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New format, so I am always on the clock during the week.  Eleven hooks.  Evolving format, so please feel free to send feedback/ suggestions to mark_filler@hotmail.com


Warriors Stephen Curry did something his sharp shooting father never did (by about TWENTY points).  Curry had 54 last night.  I watched most of the second half and he was pretty much unconscious near the end.  He HAD to, of course, with no scoring companion David Lee in the lineup, but it didn’t LOOK forced.  It DID look like the rim was larger than 18”.  They lost, but it was a statement to the general public and to the famous MSG crowd-I am arriving if you haven’t noticed me yet.  Anyway, a funny moment was him imitating his coach’s old Shimmy Shake dance and TOTALLY dissing a teammate on the high five.  Puddy would be mad.


#7 Georgetown survived UCONN in double OT last night.  Barely.  Once again, Ollie’s kids played like they DO have a tournament to go to, and Shabazz Napier almost pulled more of his OT magic.  That being said, the game would have been possibly won by UCONN had Ryan Boatright passed the ball not once, but TWICE in the OT periods.  Ryan, give up the rock.


No opinions, just the facts.  NASCAR Clements is suspended for his remarks, Chelsea’s Benitez is leaving after the season, The King is bringing back his cool-ass powder blue color to his team (LOVE the color personally), Lowe’s extends JJ’s contract (I bet you THAT took a lot of thought), and Chamique Holdsclaw was indicted for assaulting her ex-girlfriend (I have too many jokes and not enough time).  There.  You are now updated on soccer, racing…and the WNBA.


Terrell Suggs “guarantees the other 31 teams hate the New England Patriots.”  Geez.  THAT didn’t take time at all.  You win a Super Bowl and you run your mouth.  Nice win, Terrell, but I don’t exactly think your Ravens are exactly “likeable.”


Nick Kasa probably was just telling a story.  Now, it is going viral.  The NFL is now running a combine drill trying to find out how many other teams are asking the question “do you like girls?”  This will get uglier before it gets better.  I hope the teams are not THAT behind cultural progress.


This is simply hilarious.  “Cops search for missing racing sausage.”  It is light, but there is a link right HERE> http://www.startribune.com/sports/twins/193660021.html


Ronda Rousey is being offered a role in the sequel to Hunger Games.  I stayed away from the first one until Lindsey persuaded me to watch it, but I have a feeling she will have to work a lot less hard at possibly getting me to the THEATER to watch the next one.


You were impressive, Stephen, but LeBron gets the number hook today.  LeBron effortlessly had 40 points and SIXTEEN assists.  Dude is plain filthy these days, and no I don’t care that the game was Tuesday night.  I only have so much time to fill these categories.  And LeBron.  Thanks for not stopping your dunk routine among criticism.  With the numbers you are putting up, you can do any routine you wish.  AND not enter the dunk contest (which I really wish you would at some point).


I hear that Mike Trout has arrived to spring training a little heavier.  Everyone stop sweating it.  First of all, he already said he loses 10-15 pounds in spring training.  Second, there is no way a guy who had the season he had at the age he had it suddenly becomes a slacker.  My brother went to the same gym that Trout did back in the day.  He is not going ANYWHERE but back on the MVP watch list.  And even if I DIDN’T want to talk about this, I would have since I have been waiting for Mike Trout to do SOMETHING to put Mr. Trout under the “hook” category.


Penn State won its FIRST Big Ten game last night against MICHIGAN.  Either Michigan is trying to work itself out of a #1 regional seed, or Penn State winning just shows you another freaking reason the Big Ten is ruling college bball this season.  I consider this more monumental than the Wake-Miami upset.


Simple.  Nick Saban.  Or actually the “sinker” would be his kids.  I think that it is badass that he already dismissed him from his team.  We can speak highly of that, and I actually am, but it also must be nice knowing you have 4 high school All Americans filling their spots.

That is it.  I hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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