Boss is right. It IS odd. When did I start doing separating the ketchup and mustard, but eating both?

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Evening rant but I have been on this thing all day working (again).  Literally (again).  Speed version (again).  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  I wish the ChiSox would serve a 3 lb block of cheese rather than a sundae, but that is neither here nor there.

2)      They are NOT playoff games yet, but this Miami-Indiana NBA game has a LITTLE bit closer to the feeling than the other matchups thus far.

3)      Before Lakers fans started jumping up and down for joy about their team scoring a franchise record 51 points in the third quarter last night, they realized it was just against the Knicks, so it just MOSTLY counts.

4)      How the Mavs are hanging out in the 8th spot in the tough West is amazing to me and a tribute to that entire bunch of parts that most people thought couldn’t mix AND also that perhaps Dirk isn’t ANCIENT yet.  Dude still is balling.  21 and 6 people for the season.  Not too shabby.

5)      CONGRATS to the Los Angeles Dodgers who stopped the Yankees in the one category we TRULY thought they were unbeatable in.  After a 15 year run, the Dodgers took them down in TOTAL ANNUAL SALARY.  Good freaking work if that is what your goal is.  Tough win.

6)      Thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of Navy football player Will McKamey, who died after collapsing at the very young age of 19.  Sad, sad, sad.

7)      Hey, Jameis Winston, this ISN’T football anymore, you confused one.  Mr. Winston had to be held back in the Florida-FSU BASEBALL game.  In his defense, that kind of IS the definition of “bench clearing.”

8)      Sign the apocalypse is upon us.  A coach who is at powerhouse MANHATTAN tries to leave and get a job at juggernaut UCF and STILL lies on his resume that he went to UK.  Poor man’s George O’Leary?  Maybe.  At least George was trying to get a real job with a real team.  Geez.  Now Mr. Masiello has nowhere to go.

9)      Jared Allen to the Bears.  I guess he is keeping it in the division, and going to one of those classically and historically defensive teams.  Maybe he is just being signed to keep Jay Cutler in line and less whiny.

10)   I was proud to stop at 3 hot dogs today at a company barbecue, but then sat at my seat for about 10 minutes before going out for another one.  My tapeworm likes hot dogs.  And pizza.  And cheese.  And cheese pizza.  Sorry, I digress.

10a)  My boss, Randal, noticed an odd thing I did today.  Every hot dog had ketchup OR mustard…all four of them.  I never mixed them.  When did I start doing THAT?  Must have been a movie theater experience where they were out of one or the other

11)   I am waiting a day to dwell on this Northwestern football players being allowed to form a union.  I think it is good in a lot of ways, but my problem is with the slippery slope.  Pandora’s Box.  Whatever cliché matches up with this thing.  Bottom line is we will get to a point where we have to place a value on a football player at a university, a women’s lacrosse player, and a male rower, and I think the gray area will be HUGE.

12)   The only thing worse than forking over $215 million to a guy who is out there every 5 days is the collective breath you hear when he has some pain to make him miss a start right before opening day.  Get better, Clayton Kershaw.

13)   The Ravens owner says Ray Rice has a future.  I didn’t read the article.  Are we talking football or not hitting chicks in relationships?

14)   I will say it now.  I like this raising the goal posts at the top for those high kicks, but not sure about this whole moving the PAT yard line.  And let the football players dunk after TD’s.  Dammit.  Thanks for ruining THAT, Mr. Graham.

15)   I laughed as ESPN was going through the rule changes and announcing the pivotal play by one player who literally triggered THAT rule change.

16)   Ok.  I need to get off this thing.  Let’s get down to business for you betting people.

Stanford minus 3 vs. Dayton (133)

NON BETTING: I think Stanford wins.

BETTING: I strongly think Stanford wins by 8 but that it is barely over 133.  Take the points, and leave the over alone.

Wisconsin minus 3.5 vs. Baylor (137)

NON BETTING: I think Wisconsin wins.

BETTING:  I don’t like the spread but think Baylor makes Wisconsin run a little, but then I think Bo Ryan somehow slows it down…basically I don’t like anything on this game.

Florida minus 4.5 vs. UCLA (137)

NON BETTING: I think Florida wins.

BETTING: I like the spread, and I like the over.  No way Billy Donovan gets this amount of days to not figure out a bipolar UCLA team.  UCLA has the athletes, but that is not enough.  Florida wins like 82-68.

Arizona minus 6.5 vs. San Diego State (121.5)

NON BETTING: I think Arizona wins.

BETTING:  I smell something here.  I like San Diego State and the points and the over.  They have length, and I think this is the first game NOT having Brandon Ashley gives Zona a scare.

Michigan minus 3 vs. Tennessee (134)

NON BETTING:  I think Michigan wins.

BETTING: I think Michigan wins by 7, and I would not mess with the over/ under at all.

Iowa State minus 1.5 vs. UCONN (146)

NON BETTING: I think UCONN wins.

BETTING: I wouldn’t TOUCH this game on ANY front with Iowa State’s injury problem.

UL minus 4.5 vs. UK (138.5)

NON BETTING: I think UL wins.

BETTING: I wouldn’t touch the spread, but I like the under a lot.

Michigan State minus 1.5 vs. UVA

NON BETTING: I think Michigan State wins.

BETTING:  I think they cover, but I wouldn’t mess with the over/ under at all.  If Michigan State wins, it will be over.  If UVA wins, it will be under.  But, UVA prefers to play slow and Michigan State doesn’t really care about pace and can win slow and fast.  Bottom line.

17)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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