He’s alright. Nobody worry about him.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  UVA plays Georgia Tech in 40 minutes, and I probably shouldn’t miss the first quarter of the game, as it might become a trainwreck relatively quickly.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Listen.  I get some feedback on my blog, some from people I know, some who I don’t.  I think there is a misunderstanding what I am doing here.  I won’t go into details that aren’t needed about this thing’s origin.  This started out as an outlet.  It actually started as an irritating email I sent my group of friends during a bad time in my life.  It then merged into sports as I got better.  Then, I started blogging online.  Then, it became an addiction.  Then, I tried to build it through the professional circle by sending away my link.  Then, I circled back around and realized what I was doing here.  I don’t CARE about becoming famous.  There ARE cuss words because this is a true stream of consciousness.  When I start touching the keyboard with my legal paper list of random sports and non sports related topics, I literally go OFF.  Sometimes for 20 minutes, sometimes for hours.  I have to be by myself in my own world.  I would LIKE everyone to like it, but that is not the premise here.  It is my outlet, and it so happens that my addiction is sports, so my outlet is sports related with a touch of random stuff.  PLEASE understand that sometimes I am on, sometimes I am off, but it is MY outlet.  Therefore, I can’t control it sometimes.  If there is anyone out there thinking that I am trying to streamline, improve, or be politically or grammatically correct, then you are reading the wrong blog.  If you want raw abrasiveness, sports updates, hooks that sometimes go against the grain, and random Seinfeld-like things I notice in life, then stay put and tell your friends.  We have already figured out from Woody Paige (jeers to you, man.  You suck.) that I am not a “writer.”  It is kind of late in my life to start as an intern for ESPN.  But, I STILL love sports. And, I live in the United States of America.  Therefore, this is my chosen forum for my outlet.  I work freaking 65 hours a week, and need MY time.  I am just talking here, people, I actually would write this rant if not one person read it, but I truly appreciate the readers who read this and enjoy my hooks.  Truly.  Let’s not misunderstand why I write this though.  Streams of consciousness have words like “shit,” “ass,” “damn,” and other grey area words in my head.  It is MY stream of consciousness.  Deal with it.  If you really want a little scariness, one should check out my original non public rants.  Talk about raw and horrifying.  Anyway, if you are curious, the first disclaimer (read it, don’t read it)  is the one thing that has made it through all versions of my rant since the first one.  It is there for a reason.  If Chris Berman calls me and says he likes my hooks but I have to alter it to clean it up, then I can write a clean option for the folks at ESPN.  That is it for the editor’s note.  Geez.  Let’s get down to business.

I feel the need…the need for speed.

1)  Sure, there are a couple big games this week in the NFL.  That being said, in my all day and overnight airport experience yesterday and this morning, I checked out the full slate of games in more detail.  Here are the two interesting games that I see that are off the radar. Carolina plays New Orleans.  New Orleans is supposed to be playoff material once again, but got surprised last week by the origin of Griffining (ugghhh).  Carolina lost their first game of the year in a season where they are pegged as possibly blooming into a scary team.  In the second game of the season, something has to give.  Sure, it is early, but most teams who start out 0-2 are already looking at the wildcard rules.  The second?  Chiefs/ Bills.  Why?  Depending on where you read, both are pegged by people here and there as possible blow up/ playoff teams.  They have the personnel, but just haven’t totally been able to stay healthy/ put it together.  Now, they face off to find out which team gets their coach on the warm seat and sends their scouts to look at USC and Alabama games.

2)  Someone who was stuck with me at the airport last night, with a straight face, and when asked about how many kids he had, said “I think I have 9 kids.”  I was so tired that I almost rolled off my chair in laughter.

3)  So, we are hours from the NHL lockout and the Bruins probably do a very smart thing.  They lock up Milan Lucic for 3 years and $18 mil.  One, it is not ridiculously overpaying a great talent.  Two, you might as well lock up a guaranteed talented player before any new CBA comes out after a lockout.  Everyone’s happy…well, assuming they don’t miss more than one year of course.

4)  Shaq says the Knick, not the Nets, are the team to beat in New York.  Thanks for going out on a limb, Shaq.  I am not even saying that he is or isn’t right.  I am saying that I don’t care WHO is the best team to come from ONE city.  Let’s broaden our scope, Shaq.

5)  The Bryan brothers continued their decade of dominance in doubles tennis up in the Davis Cup by winning a key match for the US.  Now, if we could just figure out how to make ANYONE care about the Davis Cup again…me included for some odd reason even though I am an ex-tennis player.

6)  I know I have said this before.  I get that the game changes.  That being said, I still find it CRAZY that the leading players in stolen bases in MLB haven’t even gotten FIFTY yet and we are in September. Remember these days?

7)  Melky Cabrera, on suspension, is still ahead in the batting race that shouldn’t be.  Meanwhile, Miguel Cabrera is in the hunt on the other side.  Has there ever been a year where people with the same last name have led both leagues in hitting?  I gave it a one time shot on Google, but I am on the clock and need to move on.

8)  Speaking of puzzles, if anyone has ever figured out what Meatloaf “won’t do,”  they haven’t told me.  Seriously, I still like the song, Lindsey just put it on a mixed CD since I oddly play it at bars occasionally, and want to know what he won’t do.

9)  This is a good year for pitching.  Not as much as a couple guys are tearing it up, but because the Cy Young race in BOTH leagues is far from done.  You can make a decent argument for at least two guys on both sides.  It will be interesting who pulls through and how deserving it will be.

10)  I enjoyed driving my rental car near a military base the other day and hearing Danger Zone on the radio.  They played it during rush hour, like they play it all the time.  God Bless you, Kenny Loggins.  I will meet you halfway, you were definitely footloose, and I’m alright listening to your songs still.  You OWNED a couple movies soundtracks that will be classics forever.

11)  Ok.  Just because I am giving RGIII a hard time, I still found this a funny story.  Giants Osi Umenyiora said on a radio station a week and a half ago that until he does something, RGIII is “Bob” to him.  After the first game, they asked him about the nickname again.  He said “he can call himself whatever he wants to” now.

12)  Alright.  For your reading pleasure, I am going to do a detailed breakdown of the twelve Chase drivers so you have a good idea of who will win and why.  Ready?

Denny Hamlin:  I like his chances and he has been driving very strong overall on certain tracks.  His pit crew is solid, but I am concerned about how the car will fair on shorter tracks.  Also….screw it.  Just kidding.  I can’t go any farther.  Go, Tony Stewart, I guess.  I have no idea, and rubbin’s racin’.

13)  I know they like to play in the water more out west, but I was still mesmerized that ALL 11 top schools in college water polo came from the state of California.  Can’t one school from ONE other state make a run?  Guess not.  If you care, I chose the odd number of 11 to report because Princeton came in at #12.

14)  Ummmm.  Maybe I am spoiled over the years, but where the HELL is UVA in the top 25 men’s soccer teams.  What happened?

15)  Matt Barnes was added to the Clippers roster yesterday.  I like the pick up, from an experience and defensive role.  This makes a decent team better.  Odd thing I noticed.  Matt went to UCLA, and now has played for all FOUR CA teams.  In a world where it is a crap shoot where you are drafted or signed, the dude sure knows how to keep it real on the West Coast.

16)  Sad story about the murder-suicide of a parking lot attendant and suspect right in between the Chiefs and Royals stadiums.  Poor woman was just doing her thing when someone from her life shot her.  Sucks.

17)  Thank you, Charles Woodson.  I have a limited audience to hang Jay Cutler out to dry after his ridiculous comments pre game on Thursday about the Packers’ secondary.  Glad you got a mic and told him how it is.   You can always just say scoreboard or hold up your ring finger.

18)  I hate to see anyone hurt, but let’s just say I am not UNHAPPY about Revis being out of the Jets/ Steelers game tomorrow.  With Mike Wallace trying to make it back to form, and Antonio Brown not exactly a Pro-Bowl receiver, we would prefer him not on the field.

19)  Bobby Valentine has called this year’s Red Sox roster one of the worst of all time.  Sure, Bobby.  We hear you.  That might get you out of your present record, but it doesn’t really explain all of your OTHER idiotic comments and actions.  Lay low for a while, bro.

20)  That is it.  UVA is already getting pummeled, so I think I will clean my apartment.  Thanks for reading.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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