Hand me the keys…you yada yada yada…YOU know what the end of that quote is…


Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Not on the clock.  Bad day.  Extremely bad day.  Chilling at home, and my blog makes me feel better.  If I write with an edge when I am happy, it is always a solid rant adventure when I start writing in a bad mood.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       I am watching the WHOLE Rays-Red Sox baseball game.  Yes.  It is THAT much of a lull in my sports world.  You can wait to see it as the #1 play of the night on ESPN later, or you can just Google it now.  Rays 2B Yunel Escobar just had a behind the back double play that was OFF the hook.

2)      I think I figured out my rss feed….which is an accomplishment for me.  http://thefillerbuster.com/?feed=rss  Sign up.  I WON’T stop blogging unless I die, so the rss feed will just plead the cliche about the tree in the forest falling and someone hearing it.

2a)  I am SO bad with cliches and ENJOY sucking at them.

3)      The White House honored the Louisville basketball team and their championship.  Anyone else think it was weird when Rick Pitino said “all of my players are sad that Michelle isn’t here today?”  Just saying.

4)      OK.  I admit it.  Lindsey sold me.  I did my best to NOT watch the first Hunger Games, watched it with her finally last year, and was on the edge of my seat.  I will go to the THEATER with her to watch the second.  I forget whether Donald Sutherland was in the first one, but since I heard his voice for the second one, I am there.  I drove him to the sets, babysat Jamie Lee Curtis’s kid during a break, and hung out with Billy Baldwin and China Phillips and their dogs during my one movie gig.  Brings back memories.  I was told to NOT talk to Donald Sutherland during the ride to the set even if he talked to me.  He talked to me.  Dude is so weird you can SENSE his brilliance.

5)      They are talking about Alfonso Soriano going to the Yankees.  Do they mean BACK with the Yankees?  I will have a bedpan fifty years from now and we will still be talking about where Soriano is going to be traded to.  Can we just nickname him “Flowchart” or “Old Man River?”  We can watch Bull Durham right after.

6)      What’s weird is now I feel kind of INVESTED in this game although that was not my night’s plan.

7)      When I have a bad day, I always think of Stephen Baldwin in Usual Suspects.  There is no internet video of this scene that I have found.  For you other people who know that The Usual Suspects might be the greatest movie ever, you know what I am talking about.  “Bad day?  F$%^ it.”

8)      Blog theme now has been chosen.  You lose, Bull Durham.

9)      Colorado is only hot at day AND night for about 45-60 days.  We are now in the awesome part of Colorado weather.  Hot days for pool (if you don’t have a freaking day job), cool nights now starting.  Here are the OTHER things I am supposed to know being in CO for the last 16 years.  http://www.buzzfeed.com/awesomer/things-anyone-from-colorado-will-naturally-understand

10)   There is a Clowney-Jay-Z link?  Uh OOOHHHH.  Does he hang out with Reggie Bush also?

11)   In his first start with the Rangers, Matt Garza is doing pretty well.  This is at press time.  I am not guaranteeing a victory, and only have ONE baseball game on.  Just saying it is a nice pickup and new best friend for Darvish.  Do they have translators for going out and having drinks?

12)   Lance Armstrong is asking for his latest suit to be dismissed.  Not sure which suit we are on now, so not sure how mad we should be.   Bring LOTS of flow charts.

13)   I play football for Arizona.  A crime was committed.  A football player committed the crime.  Sounds like a Wonderlic question.

14)   You would think that if you made millions of dollars, that you could create and wear better shirts.  Nice shirt, Bulls Jimmy Butler.  “No p%^&s, no weed, no money.”  What?  Someone get me a flow chart.

15)   The Nigerian officials have decided that a 79-0 and 67-0 soccer victory were “fixed.”  I NOW can get some sleep tonight.  I think they should be just proud that no ref was killed or killed anyone.

16)   Brickleberry is coming back.  Brickleberry is coming back (I am doing the cartoon version of the Little Engine That Could).  I am hearing rumors and seeing commercials.  It is kind of like the GOOD version of a Brett Favre comeback.

17)   Mike Williams was re-upped in his contract with the Buccaneers.  No.  Not THAT Mike Williams, although there ARE a lot of receivers over the last ten years named Mike Williams.  This guy was from Syracuse I believe.  That flowchart is going to be SO useful.

18)   Bill Belichick had his news conference today.  He dressed up.  No hoodie.  AND he actually talked about losing a player that was ON his team.  If there WAS a bet for that in Vegas, a LOT of people lost.  I thought every answer would be “I just talk about players ON my team.”

19)   I HATE people who run in place at stop signs waiting for traffic to clear.  If you don’t live in NYC, then you are running to be seen by your friends, as there HAS to be a better route.  Run because you want to run and not to be seen as someone trying.

19a)  Seriously, I hate it.

20)   Not a bad way to start a career.  Titans rookie Jonathan Willard’s first headline?  “Titans rookie saves family and dog from burning car.”

21)   A-Rod says the Yankees are against him by waiting for PED investigation results and not letting him play although he is ready.  You have that wrong, A-Rod.  We are ALL against you.

22)   Mike Miller allegedly is going to the Griz.  I say this is a good choice.  Mike Conley ONLY can pass and not shoot (think Jamaal Tinsley), the team is on the cusp, and the Nuggets have too much executive and coaching turmoil and change.  Good fit I say.

23)   I am glad that Bud Selig is proud of his drug reform plan.  Did you just WAIT on purpose to say this RIGHT in between the Braun and future A-Rod thing?  You are genius I tell you.

23a)  That sounded like Yoda.  MAN, if I could only get away with talking like him for the rest of my life.  Sorry to you too, Yoda.  Usual Suspects is already IN as the blog theme.

24)   RGIII says there is nothing left to prove in his recovery.  Well, bro.  How about actual GAMES?

25)   Urban Meyer is “furious” about recent player problems.  We were hoping the recent events would make you NOT talk.  Do you text Snowball too?  What is the cliche?  Peas in a pod.  Dammit. I thing I actually got that cliche RIGHT.

26)   I haven’t seen the outfit, but I am HEARING from Denver local sports radio that Von Miller showed up to today’s conference in gear that suggests he DOES smoke pot.

27)   I just tried to make my finished blog list in the small trash about 11 feet across the room.  NAILED it.  NO backboard.  No one was here to see it go in.  Dammit.

27a)  This rant was solid.  I know it.  I chuckled out loud a few times and I am by myself in a room. Too bad I can’t figure out how to sound this sarcastic when I am actually happy.  Hope you enjoyed.

28)   That is it.  I have other stuff to do and the last three innings of a baseball game I am somehow invested in.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.   Peace.

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