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In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day rant.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Greetings and salutation, people.  Thanks for joining me.  I wish you and your families Happy Holidays.  But there is still sports to get to.

2)      Lions coach Jim Schwartz says that the year is not a failure for the Lions, playoffs or not.  If we throw out the fact that your team might be the biggest waste of talent in the league outside of Houston, then I agree with you absolutely.

3)      LB Von Miller is out for the season.  We can break down the fact that the Broncos lose a key cog on defense that they might need for the title run all we want.  I think he just was timing an injury for closer to when pot becomes legal in CO.  He will have a blast.

4)      That is NOT a joke about his actual injury.  That is a joke about how he got busted for testing positive for marijuana.  Just because I am from the Philly area doesn’t mean that the fans’ love of cheering injuries rubbed off on me.

5)      My brother has sent me the first review for 47 Ronin.  “What does it take to make a samurai fantasy film? More than 47 Ronin.”

6)      Gus Malzahn won AP Coach of the Year.  2012.  3-9 and 0-8 in the conference.  They play for the title in a couple weeks.  So, that sounds about right.  He must be a solid coach, people.  If you forgot, he was also on the sidelines as an assistant coach when some guy named Cam Newton took them all the way.

7)      That being said, FSU is winning it this year.

8)      And Squinston Winston won AP Player of the Year.  That sounds about right too.  Being that he is ineligible for the draft, SOME insurance company is making some cold calls right about now.

9)      Also passed along from the brother.  Citizen sure went a long way to tell us to be precise coming from a guy with 26 INT’s.

10)   I am listening to PTI while writing this.  Good point, Tony.  Talking about Jason Collins.  He did a very brave thing in the sports world, and coincidentally doesn’t have a job in a center-low league.  Kind of weird if you ask me.  Hope it is not making other players scared to come out.

11)   Get out of your bubble.  Pay attention to Wichita State basketball.  I have said it since preseason, they are now top 10, and that surely doesn’t change my opinion on the matter.  They might be one of the four best teams in the nation overall, but with brackets and the need to win six consecutive games, they are set up well to return to the show.  Plus, their mascot is the freaking Shockers, which is funny as hell and a reason I should immediately move on to the next hook.

12)   I wonder if the Boise State QB who took a lie detector test also is a Seinfeld fan.  “Jerry, it’s not a lie if YOU believe it.”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_Sw6by7pig

13)   Tom Martino is known in Denver as The Troubleshooter.  Well, I guess if you have a problem with your wife, The Troubleshooter advocates punching her in the face.

14)   This NFL stuff is so fun.  Divisional matchups at the end of the year.  Most games that matter.  Think about this.  The 49ers are one of the hottest teams in the league and we know they have the goods to win it all.  They can wake up next Monday being anywhere from the first seed to the sixth seed.  That is just fun.

15)   I am not a Cowboys fan.  I do like exciting games.  Romo has a very back and forth health status right now.  I want him to play.  I am excited to see what new and crazy way he will find a way to blow THIS December.

16)   Terrelle Pryor will start this week, and his agent is saying the Raiders coach hopes he fails.  I am not a fly on the wall, but given the Raiders year, I assume the coach WANTS to win the game and therefore hopes his starting QB does pretty well.  Just ballparking it though.

17)   Wow.  I mentioned the fondue meals yesterday, but I forgot to mention the best meal.  It is tough to rank Lindsey’s meals as she is a fantastic cook and pretty great things are being compared with awesomely great things.  That being said, the lobster mac and cheese HAS to be near the top.

18)   In case you don’t watch much football, 24 tackles is a LOT of tackles.  Nice job, Luke Kuechly.  You are pretty much a stud.

19)   The Pick is already taken by Seinfeld.  Claimed.  What about the Pick ‘Stick for the Bowman end of the game touchdown.  Just taking a stab.

20)   You don’t remember The Pick.  I am here for you.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9RVChMqdqg

21)   Carmelo Anthony has a sprained ankle, meaning he can NOT pass to people slightly slower because of lack of mobility.

22)   Pau Gasol is back in the Lakers lineup after an injury.  I think he was doing a Good Will Hunting equation trying to figure out when exactly he started sucking.

23)   I have to say that I think I treasure my 119 Twitter followers more than the hundreds of friends I have on FB.  Come join me.  Twitter is where it is at.  I think I like the challenge of getting a thought into 140 characters, and also the fact that I truly have no clue what I am doing on it.  I just write and post.  It is like fishing in a lake with a bunch of fish having no idea how to fish exactly.

24)   My digital sign is live, people.  Still some work to do on it as far as a finished product, but I made the Christmas timeline before Lindsey’s family comes over.  It is dope.  About 8 pieces of info/ images with a yule log burning in the background for tomorrow.  Boom goes the dynamite.  Pics to come once it is finished.

25)   This intern is trying to get fired.  Thanks for passing along, Cerk.

living social-Capture

26)   Ever wonder what it would look like if women and men switched places at Christmas?  Here you go.  http://damn.com/p/what-christmas-would-be-like-if-men-and-women-switch-their-roles/

27)   Self-explanatory and joke not needed.


28)   If Dez Bryant goes to see Santa, does he think that Santa is talking trash about his mom?

29)   I hear the NBA might change to some type of wheel system for draft order to resist teams from tanking for players.  PLEASE don’t do it.  I am fine with the top three lottery ball thing.  We can’t help it a couple of teams are simply the unluckiest teams ever.  Their fault.

30)   So, Joe Montana couldn’t make MNF at Candlestick in its last game there?

31)   Paul Pierce was fined for clothes lining George Hill.  Poor Paul.  He is just starting some fights as he is very lost as to who his rival is right now.

32)   Especially since they presently suck.

33)   CSU football assistant was suspended for his gay slur the other day caught on camera.  Proud that my Deadspin site caught it like a quarter later.  They are SO fast.

34)   Kind of funny when the guy who literally has everything can’t find anyone who will give him a high five.  http://msn.foxsports.com/buzzer/story/tom-brady-has-another-awkward-high-five-moment-122213

35)   How come I feel like a lot of NFL players clicked on this in the last day?  Deadspin breaks down the pros and cons of eating the drugs when you get pulled over.  http://deadspin.com/5898427/should-you-eat-your-marijuana-during-a-police-stop-a-guide/1488685074/@kylenw

36)   Mike D’Antoni tells fans to find another team if they are disappointed with results thus far.  Passionate Lakers fans who don’t wake up until the playoffs rolled over to sleep on the other side of the bed before hitting the waves.

37)   Dirk is now 13th on the all time NBA scoring list.  If you even WONDER if he is HOF material, let’s look at the next guy to pass.  John Havlicek.  Yup.  He redefined the position and how tall guys can play.  Been fun to watch over the years.  These are the clowns picked in front of him in the draft.  Amazing.

98 draft-Capture

38)   That is all for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

39)   Just a tagline.  I have Christmas Eve stuff to get to and you do too.  Enjoy your Christmas and I will too.  Talk to you on the flip side on Thursday. Peace again.

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