team plays a game in which the London loser is 0-4.

17)   The Houston Astros actually achieved a 0.00 Neilsen rating.  Not lying.

18)   Only Deadspin would MEASURE the amount of applause for the deceased people announced and celebrated.  http://deadspin.com/which-dead-tv-person-got-the-most-and-least-applause-1371851714

19)   Things are so bad for the Steelers that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are photo bombing their poor, regal owner.

20)   I don’t have an i-Phone, but I only heard about your updated IOS because Mike and Mike debated it for about ten minutes on my way to work Thursday.  Awesome.

21)   The last Brickleberry episode was MUCH better than the previous one.  They still have it.  Watch that show.

22)   I get the lure of bid fantasy football leagues.  I personally like immediate satisfaction while picking up players.  If he is out there, I can have him.  I hate bidding and then waiting two days.  I am in one of each league.

23)   Is Roger Goodell going to tell Nate Burleson to not drink and eat pizza?

24)   BIG loss for the Lions though.  At least I know that if I would have had him as my fifth WR for 6 out of the last 7 years this year in fantasy, I would still be depressed THIS year.  I am not though.

25)   That is it.  Gotta go set my crappy fantasy team lineups since they insist on this Thursday game crap ALL year (gives me NO time to appreciate college football Thursdays).  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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