Had you just won a Nickelodeon Kid’s choice award?

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Twenty minute work break/ sanity check.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Guess what Wednesday is?  We have finally come to that exciting day where Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Roger Clemens are on the Hall of Fame ballot.  They most likely won’t get in first try and WILL raise a lot of debate and good old steroid memories.   I would love to say none of them deserve to be in at all/ ever, but I can’t totally go that route.  Sosa?  No.  I don’t think he did enough without the steroid years.  Bonds and Clemens?  Yes…eventually.  Can we take a couple Cy Young’s away and dock some HR’s and THEN let them in after like 3 tries?  Can we let NONE of the sacred records stand?  They were good enough without PED’s, and unfortunately got sucked up in them to lengthen their career.  The other thing is this.  People are still cheating, and some getting busted.  It makes the “steroid era” just a starter era, with more people doing them, but they still exist to SOME degree, and we know it.

2)      Jets QB Mark Sanchez likes his team’s chances at making the playoffs evidently.  The longest QB leash in the NFL, guaranteed “starter” money next year also, AND delusional??? Sounds like he has it going on if you ask me.

3)      It must be weird for Missy Franklin to return to her high school swimming team after raking in the Olympics.  The meets have increased attendance, with a lot of jocks squinting to try and make her hotter, so they can date someone they know will be good monetarily for years to come.

4)      He is an athletic enigma wrapped in a puzzle.  We all raised our eyebrows last year when Minnesota Timberwolves Kevin Love was not only rebounding, but scoring too worthy enough for top 5 in the league.  He JUST came back after injury.  Tired of losing AND not doing his thing hindered by a cast, he took off the cast and went for 23 points and 24 rebounds.  True, it WAS against the Kings, but still the top rebounding performance of the young season.

5)      Kobe goes for 40 and the Lakers still lose to the Pacers.  Yes, we know you can still score, Kobe, and no, I don’t think it is a good thing that you are going for that much in a loss.  You have enough players over there that you don’t need 40 points to win.  The Pacers are good though, people.  Know this.

6)      Hope Solo says that she is “happy” in her marriage.  Why she thinks we care is beyond me, but glad she keeps us informed on her dysfunctionality out of the goal box.

7)      LeBron is back to #1 in NBA jersey sales.  If the Knicks stay good, I expect Melo to make a bigger run at him and Durant.  And if Brooklyn can do ANYTHING CLOSE to good, I expect Deron Williams or Joe Johnson to be top 5 by the end of the year.

8)      The ACC found a replacement for Maryland leaving.  Louisville.  I have no problem with the quality of the pick up.  They sure as heck won’t hurt the decades of basketball dominance (well, except the last one).  Actually, now that I think of it, the ACC is the ONLY conference keeping the general regional nature of the conference in place.  Sure, Syracuse and Pittsburgh are more north, but now Boston College has company.  Sure, Notre Dame is kind of west, but it is just ONE of the schools out of whack.  Basically, they are doing the best job of staying the course of being regional in all of this nonsense.  The SEC gets second on this list.

9)      Go watch “The Watch.”  It is funny.  It is very Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, and Jonah Hill TYPE of funny, but I really enjoyed it.  For an alien movie that is actually a comedy, it surprisingly had pretty solid graphics and effects.

10)   Johnny Manziel is finally allowed to speak to the media about his Heisman chances.  Talk kid, because I think that Te’o might steal it from you.  Te’o’s 5 tackles weren’t stellar in his last game, but he is the best player on the best team, he has 7 interceptions at the linebacker spot, and I just see it in the cards.  I hope I am wrong though, because Johnny Football I have been ranting about since the second week of the season.

11)   Someone was evicted next door to me.  All of their stuff was thrown on the lawn.  I admit that I looked, as I hate my current couch.  The person DID have a better one out there, but I couldn’t do it.  The poor person has all of their stuff out and everyone is stealing everything.  Therefore, to summarize, if the couch was REALLY, REALLY nice, I probably would have gotten a dolly.

12)   Yay.  It is Jimmy V week.  I assume at this point everyone has seen the speech, but if you haven’t, please stop reading my rant and go watch it now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuoVM9nm42E

13)   I hear that it is 50-50 that Big Ben starts this weekend.  So, if it is 60-40 that we win with him against the Ravens, and it is 50-50 that he plays, then I guess the Steelers chances of winning this weekend is…I USED to know how to do that.  Moving on.

14)   John Calipari has been at Kentucky for a pretty good amount of time at this point.  Cheater or not, I have to give him THIS.  Dude still has not lost a game at home.  Amazing.

15)   You know these conference realignments are out of control when schools are sending out letters and emails making sure fans know they will NOT be leaving.  UNC and UVA both did so.

16)   Arkansas offers Les Miles mad money to go coach there.  Arkansas loves their football.  Arkansas is good here and there.  Arkansas will pay him a lot of money.  All that being said, Les is an IDIOT if he leaves his post.  He is creeping up on Saban every single year, and LSU has the talent to get him over the hump at SOME point.  Plus, isn’t LSU more of an endgame job…well, at least when the comparison is ARKANSAS.

17)   It took until 2012 for Comcast to commercialize that they FINALLY are at two hour appointment windows?  That long?

18)  Indiana-UNC thoughts:


-I loved seeing Jordan Hulls talking to every one of his guys in between plays.  Hulls can say he rode out the bad storm, so he can say anything he wants pretty much.

-Indiana smoked them THAT bad AND…Indiana has two major role players still out for a few more games.  They are deep as hell.

-UNC has no shooters, especially visible when their main one, PJ Hairston, is out.

-UNC did not score for 5 minutes game time into the second half.  That will get you nowhere..

-There were a lot of players supposed to make Indiana good this year.  That being said, Victor Oladipo was not at the top of the list.  He looks like he wants to be.  If HE gets really good, look out, country.

19)  That is it.  Quick hitter.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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