High five…



Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  20 minute work break/ sanity check.  Let’s turn and burn.

1)  I watched the end of the Yanks/ Orioles game last night after/ during football.  My thoughts:

-I found it interesting that reliever David Robertson, a slider pitcher, started the O’s off with about 7 straight breaking balls.  It worked, but unfortunately Andy Pettite’s anger before leaving was well-placed.  He knew that the last run given up was important, and it ended up being the difference in the game.

-I noticed that “David Robertson’s wife” pops up on Google when I looked him up.  Bro, your wife is HOT.

-Ichiro Suzuki is freaking FAST.  He beat out an infield hit that was ridiculous.  Also, him dodging the tag at home was equally ridiculous.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfbj80n16jw

-Once again, this 2-3 format sucks…and is ridiculous.

2)  I will go through my college picks from the weekend tomorrow.  No time today.

3)  My buddy, Brian, went to “man of the cliff” this past weekend.  I want to go one year, but keep blowing it off.  In case you are curious, it is held in the mountains of CO, and is full on with spear throwing, keg tossing, wood chopping, etc.



3a)  I cut the wood for my family’s fires when I was a kid.  One of my favorite presents (besides the heavy bag) was the bright orange axe.  I need to enter this thing one year.

4)  In the NFL, I think regional matchups should have trophies like college rivalries.  Though they are not in the same division or conference, there should be SOME trophy that a team gets to keep between Philly and Pittsburgh.

5)  My thinking is ANYTIME Snoop Dogg talks politics, a link should be posted:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvsSjYUu9mM&feature=g-all-u

6)  Congrats to the Indians for landing ex-Red Sox manager Terry Francona.  Great coach, and he seems like a good dude.  Good luck with the next curse he attempts to end.

7)  I love the Steelers more than life itself, but I don’t really like other Steelers fans.  I like you, Rand, but it trails off drastically after that overall.  I am talking to YOU, random guy at the bar the other day.

8)  I still have fun, no matter how old it gets, listening to side effects on prescribed drugs ads on TV.  I just wait for intestinal bleeding or death to roll around.

9)  Reruns of Rules of Engagement are now running, people.  If you liked Seinfeld, and you liked Puddy, then you have no excuse for ignoring that show.  David Spade is even bordering on funny in it, which I find an accomplishment in itself.

9a)  If you haven’t figured it out up to this point in all of my rants, David Puddy could very well be my favorite character ever on any TV show.

9b)  Go back to the links at the beginning of the rant if you don’t know what I am talking about.

10)  If I haven’t gotten you hyped enough about the new Denzel movie coming out, note to self that it has Don Cheadle in it also.  If you have been watching movies and taken a control group over the last 20 years, I can’t think of one script he has accepted that produced anything but a good flick.  He is to acting like Led Zeppelin is to songs.

11)  Jeers to my church, Pathways.  Even though it is being broadcasted as “his decision” that the lead pastor is leaving us, the email you sent out was classless.  He might be moving on, but I guesstimate you will lose about half of your present fellowship.  There are a lot of people sitting in those pews who got pulled in because of his speaking and personality.  If he did something wrong, show him grace.  If he is doing it on his own, then skip the email like that.  If you did the right thing, then why did you take down the FB response page?  Something to hide?  I am sending a fly to church to sit on the wall and see how many people protest this week.  I know you lost me at least temporarily.  The rock music is cool, but Gil is the man…and has helped my life out a LOT.

12)  Hey, Colorado Rockies.  Not that anyone listens to what the Fillerbuster says in the public media, but can SOMEONE give Ryne Sandberg a freaking shot at managing?

13)  I will set up TIVO finally.  ESPN will be airing NHL stars in other leagues.  I am just joking of course.  I don’t have THAT kind of time on my hands, my interest is pretty low presently, and have developed a religion that doesn’t allow me to have TIVO.

14)  You think El Tigre is inconsistent these days?  John Daly’s last three days of golf over the weekend were 63, 86, and 77.  Either hang at Hooter’s less and practice, John, or just hang at Hooter’s.

15)  There were riots and fires in Morgantown because WVA beat TEXAS?  This isn’t 2005.  They would have caused less harm if they just had a party playing Matchbox 20, Gwen Stefani, and Pussycat Dolls.

16)  The Nuggets have this kid Anthony Randolph playing for them.  You should pay attention to this kid.  This kid is going to be legit within the next year or two.

17)  Whether you know him from the NFL or Mongo in Blazing Saddles, it was sad to hear that Alex Karras is on his last couple days of being here after battling dementia and now kidney failure.  Thoughts and prayers.

18)  Houston won last night, but not without a penalty.  Sure, their defense is great overall, but losing LB Brian Cushing is NOT going to help anything for the long run.

19)  Lindsey made me a sandwich last night with prosciutto, fancy cheese, some kind of fancy butter, diced tomatoes, and greens.  It was cooked, too.  It was beyond unbelievable.

20)  Great to see, with all of their regulations for getting in the school, that AFA football player Cody Getz is leading the FBS at 177 yards per game.

21)  New England set a team record with 35 1st downs against the Broncos, and they are still talking in this town how the Broncos were not prepped for the quickness of play calling.

21a)  The Broncos schedule is literally BRUTAL.  They are the best 2-3 team in football.

21b)  I always used to joke about how there is no way that Tiger or Shaq drives a Buick, even being their pitch people.  Well, a friend of a friend of Lindsey’s tells me that Peyton actually drives a Buick Murano around town.  That sounds just about right.  Awesome.

22)  To the person in my apartment doing laundry last night.  You get a ten minute window after the dryer cycle before removing my clothes.  They were still freaking hot.  Leave my stuff alone.

23)  MNF notes:

-Jon Gruden said Wade Phillips loves pressure defensive calls after a timeout or game break.  They pressured and got a sack.  Good call, Jon.

-if that long pass from Tim Tebow would have been completed, you might as well just have handed Mark Sanchez his walking papers as the chants would have been INSANE.

-I don’t think this is all on Sanchez.  Aside from some miscommunication with players and wasted timeouts, the dude really has NO one to throw to or hand off to.  I am not saying they are the answer, but when Holmes went down, why wouldn’t you even CONSIDER bringing in T.O. or Chad Johnson?

-Jon Gruden talked about how well Cromartie was playing, and then he went and got a pick.  ANOTHER good call, Jon.

-I forgot there is a guy named John Connor on the Jets.  Made me chuckle.

-Jon Gruden busted out “need for speed” and “how many Watts needed” in like a 5 minute span.  Hilarious.

-JJ Watt has about 7 batted balls this year that have resulted in 3 team INT’s.  Dude is a monster, and evidently the Bill Russell of blocking passes (because they stay in play, by the way).  And, if you saw his diving sack, you gasped like I did of the amazing athletic ability.

-Why does Jon Gruden put the emphasis on the second syllable in Mark Sanchez’s name?  Am I pronouncing it wrong?

-The Jets were on the 40 yard line, and didn’t attempt a FG (down 6).  Why?  That is 57 yards long.  Whatever happened to the old days of swinging away at 55 and longer?

-The Jets wasted two timeouts on simple communication.  Inexcusable.

-I hope that IF Tebow DOES start, he gets a full wristband of plays.  He has a wristband that literally has half of it plays, and then blank, white space on the other half.

24)  For the first time since ’96, Derek Jeter had errors in two consecutive postseason games.  That is a lot of games, and a long time.

25)  The Atlanta Falcons are 3 games up presently…FIVE games into the season.

26)  I am not concerned about my Steelers.  We are 2-2 a LOT over the years at this point in the season.

27)  The SD-Denver game is about as much of a must win as you can get this early in the season…for both teams.

28)  That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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